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Tuesday March 3, 2015

back in Boston, headed to ye Spencer and Blodgett homelands (Cambridge/Harvard square) and did something un-Puritan; went to a David Lynch movie!!! (all this week on Tory Row, I mean Brattle theatre! Giz-storically, the Tories all lived on Brattle, such is origin of name!). ok, TRUE story: THE STRAIGHT STORY (David Lynch, wikpedia and FIND A GRAVE!) 73 year old Kenne klone (won't see doctor, grey hair and beard, stubborn, wearin' suspenders and farmer clothes) decides to drive a John Deere from Iowa to Wisconsin to see his ailin' brother; it's the odyssey, it's On the Road in reverse, it's Paul Butterfields's east-west album played backward (coz he went west-east!) Wikipedia tells full plot, but lemme say, in the midwest he meets plenty of "good people" and them Iowa farms is beautiful! again, this story REALLY happened, it's "feel good" and it's $9 as a Brattle member! (hoots, mon! ALWAYS pressin' thet point!)" (See the trailer!)

without going into TWO much detail, looks like from, working on my great-great-great-grandmother Highland's line; ok, mates, she were a Grant, father Charles Grant born 26 june 1780, Lenham, Kent. IF her great-grandmother was Mary Stedman married James Grant (1702-1750), I COULD be THIRTEEN generations back into Lenham, Kent. and the Highlands seem to hail from KENNINGTON and said areas. so wot the bluidy 'ell is in a market town loik Lenham? St. Mary's church (has Wikipedia entry AND many Steadman marriages) AND (like it on foice-buk): the dog and bear hotel!!!! so when i never go there, due to lack of pounds/shillings/pence (great pretty things song!) at least i can virtual tour me 'ome-land, roit?"....

so my great-great-great-granny Elizabeth Grant Highland; 'er ma were Elizabeth Stringer born 10 sept 1785, Lynstead, Kent. Where the bluidy 'ell is it, then? wikipedia: "lynsted is a typical olde english village with church, churchyard, pub (the black lion) and a duck pond"...ok, so go to ancestral home, go to pub, git pissed and talk to ducks..."flew in from Boston BOAC/didnt get to sleep last night.

Ghoul a brief shoutout to Michael Slade AND Boomerangs! So, the JP Boomerangs had a fiddy-cent horror novel, GHOUL (1987)- Michael Slade. i enjoy the Brit-speak, Scotland Yard and all, it's smashing!, it is! BUT the Stephen King influence is there with use of rocknroll: quoting Alice Cooper's "i love the dead" "and the billion dollar babies RECORD ended" (vinyl reference!) PLUS the Coop gives a quote on how scar't he was...also there's a olde rhode island cemetery with some kids blasting Sabbath's 'after forever' on a cassette...hope i dont find a reference to the Vatican Sex Kittens like ole S. King, whom i bumped into at Simmons (yesss......and home of the Pandoras "i could write a book about my baby"!) wikipedia lists his other books and me Scottish DNA sez; "buy 'em cheap!" "I call that a bargain...the best i ever had"...Who's Next on 8-track! (had it!)"

Oz and the Grant Highlands o'Kent; my great-great Charles G. Highland, 'is first cuzzin Charles Grant born Kent UK, died Victoria, Oz; age seven was acquitted for 'malicious cutting of hopbinds" (i looked THAT up in my Funky Wagnell and it's the stem of the hop plant and Kent UK is THE ground zero for 'op's, maite!)...SO my dad's grandfather Byron Grant Highland has a second cuzzin born Oz, 'e does; Charles Grant born 1861 Myrtleford, Victoria, Oz; Ned Kelley famed outlaw born 1854 Beveridge Victoria, died 1880 Melbourne jail, Victoria, so my distant cuzzins that ran that mine SURELY knew of ole Ned Kelley, probably feared has all kindsa Oz folk claiming descent from my Kent UK Grants! lovin' it, mate!

Wednesday March 4, 2015

whatever clairvoyant/george noory/coast to coast AM thang possses me to look up thangs on ""? I shall tell you, respecting priv-es-see on Gee Julie's line a wee bit; her great-grandmother arrived in canada 1876 from kent...with my Grant Highland lines, you KNOW my ears perked up! among other things, they seem to have a strong COCKNEY loin! BUT, goin' back ten generations she has an "incestor" born 1640 Lenham Kent; on Byron Grant Highland's Grant line, the Stedmans are also in Lenham EXACT SAME FUCKEN GEORGE NOORY TYME!!!!! dream (Powerball, whatever, Methodists don't gamble, "I've Been Told" (Terry Knight and the pack!) and Dad's side heavily Methodist) BUT "wouldnt it be nice" (Ma and Brian Wilson have same Mayflower ancestor), Ken and Gee Julie go to SE London and/or Ashford Kent area since we got roots there? cue up Elvis's "If i can dream" with a picture sleeve

