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Monday, March 7, 2022

Sonntag 6 march 22. Coolidge (calvin is Ma's 8th cuzzin!) Corner thee-ate-er. Goethe German Film: THE LAST EXECUTION. "Life of Werner Teske, the last man to be executed in former east Deutschland before death penalty abolish 1987'. I was too drunk then to pay attention to behind Iron Curtain but this movie was WUNDERBAR! Gee Julie HAS been in berlin, recognised some buildings and HAS been to the Stasi Museum! (which you CAN "like" on facebook). On a lighter note, I watched ALL the credits (this in THEE-ate-er TWO where I saw Beyond the valley of the Dolls starring my eight cuzzin Michael Blodgett PLUS Nico: ICON with my distant cuzzin Linda Garreau). There are some Berlin dance club scenes, watching Stasi spastically dancing to Mad painter-esque Euro- disco! (almost as spastic as watching CIA "spooks" doin' Travolta moves...and I AM eligible for a Cold War medal BUT I would rather lissen to my 8-track of david Bowie's IMAGES and "She's got medals"!)...Seems like Goethe is back in der kino business, Coolidge Corner first Sunday of month AND, since my and "My favourite Cuzzin" Miss Lyn went to the 2018 closing/rehab, Goethe Institute (LIeb on der facebook) IS showing Deutsch films again..."Happy Days are here again!"...Tort? von der Covid or Russkie bombs? I'll be at der kino! Spoiling ending: "The Last Execution' ends with herr teske "Tort" and then, like that great Russian band, in a closeup in a "Crematorium"....fade to credits....CUT! I'm ready for my closeup mr Demented!


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Dienstag 8 march 22. 0600. Rik biskit roth on If Six was Nine WMBR played some Chandler Travis Philharmonic. Gene Genie facts; Rikki Bates is on! A lot of the Puritan Great Migration, so, roll the dice; she and my mother both descend from Nathaniel Whiting, Dedham, Mass. founder! possible tenth cuzzin with I, but the Dwight wife is even better! Kenne/Rikki and Edie (Sedgwick) all decend from John Dwight "one of the first settlers of Dedham, mass"; Wikipedia entries for Whiting and Dwight, both. BUT, also, Rikki descends also from Clement bates of Hingham mass and James bates of Dorchester; parents both possible 12th cuzzins, Rikki her own 13th cuzzin! James bates would have been in ye Dorchester with my great-great-grandmother Highland's future Connecticut Yankees AND Bebe Buell ancestor (SHE certainly hasn't acted very Puritanical!) But Hingham even better: Find a grave lists a memorial for Clarence Bates behind that ole wooden church there (I've toured it!) Hingham HAS a bates Way and let's check early Hingham: Ma's Lincoln ancestor (DNA says we AINT kin to the Mr President), the barnes ancestor ( I seen it!) of Merle COLBY Allin Senior whom begat Malpractice; Dee ranged (RIP) told me she descends from reverend Peter Hobart...Holy cantones! The Allins/Dee ranged/kenne/Rikki....and South Street (Rikki's ancestor digs) down the way from ole church/Hingham historical society AND a thee-ate-er (which shows only ONE film; Dedham's shows TWO) and this week it's Cyrano! Now tell me THAT guy didn't have a majestic schnozz

Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Dienstag 8 march 22. Somerville thee-ate-er, face off of Travolta and cage and eight dollar senior ticket. Saturday Night Fever gee Julie and I watched we were singing along. Why does Brooklyn remind me of the gruberger brothers and O. rex days? Theres a SNF site giving addresses of places in movie so maneros lived 3.9 miles NW of O. Rextasy central! (I got lost of some tube line 1 jan 74 after iggy ended '73 and BOC brought in '74, academy of Music!). Saturday Night Fever soundtrack released 15 Nov 77; Friday 19 aug 77, I held Music to Kill By(Dr demeneto, born 2 april, played "death to disco"!) in my hands and Afrika korps/baby's Arm at cantone's Saturday 19 Nov 77. movie released 14 Dec 77...did the Gruberger Brothers pick up their amps in Kaiser Stadium by then? Forget the Brothers Gibb! We were the Brothers Gru! On WMFO, I told ken Kaiser 'we shoulda gone disco" (this album outsold "I love you laurie"); that Thighscraper said "It's still not too late yet!" Preceding was a trailer for that Grade Z Sgt pepper movie with Gibbs/Frampton and Aeroshit, who were actually good! It being ten pm, Gee Julie and I passed on Birdy despite Peter Gabriel soundtrack (Gee a fan his solo stuff; me, I heard genesis on WCMF-FM Rochester NY)….These Tuesday double features are truly awesome, that Somervile Thee-ate-er got lots of good stuff!" (um....huh???? Anyone who understands this entry gets KenneHighlandese certificate!-ed)


