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Monday March 9, 2015

Irish Ducksfound a GREAT classic country online station out of washington state, where my great-great Charles Highland, his brother John Highland pioneered to Chelan, Washington aboot 1903 (it's on find-a-grave!) $8 to see F.U.'s at the Midway OR go to Flann's Brigham Circle, eat Irish bangers, beans and chips and read the Emigrant (my great-grandmother Highland's Heatley grandfather went from County Tyrone to Ontario, Canada AND walking through public gradens; Quack, Mack and the rest of make way for ducklings are wearing lil green hats! gittin' their Irish on, yo!) Never thought The Wall Street Journal This Morning (WRKO 680 AM, 5 AM right after Coast to Coast!) would turn Coast to Coast but google this: Serial Egg Bomber NOT caught in Cleveland! Some asshole heaving eggs at an 85 year old man's about Dirty Highland (played by Clint Eastwood!) caps young aspiring rapper's ass for making rap music?!?!?!?!? what about when Rude Rudy got capped in Brigham Circle? (BGN: "Rude Rudie was just some poor slob on the streets!") anyway, read about the Egg Bomber in the WALL STREET FUCKEN YUPPIE JOURNAL what would Bob Bittner say at the top of the hour about corporations? (and then play Johnny Cash's "guess things happen that way" on SUN on Wjib 740 am?!?!?!?!)...and THIS has been the Boston Groupie News of the Wierd! (channeling Joe Coughlin here; Johnny and the Jumper Cables at Midway in May for Joe Fest!!!!)

Tuesday March 10, 2015

Great stink A pleasant walk down ye olde cobblestone Charles Street (like i did with my mother in 1988 before she met Mr. Butch at the Rat!) and i chanced upon TATTE, new french bakery, where was another, acrost from what WAS 7-11! also saw a Dogmatics drummer AND a bronze MALLARD DUCK walkin' towards me in the public garden after the french cultural center was having a wine class which i overheard whilst reading L'Histoire; Clovis was mentioned AND the monks originally made white wine, NOT red coz it'd stain their white frocks...yes, I AM a bouffant of "Useless Information" (first Move album though i rather favour Roy Wood during WIZZARD..)....articles one SHOULD read in l'histoire (forgive spelling, ma's great-great Sophie LaDuke Vahue born 1811 Vergennes Vermont, died 1899 was the last one to speak the French, so i make 'alf-'arsed attempts to read/spell/talk and go "Ooh", like my Neanderthal DNA cave-painting in France "in-cestors")...."Jules Verne: etail-il Misogyne?", from 1819: "L'enter Sur Mer: folie, deseyoir, tuerte ete cannibalisme"....lastly, a piece on one of my idols: Alexandre le Grand! or as they said in the Angelina (German descent from Jon Voight; read GERMAN LIFE!) Jolie movie: ALEXANDRO MAGOS!!!!! that might ALMOST trump the almighty KENOBULOUS

Wednesday March 11, 2015

Tour Today: Rock and Kraut! NOT Kraut-rock BUT saturday 14 march is shadows of knights 50th anniversary, singer Jimmy Sohns sends me gig reminders; another great midwest band, the Gizmos, in Bloomington, indiana 11 july for recording and heading morganfest, The Go Fund Me page on Gizmos world tour page, so send money to Marvin Goldstein, oy! BUT with melting snow, for the first tyme since November, before Gizmos, Chicago, i went Goethe Institute, got my kraut on, yo (hey man, i walk past bromley-heath EVERY fucken morning and yea, i dont fear no gangsta coz my samuel l. jackson wallet sez "Bad Mofo!"). i picked up all kindsa books/magazines deutschland uber alles AND they had FREE books! two in english, rest in German, did NOT pick up FREE three copies of wim wenders photo books; lotsa coffee table books, i can read one semester of beginning Deutsch, so contact me and, like the Gizfather say "lissen, my Kraut-Scot friend, I'm not puttin' Johnny Fontaine in any of my movies unless you get me some free books in German!" Mario Puso grew up in Hell's Kitchen, NY, by the way, only 9 blocks from vanilla fudge/bb kings/The Landmark Tavern/oldest irish bar in NYC, which I LOVED, food AND olde woodwork!

This is Kenne Rottennnnn....and aingland's STINKINNNNN""...More on Michael Slade's Ghoul; ok, the killer is in London's sewer system; TWO pages on history of London sewage, i double-checked the facts and today's Giz-story lesson is: Richard the Raker in 1200 and really DID fall in his own cess-pit and " drown monstrously in his own excrement" PLUS, and even a Dicken quote, look in wikipedia THE GREAT STINK of 1858 really DID happen! (Highlands sailed in '45!) I have other toilet facts and next tyme there's a BGN trivia night, i shall shirley explain the enytymology of "loo

more info from Gee Julie's great-great-great-great born 1770 bilsington kent, ashford district;7.86 miles away my same number granddaddy Peter Highland born KENNINGTON Kent 19 september 1784. her great-great-great born 31 july 1793 bilsington, kent; my same Thomas Highland born 3 march 1808 great chart Kent 5.8 miles away! TOO close for comfort, ole Tom Highland emigrates to Motor City and his great-great-great writes "amerika first"; BUT Gee Julie and i are fascinated by her great-great-great who was a THAMES WATERMAN (like it on facebook!) she 'as a cuzzin in ainglind did the work, luv; reading the 'istory of the Thames in Michael Slade's Ghoul, you gotta "love that dirty water"! though her ancestor died 24 november 1833 ship stairs, woolwich before THE GREAT STINK. other last joke, upon researching all this; i tole 'er thames watermen are the ONLY ones allowed to TOUCH royalty; on my facebook wall is a 'enry VIII re-enactor with a bloke dressed in red on a Thames boat; me go "that's you (in red), that's me ('enry)";Gee Julie: "i would have pushed you in." as long as i dont suffer the fate of richard the raker!!!!! (wonder if HE left descendants; those lil shits

