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Sunday, February 27, 2022

"Sonntag 27 feb 22. mad painter sez "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y...night!" Keyboard/vocals Alex Gitlin and gee Julie (VOCALS!!!) attend a Natick, mass. house party watching the fiddler from Russia's Creamatorium (Krematorij). Schmel herbie Hind calls me nine pm having gone to Savers to get a copy of Mountain Climbing, but returned for it and it was "Gone Gone Gone" (a very Heep-ish Mad painter toon). BUT...about 0300, Coast to Coast Am: "What If You Were a Horse in Human Form". "Jason "The Horse" ..discuss his experiences Shire horse living inside the body of a human".."after his interview, other" NUTS!!!! "who identify as animals reached out to him". ...Gee Julie's dad was stationed in Morrocco during Korea and saw a sign; 'why are there more horse's asses than there are horses?"...Til them, for almost Fiddy years, CRANK my MC5 back in the USA EIGHT TRACK: why WASNT "call me animal' used as bumper music, moddafockas!!!????"

"OR (also on 8-track< I had, me); "I wanna be your dog"! "too animalistic"- angry samoans"doncha start me talkin'/ i'll sing every song I know"....ok back to the fundaMENTALists preachers on WAJR 740 AM Morgantown west virginny!!!!"..


Monday, February 28, 2022

"Monday 28 Feb 22. My weekly review of each cut on Asa I am not Gone volume II, track 8. "waitress in the sky' by Michael barry. IF I did my research wright, he was in Pooka Stew, a band I remember hearing Johnny Jumper cable talk about last century when I was drunk and whom I don't remember catching BUT: Michael Barry IS good in this Asa ode to stewardesses (read Erik Jong's Fear of Flying OR write same song in key of F!). A catchy three chord riff, D-G-A if I am correct channeling Buddy Holly's "everyday" with the ramones "I wanna be your boyfriend" I-IV-V ("I still wish I was in Syracuse/ lissenin' to the Most")….There's also a speed-up waitress voice that in the end sounds kinda like the Chipmunks ; 1964 manassas virginny, I was into Novelty records but 13 years later woulda heard Reddy Teddy's "Novelty Shoes" (49 cents at Looney Toons the day after matthew Mackenzie died, his last gig on a rainy night NOT in Georgia but at TT's (the Bear; "Dead Boston Club"!). LASTLY, there is a "Kids are alright" cresecendo ending, so if Pooka Stew WAS Buddy Holly/Who/ramones, I reckon they wuz good!".....


Tuesday, March 01, 2022

"Til Tuesday 1 march 22. Amongst other fine music which WMBR has listed in archives, it was nice to wake up 0600 and hear John Lee Hooker "rock house boogie" (recorded 1949; b-side of "it's been a long time baby": larry Azrin notes!) original "Big 10 inch" was on Modern in 1952 but check this various artists album; Detroit Blues: Blues from the Motor City 1938-1954; my father born 1934, graduated Cooley High 1952: Wayne Kramer and gary Rasmussen did same in '60s! Didn't know Dad was so near such a great blues scene!"....


