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Monday, March 4, 2019

sunday 24 feb 19. more open mike antics at tavern at end of world, matinee show by the Brooklyns. Mj Quirk unplugged did pink floyd's "julia's dream" and Miss Brooklyn and I both went "we've done that!" (there was a Highland clan/Brooklyns super group doin late '60s Carl biancucci-rock; tyme to reactivate!). Mike also did "sandy mary", Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac and a couple originals. Robbie Lynch ALWAYS excels at the Irish toons (grandmother from Cork, where Rory Gallagher hails from PLUS Ted's Nugent ancestors). Natalie Flanagan in there too, always excellent. Lastly Ohan on keyboards and I did some blues: "goin down slow", john lee hooker and canned heat's "whiskey and wimmen' and lastly "cant nobody do me like Jesus"-reverend james cleveland. In future, with tone of Ohan's keyboards "take it easy baby"- Animals b-side is a "definite posibility"!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

monday 25 feb 19. Tony Kaczynski surprise Brian Jones birthday party at Once. Every Picture Tells A Story and there's one of me and his Figures on a Beach bandmate Dj Chris Ewen. I went up to the birthday boy and we sang the Kinks "all of my friends were there" coz they were. A great spread on the food including kielbasa! Blowfish took photos but let me "rave on" about Phil Bangalore's latest band. I saw Men in Volts at the underground in '81; very captain beefheart-ian so he's always been a fringe "artist". Johnny and Jumper Cables did a Joe Coughlin thang at the Midway, Phil had an Afro-pop outfit with his sons (that and Roy Sludge were my two favourite groups that night, just for being unique). So this latest combo starts out with Canned Heat's "on the road again" done excellent THEN a lady from India sings in the "assame" dialect (I had to wikipedia that!) ok, so east asian sounds meets rock has been goin on since George Harrison noodled on a sitar in Help (or unless you count the Kinks "see my friends") but I really did throughly dig this! I left ten pm but in final hour, Tony played with Trusty Sidekick. either way, a great party for a great guy and here's to many more plus ALL of his musical endeavors! "Long May you run"! (lame, but heartfelt)

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

day of Wodin 27 feb 19. club linehan-ago-go practice kevin linehan back on drums. added Hooker-n-Heat "whiskey and wimmen' to set plus a lady caroline toon that has a Bonjour aviators sound to it. Next gig is friday 5 april 19 club bohemia with butterscott and it's mine and Jon Butterscott's double birthday so see you there!".…

Thursday, MArch 7, 2019

day of Thor 28 Feb 19. "a hard days night" after practice, so WMFO and alex piandes
column: "piandes 6-8 pm. caught fontella bass's "rescue me" BUT reading trackblaster, before I tuned in, I missed the Amboy Dukes "mississippi murderer"! b-side to "journey to center of mind"; first tyme i ever heard a 12-bar blues and/or blooze vocal, both of which i emulate still, two score and eleven years on....Alex used to catch me at Jumpin Jack Flash but with a case of beer per band (member; I'd do b and e with Prime Movers and Unattached STEALIN fucken cases of beer!)...too drunk to remember him, show or much else....Jimmy Boticelli, late '84 HO soundcheck before Plan Nine....not THAT plastered...."hi Kenne, i'm Jimmy Boticelli"...both great guys and djs with good taste in records!

Friday, March 8, 2019

lou reed's birthday saturday 2 march 19. I was up near the regent theater in arlington and I DO aim to catch the Stiv Bators movie soon but waiting for a bus, I had tyme to check out The Book Rack, 13 medford street in what ye knoweth as Menotomy (whence my Purtian ancestors were in Cambridge Farms aka Lexington!). Indie used book stores! support them! fuck the damn kindle! For eight bucks, Glyn Johns bio Sound Man: a life recording hits with the rolling stones....DIG his life: Anglican choir boy age 8, then the BBC PLUS a singing career, THEN my favourite Stones albums up to BELLY! (I last saw Tanya Donelly on Harvard Ave. allston Mass about '87? then she DID become a rock star on MTV but her fucken producer! and he says good things about her!) shop at book rack and look for some cool books!


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