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Monday March 7, 2016

"17 February 2016, Eric Pouille avec Paris France, SONIC TRIP #308; un photo of les musique: O. Rex "my head's in '73" (ORIGINAL 1976 VINYL!) straight into Gizmos "Muff-Divin" (le photograph looks like Italian pressing on Hate, 12-inch, first three e.p.s).....Merci Beacoup, mon ami, j'adour airplay!"....

Eric Pouille's magnifiqie musique

Tuesday March 8, 2016

"Friday 19 feb 2016, Cantab, the Lyres bassist asks me if I'm the doorman coz I'm "rockin'" my Marine vet duds; turns out he was in Shambles and Belmondos from mental Worcester, so I probably played with him! (and Lyres guitarist Steve Aquino is from that BROOD also) I didn't take notes but opening act was an early '80s "post-punk" combo, Mission of Burma guitars chords even on a cover of Kinks "David Watts" (they're "young" so prolly heard JAM version)...guitarist and bassist switched off vocals..Lyres bassist was in a two-guitar/bass/drum/keyboards (MAYBE it was a CryBabies guitarist?) and two females "up front" and I actually enjoyed a Neko Case cover! good voices AND a good band. Nelson Slater had to cancel, Highland/Keegan/Quirk backed up the Count plus Psych-O-Daises drummer John Morrill who played in Astral Projection with Count in '74. This was kinda a jam, so my Brockport High band opened with "suffragette city" at Brockport High 15 march 75 and Astral Projection was doin' Lou/Bowie covers then; all I had was Backstreet doin' "cant get enuff" and "cities on flame" at Barge Inn, Brockport! (free beer-930-10 pm; surely Genesse, workin' in a Piss Factory, yea, yea, yea)...a lil late with this review but highlights were MJ Quirk singin' "run run run", I had that 1969 ostrich guitar sound out of a sold state amp and I tossed in canned Highland's "on the road again" (Blind Owl buried in Everett!) and John Keegan did the harp part on sax! (that cat can WAIL, knew that from 2014 Gizmos rehersals)..also the Count sang about an infamous Kinks groupie with a WHACKED-out version of "Get Back", so, COUNT me in TIL DEATH DO US PART any Count gig; he's funnier'n hell and the way HE changes lyrics (great minds think alike)"......

Wednesday March 9, 2016

"Bored shitless sunday 21 Feb 2016 (Gy. Sgt. Byron Grant Highland KIA Vietnam 21 feb 67), Somerville theater; "what is THE next movie playing?" so $7 matinee of Deadpool (senior discount age 62, "two years....that's all we've GOT")...rated R, TOO much sex and violence for a pre-pubescent Marvel commix kid, though I did like the wise-cracks, and, as marvel commix fans (before I started collecting RECORDS!!!!!), gud to see Stan Lee. and also our anti-hero superhero being into WHAM, whom I actually DO like; lotsa that '80s Figures on a Beach-era synth-pop was nuthin' more than white-washed Pat Boone Motown, but the rhythms and falsettos WERE there....compared to the shit out now, '80s and fluffy doo-dah hair-dos lookin' GUD! oh, yeah, despite my Meltzer-esque non sequiturs, DO see the movie "if you're really bored and got nuthin' else to do with your tyme""......

Block Ferry

"Saturday 27 February 2016 "DayTripper" South County, rhode island: take train to providence, then RIPTA 66 to Galilee! $2 got me to Block Island ferry landing! looks like maine/Gloucester/seaside; dead seagull wings, lobster shell bones, traps, swamp gas, Galilee Bird sanctuary ("chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee", Tozy and Bich!) 2.7 mile walk to Charlie O's tavern (like it on facebook!) and bus stop was near rhode island historic cemetery #1! find a grave! William Hazard Knowles; my great-grandmother Highland and him both descend from major John Albro. He drowned in the Gale of 1815 that destroyed the Point Judith lighthouse (Wikipedia!). This Quaker's wife, like my dad and Jimmy Carter, are Almy descendants and even cooler is it was 300 yards from bus stop, through a clearing with maybe deer prints in mud? NOT in Boston no mo'! (no hipsters either, just distant dead Quaker relatives!). surely returning to South County, have ancestors in Greenwich/Exeter/Kingston, have map of graves and if sun is shinin', I'm graveyard bound! GEE JULIE QUOTE: "what are you, the Munsters?" ("oh dearie; it's a sunny day; let's picnic in the cemetery!")"...

Point Judith

Thursday , March 10, 2016

Hope Obscure
Hopelessly Obscure in Portland
Photo courtesy of Kenneth Kaiser

"Ken and Gee Julie as THEE INSOMNIACS lissenin' to George Noory and Coast to Coast AM 0200-0400 this morn; paranormal dating has 39, 000 members! (39 x 1000!) AND...there's even a marriage come of it! nuthin' new yet from conspiracy dating sight; too afraid your dates will be trailed by NSA? Dustin Hoffman arriving at wedding?...ok, enuff humour, just call me GIGS Romo: 1 april, cantab and 2 april, midway is my birthday; 30 april Atlanta, Gizmos and stayin' at the HIGHLAND INN; 14 may, jumper cables-midway, coughlin birthday and 21 may- chetstock. watch Lenny Smith's youtube footage of hopelessly obscure in Portland and that's the latest in case I'm down in South County, RI "Dealin' with the Dead" the weekend".....

RI Historical Cemetary


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