Wednesday, March 02, 2022
"Dienstag 1 march 22. Travolta/Cage Face/Off double features Til each Tuesday 3 May 22! Did I say eight dollars for seniors? ("that'll be $12"; "hey I'll be 666 next month!"). Ok, Carrie and Valley Girl are well-known let's concentrate on dates and music. Carrie: 3 Nov 76; with my steel trap memory 4 Nov 76 I attended my first Slickee Boys practice met my cuzzin martha Hull "should I say Ms. Hull?", it being '76 AND the bassist asked "are you Jonathon Richman?". The band at the Prom! Hopelessly Obscure yes, though there's a `1975 8-track for sale on e-bay or what not. vance or Towers , one A& M album in '75 and "Education Blues" , glam "pop with a british feel"....they look and Mad Painter! And hey nerds: chords and lyrics to "education Blues" is online so quit "Pumpin to Playboy" and learn the goddam tune, you toon! As for Valley Girl; the plimsouls in a CLUB, Josie Cotton (QUITE good!) at the prom, an '80s sountrack album (this movie 29 april 83 and go to YouTube to hear the Hopelessly Obscure live at Mavericks 15 april 83, thank you Pep Lester who was the Bridgit Polk to my velvet Underground!). Gee Julie was singing along with Modern English "I melt with you" (a 3 May 82 release; 1 May 82,I moved in with take it magazine as their resident Lester bangs) as Nicholas Cage drives off with a limo with promo queen Julie. In sum, I might be John revolta and belong in a Nicholas Cage, but I too, rode off with the prom queen, gee Julie, in the dark and the pouring rain...."it's a gas/gas/gas!" like Gasss Wylde whom maybe played the isle of Wight..." wouldn't know 'im"".....


Thursday, March 3, 2022

"day of Thor 3 March 2022. 0600 WMBR Pontoon palace. "Up the USA" by Andrew Leigh. album: Magician on Polydor. an..."Andrew Leigh-Magician (1970 UK, wonderful psychedelic folk rock"...and it is! album is on youtube and "recorded between his stint in Spooky Tooth's final month and becoming part of Matthews Southern Comfort soon afterwards". 'echoes of people like bob Dylan, the band, the Byrds, Free"...what caught my attention was a LOOONNNGG heavy piece (0600!) that yes, was kinda like Free: great HEAVY guitar! More facts: gary Wright of Spooky Tooth later on had FM hits, dude BUT Tooth drummer Mike kellie went from THIS to "I'm on another planet with you' pop-punk! "Strange Daze HAVE found us"....


Friday, March 25, 2022

"Freitag 4 march 2022. 0700 on the Bevis frond Show. "Criss Cross" by the Duke of Burlington.> which is Forced Expsoure mag. "The perfect soundtrack for any successful groovy party, with fantastic instrumental tracks. In other words, he sounds like mad painter channeling a Small faces jam! ALL on youtube; check it out!"......


Saturday, March 5, 2022

Jean Ferrat en visite chez son ami et parolier Georges Coulonges ( gauche) et sa famille
Freitag 4 march 2022. Mad Painter practice AND "Handbags and Gladrags" off Rod the Mod's Gasoline Alley which we ALL owned was jammed on, as was "Circle of Hands" by Uriah Heep; Rod lp: 12 June 70. Heep's Demons and Wizzard: 19 May 72. Kenne Highland Air Force at Plough and stars mess-around Sunday 20 march 2022; 46 years after I recorded first Gizmos! 27 March 2022, the half of Air Force NOT in Mad painter plays with Captain easychord of the BGN at a Midway café; KENfused with all this musical inbreeding? And let me discuss a album I got at Somerville Grooves for $1.99. Browsing the French section: Jean Ferrat! "French singer-songwriter and poet, specialized in singing poetry...had left-wing sympathy"...Mai Fools by Louis malle! trying to read my chicken scratch: "Grand Imprime Au Canada"; so this is a Canadian pressing. Pro Culture serie dedicade PPC 5008 from 1982, so a budget reissue label (?); also releases of Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour; my distant cousine cousine Linda gareau and I went NUTS in Montreal 1992 shopping in those underground record marts in the Metro, sans Zazie. More of this label:>etiquettes. and DO love this: "contact info: (obsolete)". Try writing Oral records for a O. rex maxi-45! (Gruberger brothers covering "return to sender"!). Next (when I need FILLER!) I will "GROK" le disque BUT (speaking of "grok", Martian for "to understand"); last week Hi vintage energy whatever the Grand Funk in Union Square Somerville DID have a mess of Robert Heinlein paperbacks, but I just finished that Swedish book of the "punk chick" that kicks ass, Girl with the tattooed whatever...books...records..."(So Sad) the world's all in a tangle"; canned Heat Future Blues album!"....


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