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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

"every day is a Saturday" 20 Feb 21. mad painter records at Lowell Street. Me-bass, Al Hendry-drums, Alex Gitlin-keyboards, three songs in five hours. "Friend in France" is rollicking in a Small Faces "Lazy Sunday" kind of way; "I don't know' is Odyssey and Oracle-era Zombies; ditto for "you nearly stole my heart away" whose bridge echoes the Hollies "Bus Stop"! So SMALL faces (STEVE MARRIOT!), Zombies and GRAHAM NASH-era Hollies; what's not to like? Schmel herbie doing TASTEFUL MELODIC licks, me NOT doing Jack Bruce on bass; Gee Julie has a "Future/THEN" session, we ran out of tyme BUT Schmel bought me some cool 45s at SAVERS! THEN gee Julie and I supping at Kelley's Roast Beast and Kevin Smith of Dino Records called; ALWAYS reads Mein Kolumn, put out my Gemini Full Moon cd and wants to put out MORE KENNE! (Loves Hopelessly Obscure live at Mavericks on youtube BUT I got new stuff of course!). "Kenne, I wrote GG Allin a letter telling him about your 30th birthday party" WONDER GG called me Exiled on Highgate Street: "Hey Kenne! This is GG Allin/ are you still having your birthday party?" Once Pete macCormack swaps GG tails, Stigmatics gonna be my label mates! "THIS I SWEAR"!"....

Friday, February 26, 2021

Sunday 21 Feb 21. Putting finishing touches on the Stigmatics cd. I did an acoustic riff stolen from Beatles "it's only love" on "one man's loss" and a Yardbirds-style lead on "The Creeper'. Bob Roos laid down more lead guitar. Bob Whitelock (of the Lines!) did percussion and backup vocals. Gee Julie sang harmony with Bob on "Stranger than strange" (MORE COWBELL with a VAN HALEN paint job!); "She Don't Want You Around" ("Gee Julie sings like Brian Wilson"-Bob Roos; Wilson is related to me, Kenne, four different ways, both parents!), "Perfect World" ("this is like the Who harmonies"-Bob Roos; I told him about the vocal trio my facebook friend Shel Talmy got for "cant explain"), "Circles" (I thought gee/"New Wave Bob" sounded like mamas and papas) and as for "The Creeper"; kinda goth-y vocals reminiscent maybe of the Moody Bores. reasons Dino Records should sign the Stigmatics: Vindaloo the parrot's human Pete macCormack wore a red Star Real Kids t-shirt AND his GG Allin stories go back to New Hampshire! Kevin Allin was my sixth cuzzin AND, as a Richard Warren descendant, I've known him since the mayflower,madam!".....

Tuesday, March 2 2021

Saturday 27 feb 21. recording at Lowell Street Peabody Massachusetts. recorded my T Rex version of "baby its you", me bangin' that ole gong on acoustic, Captain easychord on bongos (make that TYRANOSAURUS REX) and captain and gee Julie as Flo and eddie. Next up was my dead Boys version of badfinger's "day after day" me affecting my best Stiv vocal and during solo captain and gee Julie singing "I Need lunch" (LOOK for all this on my youtube channel soon!). "Stopping a car with my mental powers" was, during psychedelic solo by captain Easychord "this sounds like Pink Floyd's "set the controls for the heart of the sun" and I prefer the ummaguma version to the original!". Rachel lee from Psycho-Daisies on lap steel, gee Julie vocals. lastly was "Hand of Doom" based on horror movie by my great-grandmother Highland's distant relative Floyd Crosby (father of David). "I love b movies" sez engineer Tom Hamilton. Me: "I love Z movies!". captain-keyboards,me-acoustic, Rachel Lee- some kinda synthesized outer space Gizmo and THEN a acapella neo- Gregorian chant by me, captain and Gee Julie echoing the last minute of the Move's "Message from the Country"! Rachel: "Kenne this sounds like electric Prunes "mass in F Minor" Me: "like when they're trippin' with Karen Black and Toni Basil in easy Rider?" Captain also serenaded us with solo piano versions of Beatle George "what is life" and Stories "Brother Louie", no tapes rolling sadly. Next kenne session; 20 March 21. ALIEN ABDUCTION DAY!"....

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Sonntag 28 Feb 21. whilst doing the Boston Groupie Warsh, TV eye on me had that jerry Maguire movie from 1996, which were KENcurrent to Goody Goody Gumdrops. PLEASE note the soundtrack (Wikipedia is by Nancy Wilson of Heart (she and my mother's ancestors were escaped Indian captives together in colonial tymes THEN I heard heart August 1976 after Marine boot camp and before Ramones). She was also 17 in 1971 (Wilson Groupie News?) so soundtrack is HER classic rock albums of that era. Highlights: the jam section of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well" AND Wikipedia says "Magic Bus"-the Who"...drying your clothes NEVER better than the Live at Leeds version blastin' outta that "one Eyed Monster"! The Mennonites in Belize (youtube) are right!- television IS Satan!"......

Thursday, March 4, 2021

"Sonntag 28 Feb 21. BET 2-6 pm. After my nap, I caught the last hour. I DO love the Norman Whitfield Sly Stone-influenced era and "Ball of Confusuon" is a song Ken Kaiser and I agree on! An over-the-top dramatic TV movie, David Ruffin's drug-induced decline has such lines as a desperate crack addict: "Hey man! You can have tickets to the next show!". dealer: "These tickets are for Saturday night. This is Sunday". "Dang! I missed another show!" No matter what genre, booze and drugs has killed a lotta talent (No shit Sherlock!)".

Friday, March 5, 2021

"Monntag 1 march 21. Saint David's Day! (Welshing on ALL my debts!). I actually DO NOT miss the clubs and/or live music! Classic rock alive on AM radio (I too am an "oldie"!). cOAST TO coast am 0100-0500 (not GEORGE noory but...)… PLAYED "wah wah" from George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, which I had and seems to be Fiddy years ago. STILL sounding good plus folks from Facebook been posting "deep" album tracks; need to find used copy cheap! So if I bought All Things Must pass late '70, early '70 I had bought first Led Zeppelin album AND in middle of night IN MONO "How many More Times", such a great riff! Both toons memorable and worth waking up for"...….

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Dangerous Birds
Saint david's day but closer to two pm. WNTN 1550 AM, Newton, Massachusetts, taking my nap on a "Holiday, such a holiday" and Disco Dance Party with Nick Janedy was on; he announced music venues reopening, so that means dj gigs, always fun. '70s disco BUT what caught my ear IN MONO was "safety Dance" by Montreal's own men Without hats! released 16 march 83; day of Thor 24 march 83 was Chesterfield kings/Prime movers/ Hopelessly Obscure (three weeks before the mavericks gig on my youtube!) at Storyville and at Channel: Dangerous Byrds and Birthday Party. 37 years hence I enjoy the Lou reed-meets-Nico baritone voice and the cheesy Eno-cum-Cars casio sound. I was certainly listening to more hardcore than synth-op then but in hindsight...GUILTY PLEASURES! (don't start me to talkin'....)...ok, a mad painter rehearsal tonight, heard the mp3s, gonna be a good album, yeah, yeah, yeah...til next week then!".....


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