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Monday March 14, 2016

how to be single

bored shitless, Sunday 28 February 2016 and my ticket stub says HOW TO BE SINGLE, 445 pm, $7 matinee. single ladies in New in the city, yeah, yeah, yeah BUT what redeems this average movie is: Australian comedienne Rebel Wilson, a plus-sized party girl NOT looking for mister right! so THAT was worth $7, though I usedta waste that on a pitcher of beer (in the REAL olde days!) which didn't last as long"....

"WAY more exciting will be Gizmos FORTIETH in Bloomington in September...weekend dates being shot out now and more when it gets settled!"...

Tuesday March 15, 2016
Kenne unwittingly looking like Big Bobby!!

"3 march 16 bukowski tavern, inman square: cidergeist launch party; winter boredom and a chance to be in Inman Sqaure, Cambridge, Mass. which inspired my Be More Flamboyant cd. didn't imbibe, place was crowded with hipsters, didnt get any CIDERGEIST "swag" (DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE!!!! FOR THOSE ABOUT TO DIE, WE SALUTE YOU!) BUT (highlights) : "Sweet Jane"-velvet underground Loaded version AND "boys don't cry" by the Cure!

Wednesday >March 16, 2016

Tiger Bomb
Tiger Bomb
Photo: Kim Ackland

"5 march 16, The Korps review Portland Maine gig at Bayside Bowling alley: no Tony Kaczynski, so George Perkins was doin' a lot of Pete Townsend-style maximum r&b; when I first saw Prime Movers auguste '81 cantone's, very JAM-like, so Cam Ackland "Got Back" and "2120 Michigan avenue" with Chicago-style harp got the place jumpin'. But mostly (getting BOTH Kenne(y)'s to agree = miracle!), Kim Ackland's husky voice = side two of slickee boy's separated vegetables album,
Slickee boys
so early '77, we musta seen Slickee Boys cover "one ugly child". NEW TOON: "sally go round the roses" and Kim/Cam harmonies = Jefferson Airplane at Monterey! (compliment!); the male/female voice interaction; WAY the fuck before X, folks! Tiger Balm: been watchin' Chris Brood since august '84, Geno's, but a perfect bookend is Lynnda Mandolin, from Oakland county, michigan, 30 miles from where all the Highlands are buried in South Lyon (where William Levise, Jr. resides, "sockin' it to YOU, baby"). Lynda has the pop element (a Go-Go's fan who once saw Figures in a Beach ride a limo through Detroit!) whilst Chris plays a red Fender Mustang like I did in O. Rex and even does Music to Kill By Kenne-via-James Williamson 39 years ago leads! Best damn version of the Korps that Kaiser and I ever heard and they wanted to originally call themselves THE BEST BETTES! our "Sister Act" to be sure. "every picture tells a story don't it" and Bomp lister Lenny Smith videoed this Hopelessly Obscure "reunion", so success = if I got the other bands dancin' (I've seen/done that at Lyres shows!), alles gut mid der world, forget about "the news today, oh boy", "blow your mind out in a car", call jack Kevorkian, join the Hemlock Society, lissen to the fucken Cure on Prozac, FIDDLE WHILE AMERIKA BURNS....shit: "The Gizmos Just want to have fun"!".....

Thursday , March 17, 2016

Club Linehan
Photo: Arthur Freedman

"Gizmos Atlanta 30 april 16; and Bloomington Indiana 17 September 16 and THURSTON MOORE III "likes" the Gizmos page; no hard feelings after wanting to join the band and told "nah, there's too many people" he got to marry Kim Gordon, whom I traced her family home in '50s to BRIGHTON NY (Rochester suburb, some folks know of where I mean)"....

"Thursday 10 march 16, MJ Quirk did Mickey Bliss a favour and club linehan-a-go-go did a last minute show at 8 pm. there's youtube footage and I'm watchin' it like when I played with Coach Gruberger for Brooklyn: "I heard that!" But seriously, for a PINUPS/"cover" band, folks in Dublin are diggin' "Citadel"! (wrote on saint Patrick's day). MJ Quirk keeps diggin' up new covers, so I did "I wanna be your boyfriend" same as the Korps 11 Feb 77, Kaiser stadium, T-Neck, NJ, elston howard acrost the street. let's promote APRIL FOOL'S cantab! club linehan 11 pm, MJ Quirk wants to add "let's go"-heartbreakers and/or "frank zappa's "world's greatest sinner" as done by A-Bones! great choices, all! Gravedancers backed up a poet whom I seen at rat beach party, lotsa sike-a-delic sounds and I caught the "last train to Clarksville" during the Mountain-esque "tremolo cove""....

Friday , March 18, 2016

"39 years ago, 12 march 77, spent Kerouac's birthday ON THE ROAD, providence-boston; 2016, took MTA and did reverse, then caught RIPTA bus to URI. Kingston village built 1700, Dad's Gardiner ancestors WERE here (NE of plan 9 and shannock), "walkin' down that Country road" (GRAND FUNK!) (route 138) 3 miles round trip; Road Kill: one Redd Foxx and one skunk, both on south side of 138, in ditch; looks like Blodgett Corners, NY! The Kingston Hill Store (like it on facebook!), bought Ma an east Greenwich RI olde postcard (her Spencers hail from there in 1700s as does my Dad! I iz cuzzins!) and for $7 bought Indian and white man in masachusetts and rhode island-chandler whipple. Kingston Hill Store: "books, used and RARE-old postcards" PLUS VINYL AND BASEBALL CARDS and VHS of BBC/PBS thangs....and, once I mentioned Tabittha Tefft Gardiner to the lady: "oh yes, we ARE cuzzins"...what a splendid day as Blowfish was in Providence hangin' with HP Lovecraft!" Blowfish video of grave site...

Greenwich Village
Ole Greenwich RI postcard

"to KENclude the week think about CBGBs THIRTY-NINE years ago Saturday 26 march 76; ken and jay Gruberger playing air guitar to Cream's "NSU" (played over jukebox!) and live at rat review: mark thor/DMZ/thundertrain/third rail/WA and boom boom band! Everybody was at musical peak, Ken Kaiser was there too, probably Solomon Gruberger also (I reviewed this for O. rextasy!)....Afrika Korps watches Live At the Ra! William Hazard Knowles; my great-grandmother Highland and him both descend from major John Albro. He drowned in the Gale of 1815 that destroyed the Point Judith lighthouse (Wikipedia!). Thi


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