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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Saturday 13 March 21. WNTN 1550 AM 3-5 PM, disco dance party! Saturday Night Fever-era "oldies" BUT (Hopeless Obscurities): digging the tambourine on a 1980 Stephanie Mills oldie, "Victim" by candi Stanton AND: "eye to eye contact" by Edwin Starr ("what is he GOOD for?" 'absolutely music! say it again")….a request from "The Cannoli Man"! (my new friend!). It's on youtube and was number one early 1979; I DIDNT hear it in Charleston South Carolina BUT 31 Dec 78 was unnatural Axe/Thrills/LaPeste at cantone's….."LIFE TO DISCO! LIFE TO DISCO! RIGHT ON! RIGHT ON!"....

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

"Sonntag 14 march 21. channel 44, 6-8 pm. ken burns' JAZZ, episode nine: THE ADVENTURE. from 1956-1959, I was TOO little, missed all this great jazz til I read On The Road 13 years later...Duke Ellington live at Newport, Sonny Rollins, a VERY high "Lady Day", Miles Davis (on Columbia Records!) - (who knew Miles was such a dick?- ed)...ending with the advent of Free jazz and John Coltrane/ Ornette Coleman. DO listen to Charlie Kohlhaise research and Development WMBR 2-4 pm Mondays for such (saw him at Outpost 186; John keegan's sax teacher!). JUST to add Dead people facts; Ken Burns famous kin: one is Thomas Lawton, Portsmouth RI settler, mutual ancestor of my great-grandmother Highland. Lawtons married into Almy's, Ma Highland was mutual ancestor with that department store. BUT the BEST part of Portsmouth: Richard Borden, the Quaker! ancestor of "Hit 'Er wid de axe' Lizzie!" What DOES this have to do with JAZZ?"......

Thursday, March 18, 2021

day of Wodin AND Saint Paidrig day. reviews Tolga Ozbey Reptilians From Andromeda pandemic "solo" album Santico Pandemomonium.(Get it on Bandcamp!!) Filpip VanderLijnden is the Belgian reviewer who mentions "no less than three Belgians...and Kenneth Highland from the Gizmos" are on this album....make that a fourth for bridge! My great-grandmother Highland descends from the four early Walloon settlers in new Netherlands and they WERE there for that $24 trinket Native American deal for Manhatten! Quite an international lot on this albums, 'some cats from japan"....I may never meet them BUT 45 years after the gizmos they'll hear my pentatonic scales!"......

Friday, March 19, 2021

Freitag 19 March 21. If you listen to the 1976 Gizmos Demos Rehearsals, the Gizmos were probably rehearsing for the first e.p. and tomorrow at Lowell Street Studios, just like 1976, gonna record "that's cool" to begin session, followed by "Alien Abduction Day" and then for next Asa Brebner tribute "I'm in Love". Tolga ozbey in Istanbul says "Long Live Gizmos!"; he was born same year as that e.p. but before Live at the Rat and O. rex BUT "I believe in reincarnation"! Lowell Street also put up my T. Rex-via-the Rutles parody/spoof/tribute of Shirelles via beatles Vee-Jay album of "Baby it's you' done like an Electric warrior outake Tyranosaurus Rex style! "Kenne and Burt Bacharach- a match made in heaven!" "It made my dog die'-Lester Bangs. 20 subscribers and two comments on my youtube channel! Buzzy Linhart was right: 'you gotta have friends!" (how about bette Midler's plunging neckline on her first album back in '72 which I borrowed from Brockport NY's Seymour Library? Also read Jayne County in Rock Scene about '75, had her as house guest about 20 years later)


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