Dobie Gillis maynard g krebs since Gee Julie and oi 'ad people in Lenham Kent ca. 1640, why does that date stick out? "English Civil War" by the Clash! my next google: "was Kent royalist?" and reason to travel there: battle of Maidstone! (Cromwell vs. royalist troops). the Sealed knot (on wikipedia!) is a re-enactment group who perform at the Maidstone Museum! ("LIKE" it on facebook!) ALWAYS remember; Beatles on Ed Sullivan early '64 and little Kenny Highland was in Cub Scouts and his scoutmaster was a Civil War re-enacter replete with a BEARD, which for 1964, was radical, dude! except for Maynard G. Krebs.

One last wee bit of research for the day: in 1887, my great-great-great married a widder Mrs. Alenna Park; Elizabeth Highland had died two years previous, but ole Tom Highland marryin' a "younger" (by 18 years!) woman; of interest are other names on this Ann Arbor marriage; Lucy Bassett's husband was a Tilden descendant from Kent to Scituate, Mass. just like the Allin brothers from malpractice from NH ("Kevin" and Merle!); other witness was Ada Tripp Ryder, wife of "minister" (1880 ann arbor census) for William H. Ryder. born a buckeye of Yankee stock, he marries my ancestor in 1887, then in 1888 moves to Phillips Andover, where he's buried on find a grave! i guess the Andover theological seminar moved to Harvard college coz i found a mention of him teaching at Harvard! somebody call into Coast to Coast and tell George Noory the news!

Thursday March 5, 2015

my final day of vacation researching my great-great-great Thomas Highland's SECOND marriage! 27 july 1887, ole Tom was 79 and widow Mrs. Alenna Parks was a young lady of 61! Elizabeth Highland had died 6 jan 1885; John Parks had died 1867 Novi, Michigan (yes, i been there in '75; also Thomas and Elizabeth Highland grave in Salem-Walker Michigan cemetery!) Thomas Highland sailed London to NY 1845-1850 Thomas HYLAND had 80 acres of Salem Michigan farm land (paid 60 cents tax on 6 hogs in February 1865!) (Hey Highland, take the hog!!-ed) . so i have Mrs. Thomas Highland in 1892/1894 ann arbor di-rectory in " Salem, Worden"; her first husband got 40 acres10 july 1844 in Worden, Michigan-Toledo strip, a NY Yankee AND John Tyler was president! lastly, the parks family posted Mrs. Thomas Highland's 1901 death certificate (in 1900 living with son, died south lyon, home of Mitch Ryder; in 1860 john parks farmer b. ny, living in lyon, post office: WALLED LAKE= CREEM!) the second Mrs. Thomas Highland died of "senile decay, asthma and heart failure", age 80 and 26 days, so the moral is: dont marry a Highland! "senile decay"....gotta google that disease (Here you go Kenne: Archaic Medical terms and better yet Senile Decay by Venom)

99 Ghoul by Michael slide (fiddy cent at JP's boomerangs); chapter:"999....London England 8:13 am"; there's bean a murder; "what's the emergency", the operator said...all i could think of was 999 and "emergency"! saw 999 at paradise 1980 and Nick Cash WAS Noddy Holder! also a reference to the marine police formed 1798; then 1839, marine police became the thames division of Scotland Yard; there ARE museums on such and my great-great Charles Highland, his Uncle Charles Grant was a constable in minster Kent at the dockyard; also a webpage on history of the constables in Britain! this and OTHER facts, i DO like Michael Slade's writing!

  i DO have fun on lookin' up me favourite british rock stars family trees; SO, turns out that the Bee GEES grandfather High Leslie Gibb, born Homerton, Lancashire; goin' all the way back to William Gib born 1 september 1698 ('e woulda remembered the 1715 Risin'!) Paisley, Scotland; one quick wikipedia and Gerry Rafferty of Stealer's Wheel was born there! so, in case, ya dinna care, the Gibbs DO wear the Buchannon tartan....Bee Gees in kilts;"talk a while "Think about it"! (ferocious Jimmy Page solo, that)

Friday March 6, 2015

First Bap two references from Ghoul by Michael Slade as read on orange line this morn; one is set is Providence RI, mentioning First Baptist Church (me and alice cooper have ancestors that founded RI with Roger Williams; the Coop has THROCKMORTON ancestry!) and also the athenaeum there; that li-berry is da bomb, yo! since my great-grandmother Highland had RI ancestry before they fled to Ontario Canada; Kurt Cobain di-rect de-scendant of Coggeshall, so that= Francis Bean Cobain in case she dont care and let me lift my leg on Courtney's family tree! also the author lists HP Lovecraft's last home address; now i wanna vacation in....Providence? that was IDA MAY; item B: so they're at a goth club in Vancouver, BC (home of 1/2 the underachievers AND Denim Delinquent!) good descriptions of the Goths but I been steering into this author's musical references, so T. Rex/Cramps and other "death rock" AND "they played Bauhaus "Bela Lagosi's Dead"....hmmm....for fiction, this club sounds pretty cool! ("heh-heh" c/o Beavis and Butthead; bring back the '90s!)