Thursday, March 10, 2022

day of Wodin 9 march 22. After a wonderful sup at Casa Portugalia, Miss Lyn was watching This TV on the telly; was a flick name Northern Soul (2014). Din't know it exisited, oi did! A bit of google, oi did: it's on YouTube! There's a soundtrack album! Opening credits: Lancashire England 1974; me: Brooklyn NY 1974 (though Brockport NY was more North Country desolate). There was a record store, main Street, Brockport NY I used to get Melody maker a month late; read of the Northern Soul craze (though my classmates were more Allman Brothers "Ramblin' man" album etc). There was a reissue cd label, Kent, oi b'leive, reissued Hopelessly Obscure 45s, whom were kinda garage Motown, if I had to define the genre; and not overplayed hits! So tune into YouTube, chappies, as I plan to devote a couple hours between work and gigs to catch this flick, "lazin' on a Sunny Afternoon"! (Northern Soul documentary on YouTube)


Friday, March 11, 2022

day of Thor 10 march 22. Mr and Mrs Alex Gitlin of Mad painter PLUS Gee Julie caught Gilbert o' Sullivan at City wInery; I was "alone again or, naturally', drifter's tale, listening to badfinger and watching the golf channel (and saving me money!) Julie said Gilbert played "Easy Chords' but to lend some local colour to this column, Gee: "Barry and kevin marshall were there!" Great guys, I love the marshalls, saw them cantones ('80?),bought a 45, was at some house party in '80s and they covered Kinks "never met a girl like you before' (I think; DRUNK!) and other brother KENNY thought Hopelessly Obscure doing "Rain of Death" sounded like Eden's Children. Suffering from Obsessivley Compulsively DRINKING, I'm sure I chewed his ear off about our mutual love of Eden's Children. AND now, in facebook era, I proudly am "friends" with guitar/vocals Richard Lee and we've "chatted" a bout ("Hey I got your first album $1.97 Brockport NY Janaury 1971! and sure looks real was a quarter at a salvation army in Framinglham/Natick")… Blowfish DID say in 1978 "Eden's children? oh, yeah, another close personnel friend of yours!" 2022; "This guy needs a Translator!"...yes, I think I did have that Roky Erikson 45 the once".. (again ... KenneHighlandese translatory wanted call 666-3939-ed.)


Saturday, March 12, 2022

Freitag 11 March 22.First off: Kenne Highland Air Force plough and stars sunday 20 march 22 4-6 pm and sunday 27 march 22, captain easychord at midway. I COULD have seen Johnny Plankton at Cantab BUT Slaughterhouse Society (like them on Facebook!) had a drag/burlesque show 8 pm, followed by Mars Attacks; ALL this for $15! (in 1982 prices that's THREE cases of Blanchards Beer!). released Friday the 13th  1996; I was a) drunk b) at Kirkland café c) onstage with Goody Goody Gumdrops d) all of the above! So I missed this "gem": "Tim Burton's version of Plan Nine" says some film geek (and he did the Corporal Ed Wood USMC film also!) EVERYBODY is in this movie, like The Longest Day but two best parts (on the SOUNDTRACK album!) is the martians onstage dancing as Tom Jones backup singers on "It's Not Unusual" (Tom does some good acting too and escapes the martians!) PLUS it is discovered from a trailer park kid's granny that listening to Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" is their achilles heel! Lotsa YouTube action and watching the martians explode as radio transmitters emit Slim Whitman...well, tonight is a mad painter practice so that's Saturday Night Fever but right now WNTN 1550 Am has it's disco program,so after the Weather Girls, I am GLEEFULLY digging the Village People's "macho Man!"!!!!!!"...


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