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Monday March 16, 2015

Sunset Cafe"true to form, Ida May: after Gee Julie got done rowing, like her Thames Waterman great-great-grandad whom died before the Great Stink of 1858, we both agreed on going to Sunset Cafe, Cambridge street, Cambridge; what a forgotten gem!!!!! I had Bacalhau a bris (look on website, menu, it's salted Cod, Alpo woulda been proud, I have access to when Paulino Henriques came from Portugal on!); sorry, no picture. this is almost THE last bastion of east cambridge Portegeis; everyone looked like Scott Duhamel (who co-wrote "Mean Screen"!) or were dressed like bikers or wore those tight clothes i ADORE in Mediteranean wimmenfolk! (they also played on jukebox, Bob Marley and "Stayin' alive" whilst Gee Julie tried to watch 60 minutes; she tells me the Greek american social club has politics on one tv and sports on the other and she gets into "heavy rappin'", as i woulda said stoned-ly. Head's in '73, but as that point, my theme was "I wanna Veg Out"!)...lastly, LIKE them on facebook coz they got FREE BRAZILIAN MUSIC on weekends! plus mon ami Jacques Pardo (Cosmos Factor played the Kirkland cafe a lot; wicked nice guy, he played french cultural center and i was on a fucken CANE but could dance to his world beat however you wanna call it, it's all FUCKEN MUSIC!!!! i hate categories! dinna put me in a "bohx"(Jimmy Sohns sent me pictures of shadows of knight 50th anniversary Chicago!) ok, so i missed Jacques, but will be "in the (Make Her) Know" for future.

ITEM B: ok, coast to coast AM 0100-0500, 680 AM, WRKO, UFOs, government conspiracies...where's the naked Japanese hooker doing naked aerobics like Anarchy Tv-the movie?!?!?!? BUT as "bumper music", fucken "war Pigs" by sabbath, Tony Iommi in AM MONO at 0200, man!

yep, ole punkatawney saw his shadow 6 weeks ago, spring goan be friday (Gizmos recorded first e.p. 20 march 76) and I didn't make finals, i saw it at Sunset Cafe, so not sure whom i'm goin' with for march madness yet...sports/music/food; go to Sunset Cafe and be the Brasilian Groupie News! Ciao! and a big Cum stah to Miguel D'Amour! who should do some portegei noodling at the Sunset Cafe; he's with his peeps, yo!"

whilst mailing MJ Quirk a birthday present at the Charles Street post office, I DID notice they play WJIB!!! yes, Bob Bittner as I buy STAMPS for LETTERS, support the USPS, first postmaster Ben Franklin! Amerika First! (and my great-great, EM Darling was postmaster of Aleppo, PA p.o. right after he preserved the Union in 14th WV! also messed with family tree DNA and Miss Lyn has a Lumbee Indian match! (I have four). it sez fifth cuzzin, clinton, Ky. but i google-ated the ladies name and proof/rumour of Cherokee blood, so guess that kinda solves that...cue up Loretta Lynn's "your squaw is on the warpath"!

checking film listings and let me plug the 14th annual Turkish film festival at MFA!!! seen some GREAT films in the past and now that it aint blizzard, can go; good printed program too and turkish food is awesome! plus all the wimmen are dark and have big noses; love those hot-tempered Mediterranean wimmenfolk!"..

Tuesday March 17, 2015

"Ida May: The Devils by Ken Russell at Harvard Film Archive is showing on the 25th of March! Mark Giroux approved! Here's a trailer.

Item B: scanning beacon hill's anglican church site (dad's grandmother Highland had some Anglican ancestors in canada, maybe those loyalist Lockwoods; Gee Julie had a Cockney marriage in Woolwich, London at an anglican church);anyway: Theology on Tap! never been, they usedta meet at church; religon in a bar! Now held at rattlesnake bar, boylston street. hearing Bowie and Stones was kinda heathen (but, hey "five years" and "waitin' for my man") and when the music was shut off during "oh darlin'", JESUS WAS MORE POPULAR THAN BEATLES!!!! a BC theology student and former Jesuit (also a Disney actor!) lectured on CONTEMPLATING A GOD WITH SKIN: SPIRITUALITY FOR THE EVERYDAY MAN AND WOMAN. a very informative talk on Ignatius of Loyola who found beauty in nature and everything. there was a break for Q and A and "another one bites the dust" comes on! (Freddy Mercury; another decadent heathen!) so i got some religous humour off the priests: "for those who gave up coffee or alcohol for Lent, it's past sundown and tomorrow is the feast of saint patrick" (drink up Shriners!);"our next lecture is in april, a presbysterian preacher will explain the Bible in an hour but being a Calvanist, he'll probably leave a lot out". outside talking to the priests who were smoking CIGARETTES (that's sinful! like ET smoking a cigarette!), we discussed the 1986 Red Sox, Holy Week, Maundy Thursday and Kierkegaard! dudes that got theology degrees; my Quaker ancestors respect thee more!"....

