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Monday, March 9 2020

sunday 8 march 20. The Fool's Agenda was onstage at the Jungle (one of my opening acts) and I loved them! there was a lot of Big Brother and the Holding Company energy and that brings to mind neo-Joplin bands like fantasy/Wool/A group called Smith etc. Lt. Larry Newman,USMC pointed out the guitarist looked like Carlos Santana at Woodstock, but he leaped about like Pete Townshend at Woodstock. "aged 21-23, fans of blues and classic rock"; get a DNA test, it's Children of the Ken! They had a red-headed young lady singing; gigs WILL happen! Doing "house of the Rising Sun", i said "FRIGID PINK"! and Lt. Newman mentioned Fleetwood mac at the Tea Party, then they went into "Rhiannon", but it was punk/grunged up, so i dug it; on the way to the loo! Mad Painter and Kenne Highland's Air Force both got a good reception; i shant blow my own horn (John Keegan blows HIS horn!) but basically "we passed the audition", so am happy with that, did some networking for future gigs etc. Now to promote the bejesus out of sunday 21 may 20, midway four pm, Kenne and Tsunami/State of union/ johnee earthquake!"......
Mad Painter at The Jungle


Tuesday, March 10 2020

Lou Rawls
"Saturday 7 march 20, I had heard that Brian Young had played "Be More flamboyant" on WMFO; thank you! all airplay good airplay. WMBR If Six Was Nine played some Tiger Bomb and trying to play up Portland with them. They also played Lou Rawls "Natural man". E-Bay has a Taiwan import lp for three pounds, three whatever that equals. But the wealth of info is Blue Note records > artist > Lou Rawls . Biography: "cross between Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole" yes! My parents had records by both when i was goin' to a segregated four room school house in manassas, Virginny '63-'64 (Dad was the one listen to black music coz he from DEE_TROIT!). "Rawls sang with Cooke in gospel outfit Teenage Kings of Harmony"; Hopelessly Obscure! "In 1951 Rawls replaced Cook in the Highway Q.C.s; I have an album which explains why Raggs, the Boston Groupie Cat, hangs in my room! "later joined the Pilgrim Travelers but quit in 1956 to enlist in the Army as a paratrooper"...Jimi woulda been 14 and marvin gaye (born April 2!) joined Air Force about then. I went in 20 years and wrote "Amerika First" while guarding a tank at Quantico, virginny where I's born....either way, Lou Rawls very underrated! Even namechecked in Arthur Conley's "sweet soul music"!"........

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Til Tuesday 10 march 20. I wished my facebook friend Patti Quatro Ericson "have a rockin birthday", which she "liked"! IF you had told me this in 1974 listening to my 45 of Fanny's "I've Had It", i woulda thought a Kenputer was Star trek Futuristic! Besides Fanny her und schweister Kleiner Suzi were in the Pleasure Seekers; Miss Lyn knows what local band covers "what a band to die" as sure as Alex trebec's fashions are by Mister Guy! (YES!! It's the most awesome Von Traps!!- ed) Lettuce not forget the great prog of brother Michael Quatro! DEAD PEOPLE FACTS: find a grave. com says Michele Quattrocchi born 7 march 1893 Sulmona, Provincia di L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy. Arthur James Quatro, whom sired the musical brood born Bayard, west virginia 3 mar 14. Bayard WV is a mining town population 417 in 1910 (2018; 266!) It's 96.3 miles east of Fairview west virginnny; Dad's grandfather's McBee brother uncles had a blacksmith shoppe but there was a lot of intermarriage with Italians coz of their dark colour and I HAVE seen the Italian flag flyin' in Appalachaia! (Clarksburg WV has an Italian heritage festival; mining was a lucrative immigrant job) (And when we lived in Charleston, SC they had their first Spoleto festival and the overcooked mushy spaghetti in red sauce was an exotic treat to them there southeners!!- ed. The 1914/1916/1918 Quatros are found in Allison Pa. 19 miles north of German Township, Pa. my great-great-great-great-granny Rachel Daffydd Darling (100% Welsh!) died there in 1801 after leaving Kent county Delaware as a widow. Allison Pa has a 1 July 19 population of 643 and Coal Camp USA > westpa > klondike shows Allison, Pa- Coal Camp USA. Dad's father was one county over, 8 Carrie Street, Fineview, Pa. which is northside, Pittsburg. Somehow and sometyme the mcBees AND the Quatros ended up in Detroit Rock City, BUT Detroit rockers with West Virginia coal-mining roots (I had an uncle back there): Kleiner Suzi und Mister Patti Smith! (born Leet WV, near Hasil Adkins, in 1949!) "rock 'em back Sonic!"".....