Friday March 13, 2015

Pidgens Radio On: WEEI, college basketball (IU at 530 pm!) and Duke won, I was in Asheville, NC when they won a tourney maybe 4-5 years back; coast to coast AM (WRKO 680 AM), TWO thangs: "I believe in reincarnation" said the guest; send that man Exploding Pidgins Implode! on stanton park records; item B, "4 AM or nearer" to paraphrase a Guess Who toon on RCA: Gee Julie hears a guest talkin' 'bout " Australopithecus" (as covered by the Beachmasters version of Hopelessly Obscure!) and I guess (check out coast to coast AM facebook page, you Coasties!) "once there was tyme" (Ten Years After!) when we had chimps/monkees (Chip Monck?), humans (garbage disposals?) AND a "Combination of the Two" (check out Wool's version and they were from Juddsville station, NY!) of Neanderthal/Simian= Sasquatch and all them Bigfoot critters...oh yeah, and in Indo-nesia was a three foot skeleton of such known as "the Hobbitt"; Gee Julie quipped (at zero-dark-thirty!), eatin' that Indo-nesian food in hell's kitchen musta stunted his growth! LASTLY, i go "y'all in the mood for some Bittner?" that's Bob Bittner WJIB 740 AM and true to 1971 when him and I (Rick James "you and I" was from Buffalo!) both lived in Rochester, NY area (with Lou Grammatico of Poor Heart!); fucken "indiana wants me"!!!!! i grabbed that bluidy epihpone and the chorus is A/D/E like a Ted Niemeic song, bridge is in F#, if only Sol Gruberger were alive to help me figger it, unless Ken Kaiser does...saturday 11 july 15, Gizmos in studio/on-stage and who WONT be playing Gizmos songs or playing attention? yep, I will DRAG craig willis bell (rocket from the tombs!) and Kelsey Simpson (the Mo Tucker of the band, being interviewed soon!) into '70s hell on R. Dean Taylor covers...on Rare Earth!!!! other obscure fact: Bob Richert had already graduated SUNY Brockport 1970 and was IN Indiana when that song was a hit...tyme to be a chart geek, but i know it was ninth grade ('70-'71, GRAND FUNK LIVE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sunday March 15, 2015

Movie poster spent the day of Saturn at the REAL Somerville Thee-ate-er; Groupie Towers II! Turner Classic Movies (usedta be on in mah tray-ler in Charleston, SC back in '79!) had a Ava Gardner salute; caught Bhowani Junction, released 1 may 56 (I was released 2 april 56!) 1947 a BIG year in indian independence; the ghandi movie, the jewel and the crown BBC series, but never saw this! having an alleged Melungeon (Ava) playing an Anglo-Indian (had to google-ate this and wiki kinda describes it as english father/eastern Indian mother, famous Anglo-Indian pop stars: engelbert humperdink/cliff richard/pete best!) IF i were politically correct, i'd be offended on how many tymes "wog" and "chee-chee" was bandied about; suffice to say, Ava plays a "Half-Breed" (how she learned to hate the word!) GREAT drama, Ava in a sari and I AINT SARI 'bout that! (sam the sham deep album cut!) plus if you're a british military COLLECTOR, read wikipedia, insignia and units ALL mentioned! (ok, reverted back to '67-'68 (chicago transit authority!) where i was playin' "Army" one minute, then rockin' the next, then BOTH in '76!

Anarky TV After Bhowani Junction Gee Julie picked out Anarchy TV-the Movie from a buncha DVDs Blowfish sent over for my very own viewing pleasure; released 31 jan 98 (I recorded gemini on a full moon shortly thereafter); imagine if Frank Zappa's kids (FOUR of them in this film!) took over a community access TV show (was watching somerville's SCAT back in '98!) kinda like Airheads, one of their allies is daughter of a Pat Robertson-type; it's on wikipedia Link above), the di-rector did some commentary, and there's a quiz which i scored as a "true paranoid" (the government conspiracy guy is funnier'n hell too as is the naked aerobics japanese hooker!)...ok, don't wanna rotten tomatoes spoil it, but FUNNY = Zappa's young'un's/mink stole/a barney miller cop ALL in one movie plus full-frontal nudity on cable access! (I GET IT: hair in 1969!); so watch it"

Fish Eyes After watching naked aerobics with a japanese hooker on the Mean Screen, tyme to use an Elephant Walk groupon: Ken/Gee Julie/Miss Lyn, Three's company, me as jack tripper and Don Knotts IS my cuzzin! it was still restaurant week so a three course meal for $99; that's $33, as in "die at 33/like Jesus did for me"...other Ken Korps reference was that this meal was on PI day (3/14/15!) and instead of Nervous Eaters in Beverly, my quip was "three course meal at Elephant Walk; we decided to "Go Get Stuffed"!) (and my fish still had head/eyes, Willie Loco Fish Eye Brothers reference!) Lastly, check out 1520 AM, everett, washington classic country; everett, washington is 40 miles north of Seattle=lumberjack country and they lissen to classic country! the workin' man's Amerika First music!"...

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