Tomato put on your Snap-E-Tom sombrero and catch free films c/o the david rockefeller centre for latin american studies! of interest to readers of the Brasilian groupie News; on "4 and 20" ("smoke it.....get high"..."Sweet Leaf"!) on 1730 cambridge street 530 pm-730 pm IS: Botinada: A origem do punk no Brasil; they have a facebook page; Brasilian punk, man! must be pretty wild!

"there's a facebook group i belong to called Remembering Brockport NY; looks like a BHS class of '87 "kid" started it saint patrick's day one year ago today! of interest to garage fans; folks that went to the panther's den when the HUMANS ("warning"/"take a taxi") opened the joint and the music store owner from whom i bought my first electric, his son is on it. plus "older" dudes from brockport that were in '60s garage bands! plus kids from my high school that attended watkins glen '73. a great lil nostalgia trip AND if you REALLY wanna see where all them Gizmos songs came from...."...

Wednesday March 18, 2015

Skull stopped off for coffee at Caffe Bella Vita, charles street to read more of GHOUL; a couple-a rock-n-roll references; first off, besides the black sabbath 1971 providence ri flashback scenes, everything happens in January '86 and the hopelessly obscure e.p, on ARF ARF with willie loco recorded march '86, MASS AVE. the killer was "listening to "midnight rambler" off the rolling stones "let it bleed" ALBUM"...again, a VINYL reference in a superb horror book; then, in Soho maybe (Thomas and Elizabeth Highland sailed London-NY 1845 and i aint been back since!), "outside a sex club" (paraphrasing) ""Hot Love" by T. Rex was pulsing"...seems i found a double a-side "hot love" promo in bloomington indiana back in '75, maybe, sent it to "jailbait janet's" boyfriend, who in 2011 had it on his JUKEBOX in his BASEMENT full of RECORDS....otherwise it was NCAA action on WEEI 850 AM, IU not in BUT let me tell YOU it's $89 to bloomington, so pledge to the Gizmos july 11 bloomington concert/reunion/recording! they DID mention on the page "Kenne pimps himself"; hey, if i don' do it, aint nobody else gonna and i aint got my bus money, i aint a-comin' and, like Tom Petty, "i wont back down"! (first heard by the Highland Brothers in colorado drivin' 'round mountains drinkin' Little Kings beer!) Never Surrender

"hoots, mon, looks like me facebook friend andy o' clan Fraser died, there also was a photo of him with Jack the Bruce, also took the low road back tae scoot-land. Free's Fire and Water and Goodbye Cream played muchly in those pre-1971 Stooges-lissenin' days and ole Andy been me friend since 2012! so, for those a-keepin' count (viglione?);the only living members of Free ended up in Bad Company...BUT Kosoff and Fraser jammin' on "Mr. Big" with the Gruberger Brothers and GG Allin with Mike Crowley going "woofty" and mark Giroux playing with his hair;rock-n-roll heaven and hell!!!!"...

"two punk rock films coming this week to somerville theater:

ida may: This Wednesday March 25th 8PM - Records Collecting Dust, a documentary with jello biafra and black flag dudes and their "holy grail" records;

item B: This Friday March 27th 7:30 PM salad days: the birth of hardcore punk in the nation's capitol; slickee boys are mentioned and i believe Patricia Ragan of punk magazine did an interview; should be good!"....