Thursday, March 12, 2020

day of Wodin 11 march 20. Flynn Young whom drums in mad painter AND Iron Brezhnev invited me to join GlitterGlam Society, a private facebook group. I open it and pictures of Roxy Music plus discussions on Ziggy Stardust; mine kinda group even if there wasnt facebook groups back in '72. Found Gee Julie a fantastic German metal station Radio. net > wackenradio. Wacken radio by rautemusik. fm radio stream- Listen online for free. Wacken is a big metal fest in Schwegstein- Holstein that Julie has attended German sommers; even saw Alice Cooper (who has same German ancestor as Richard Nixon!). Drums sound like Flynn Young in overdrive and vocals are tazmanian devil copying cookie monster. Motorhead's "ace of Spades" and two cups of coffee in X-blank-X coffee mugs (c/o Craig bell of the Gizmos)...."White Light/ White Coffee"!!!!!!!".......

Friday, March 13, 2020

day of Thor 12 march 20. In 1977, real Kids and nervous eaters at Rat, Oedipus debuts Live at the Rat on WTBS and at the club was Third Rail and Sea King. These days, the fuckin' plague and life being cancelled but Gee Julie and I went to the kendall Thee-ate-er, $8 work discount tickets for And Then We Danced. Young lad is in a dance troupe in Georgia (USSR), then meets another dancer. They both have "girlfriends". Same-sex VERY closeted relationship starts (c'mon,it's macho Russia!) and the break-up scene is very Brokeback Mountain. Russian folk music is incredible and there's a soundtrack album. The acapella trio stuff at weddings and funerals...whew! Schmel Herbie Hind should note; one of the dancers was caught sleeping with a man and "they say he was Armenian!" (Georgia borders Armenia; all the Gizmos records are in Istanbul). The dancer's drunken loser brother gets a young lass pregnant and "to save her honour" ("respect her more!") they HAVE to get married "they say she's armenian!" Hey, no Armenian-bashing in Georgian films! Mad painter is a VERY multi-ethnic band! Otherwise, lots of GREAT previews of foreign films coming, nice to have a two hour escape with four other people; maybe I'll get my own private screening room like Howard Hughes!".....

Saturday, March 7, 2020

friday the 13th March 2020. I left Cambridge for Laurel maryland from Groupie Towers that day in 1977 where dad's Spencer ancestor signed Cambridge charter 1633 to, on Tory Row, the Brattle Theater for Come and See (1985). "Soviet director Elem Klimov....senses-shattering plunge into the dehmanizing horrors of war". Age ten I saw my father get blown up in 'Nam on tv (See Byron G. Highland) (and "Landmine"- Johnny and the Jumper Cables) but WWII Third reich atrocities in Bellorus were even worse, mostly coz of loss of civilian life. It's ALL on wikipedia for this movie but to wit: 1943, a young lad joins the partisans and commando action against the nazis always badass....partisans try to steal cow that looks like Pink Floyd's Atom heart Mother and then young lad rounded up by nazis who herd woman and children into a church which they set of fire (real true war crime!) Scaudenfreud is when the captured Nazis act all cowardly lion on the partisans, blaming SS etc. Finally Russian lady partisan screams "ENUFF!!" and mows them down with automatic weapons. Svetlana, I love you!! reading Brattle blurb: "nearly suppressed by soviet censors who took eight years to approve its script, Come and See is perhaps the most visceral, impossible-to-forget antiwar film ever made"-Janus Films. couldnt have said it better micelf! Lotsa events cancelling due to the Plague, but since Ma's immigrant Puritan Blodgett ancestors surived the 1630 plague which claimed the older children, my mother's ancestor sailed from London age one and a half, so if all entertainment is closed/banned, I'll sing hymns and sea shantys, wear black and instead of hanging witches,see Witches tears (cookie monster sings with Black SaBBATH) AT THE mIDWAY sUNDAY AFTRERNOON show"....


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