Yardbirds at bb king's monday 6 april 15 postponed! but and Jeff Beck WOULDA played it like that, "Hi Ho silver lining" and after reading GHOUL, i feel like visiting historic providence OR newport since he DID write about locations in book! very descriptive, i can actually SEE the RI buildings in my mind since i been there!

Saturday March 7, 2015

after Gee Julie came back from Christine Lavin at Bull Run, Shirley, Mass (dave davies has played there!) and finding a butternut squash at Haymarket maybe saying "Martin farms, Brockport, NY", I had even WIERDER insomnia lissenin' to George Norry and coast to coast AM WRKO 680 AM 0100-0500. a dude wrote a book on the beanie baby cult (LIKE the Coast to Coast AM page; Miriam Linna and Jay Snow do! BOTH awesome Cramps/Slug drummers!); one chapter: the Beanie baby MURDER; ONLY in west virginny...a dude kilt sum-buddy over a beanie baby; goin' for Mo' Money, Mo' Money! then COLLECTORS called in: one guy was a Perry Como collector, which George poo-pooed; his desert island artist is FRANK, BUT the GIZMOS heard PERRY COMO'S version of "Glendora" on way to a midway cafe gig, in the rain...lastly, JUST for Miss Lyn, coz she's THIS bloke's real wife: a guy that memorized the serial number on light bulbs!! not sure if they were collectible or not...and THAT was the highlight of MY Friday night; watching ole Vanilla Fudge youtubes, YES, they were THAT good last friday night at BB King's!!!! and doin' flip sides like "Good Good Lovin'"....HOLY SHIT!!!!

Sunday March 8, 2015

after dining at Elephant Walk south end, Coast to Coast AM interupted my slumber with this Son of Flubber-esque sound bite "the Bahais are part of the New World Order"!!!! hmmm....backwards masking on Seals and Croft records? (my bloomington roomate DID play a Seals and Crofts album with "standin' on a mountaintop" that i dug..toss in the Gizmos?) maybe it was the New World Bahais that became Seals and Croft whom WERE the Champs that made PeeWee Herman dance on tabletops during "tequila"? maybe i smoked too much dope in early '75 Brockport NY using Sabbath's Paranoid album with the gatefold to roll, man....which leads to Gee Julie! and her cuzzin Sabbath Drums! (his Deep Purple cover band in NH and/or Springfield, Mass. which COULD = Brockport, Maine, if you catch my (Snowblind) Drift;"the boonies"/North Country!"....

The New World Order seal with the illumninated eye
Hmm, this must mean something!

Local (lack of) COLOUR (coz we're white!): oi rang up mum today, told her 'bout my great-great-great Thomas Highland marrying Mrs. Alena Parks 1887:
Ma "who was she?"
i explained: "ole Tom's" wife died 1885, two days later married a widder;
Ma: it's called the"the Highland Hiatus"!
i also told ma, in 1880, she was a widowed housekeeper on a neighbouring farm;
Ma: "musta wanted somebody to sweep the floor!";

6 generations later, Boston, Mass....THOUGH as my fellow aries mckinley morganfield sang "i dont want you to cook all day....i just wanna..." slip you the kielbasa! which= Gee Julie in south end FOODIES buying pierogis AND butternut squash from Martin's Farms, Brockport NY;

In a 5 minute phone call with Ma I had their entire family history AND location of farm (well, we are cuzzins..) AND, for ROCK ON fans; head two miles west from 8452 ridge road, then go a mile south on redman road; 2.9 miles from where i wrote many a high school Gizmos classic! keep headin' west on ridge road and there's where my grandaddy's uncle John Bull Blodgett de-serted co A,140th NY volunteers (they have reenactors! and i'm re-enactin' ole John Bull coz i deserted Brockport! haha!); John Bull Blodgett "helped the coloured boys to freedom" said my uncle John Blodgett, died 2013,98 years old ,a PLETHORA of facts!

Ma: "well, kenneth, you're just like John, very matter of fact';

I saw uncle john when i turnt 33, he said "well, Kenneth havent seen you since" "1972"..he: "it was a rainy night!" must be them martin Farms squash.

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