Thursday March 19, 2015

"great fun (for me!) with ""; printed out an 1890s Toronto wedding photo for Gee Julie of her great-great-grandmother and great-grandmother and siblings and what would be her grandmother's cuzzins; wicked rare as she had never seen her Cockney-born ancestors before! plus her great-mother's sister (even I am getting kenfused on this!) went BACK to england from canada and married a welshman (and some other cuzzin emigrated to New Zealand and "Victoria was our queen" b/w "Brainwashed", as all you Kinks fans know!). and since i am "wintering" in Newport for my birthday at the Francis Malbone house, let it be known that I AM eighth cuzzins to Francis Malbone Blodgett Jr. (died in wolfeboro, NH...yesss....) whom donated a portrait of the M are offering a vasectomy/March madness deal! you need to sit still on the coach for two days (ME?!?!?!? NEVER!!!!!) SO watching four games of NCAA college hoops; some clinics even throw in pizza! so, if like my bro Tom Highland sez "you wanna get your leg shortened"; "Time has Come Today"! (my quote).

Friday March 20, 2015

as i sat in City Feed, JP (First thursday and free music="Good Thing"!) sorting through the mail like I usedta due for Gulcher in '75; I had received a paperback (writer) Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin; it IS Cabaret! looked wicked awesome, (Sweat) leafing through it. On the Radio (Donna GAINES, she usedta sing gospel!): WRKO has a lotta adds for Right Turn and i hear the embarresment's drummer (that's Neats/embarresment october '82 inn square S&S deli!). at berklee performance center, it's the 27 club, those whom died of substance abuse, age 27, r.johnson/morrison/hendrix/joplin/cobain/weinhaus, all played by sober musicians; one of whom is Simon Kirke of Free! he also played the lilypad and i MISSED it! as one of the surviving members of Free, "that's Cool", but i, as advocate of der Teufel say take the WRONG turn (it's Mark Giroux approved!) and sing "i wanna die in a bathtub at the age of 27"".....

Saturday March 21, 2015

whilst reading GHOUL on train, was a reference to a scotland yard inspector watching a "programme" on the "telly" and the video was alice cooper "welcome to my nightmare"! no WONDER the Coop likes this book as does the author like the Coop! (SO many alice cooper references in what COULD be routine horror)...i remember early '75, up to my ass in brockport NY snow (kinda like Boston, "here, right now"("if you're willing to pay the price!")) and the Coop had that tv special etc., by may had moved to bloomington indiana which=the gizmos! SO, unless you LOST money bettin' on IU (and please, DO like "Indiana basketball" on facebook!), send that money to the Gizmos world tour GoFundMe page so i can "Get back to where i once belong""...

Sunday March 22, 2015

Every Day is a saturday: wall street journal this morning (WRKO!); some clinics are ofering a Vasectomy/March madness deal! you need to sit still on the coach for two days (ME?!?!?!? NEVER!!!!!) SO watching four games of NCAA college hoops;some clinics even throw in pizza! so,if like my bro Tom Highland sez "you wanna get your leg shortened";"Time has Come Today"! (my quote).THIS IS WHERE THE MARCH @#RD ENTRY CURRENTLY ENDS ON LINE - WE NEED TO ADD THIS: been ten years since i et at Moqueca (LIKE them on facebook),aweome Brasilian food,new location,but still on cambridge street. Blowfish had passed on a 20 pack of STRANGE TALES: caught two on DVD and quickie reviews: Alien Species (1996);Miss Lyn: "kenne,this movie is pretty bad" Me: "i like plan 9 the movie and plan 9 the band!". quote: "why do i feel like i'm in a bad episode of the X-Files"? The Sci-Fi Movie Page (LOVE them on facebook!) sez :"Avoid";me,as a fan of richard the raker,sez: WATCH IT!!!! it cant stink worse than the river thames with gee julie's ancestor navigating through that slop...also: The Amazing Transparent Man (july 1960,little Kenny Highland four year old and in NC,but dad never took me to THIS at the drive-in!) (in a 1960 chevy made in detroit car! let's turn back the clock!) did some wiki research and Marguerite Chapman (who gets SLAPPED in this b-movie) is VAVAVAVOOM!!! also check out highway 181 (classic country),online country stations are where it's at!".....albone brothers painted by gilbert stuart (yesss...) to the MFA (yessssssss.....)...."red neck/white trash/blue blood": a TRUE American, First! and Happy the Ken (versus Happy the man) that WEEI 850 AM is broadcasting all the NCAA basketball games and "like" Indiana basketball, though bets seem to be on kaintuck"...

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