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Monday, March 18, 2019

sunday 10 march 19 got news of Asa brebner; 40 years of tails but let's start at the beginning: Jon Richman in washington DC, he was on bass, Rudeaments opened (they were on Limp, Skip Groff also RIP) and during my dinner break at Harvard Business School Coop, I'd run into Jon and Asa in ye olde common market that my Puritan ancestors shopped in in the tails come to me, I'll write more....but Brattle theater had a double feature of BOTH Suspirias but after the 1977 original (RECOMMENDED by members of Do Not Forsake ME OH my darling, also independent filmakers) I only caught the '77 version (came out when music to kill by did). almost basically the Exorcist with "tubular bells" sounding soundtrack by Italian prog rock group Goblin (who ELSE names gentle giant/heads hands and feet as an influence?). I was inspired to write a "theme for an imaginary movie" as I ALWAYS am...more on that later two!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Monday 11 march 19 drummer Hal Blaine died and he had just friended me on facebook! just for the drum intro to "Be my baby" (which I stole for "mad at the world"!) was awesome enuff, also Mark Linsday
has a raiders fan page facebook since hal Blaine drummed on many Raiders hits! and the list DOES go of Wodin 13 March 19, listened to French Toast WMBR at 0700 "tonight at passim; Menage a trois" like them on facebook and group photo has Bertrand Laurent, Suzi Lee of Third estate (johnny and jumper cables opened for her in '89 edible rex in billerica) and Mark Chenevert (met him at a Dr black's Combo Easter party '86 next to Marty's Liquor, allston). basically french music mixed with New orleans and blues, bertrand on guitar, Suzi on squeezebox (I've jammed with her!) and mark on the ole licorice stick release party too! AND will have ALL the info and photos too!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Thor's day 14 march 19. attended Leon Rich's busker night and opened with jesse Fuller's "you're no good" THE last song i ever heard asa brebner play at "Tavern at the end of your career" (his joke, such a wit RIP).
followed by Son House "death letter blues" and another Delta finger pickin thang; just call me Spider John KEN-ner! taking the tube I ran into Tony Kacynski of Figures on a Beach and it was "RIP Asa" et al and how Tony had made all these musicals plans that will now not happen in This Mortal Coil (did Figures open for them?). I coulda sang the mamas and papas "free advice' b-side with "dont make it like that Harry Chapin song!" trivia winner (four times!) Tony reminded me it was "cats in the cradle" "we got to get together soon" et al but I know "death may be your santa claus" (Mott the Highland!) so CARPE DIEM, grab EVERY fucken gig you can coz as john cameron fogerty (George Noory's guest on Coast to coast AM) sang the once "tomorrow never comes" (replete with picture sleeve and draped Snoopy bust "

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Friday ides of march 2019. brattle theater double feature, A tribute to Michel Legrand, glad I have that membership! (brattle website more info). 730 Cleo from 5 to 7; Kenne gets woken up for snoring from 730-9 pm. BUT fucken Jean Luc-Godard (he made Alphaville, what the fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk)....VIVRE SA VIE. "Anna Karina plays a young woman dreams of becoming an actress but instead falls in prostitution". "I dont want vu to be un putan!" to French-ify les Gizmos. Both are 1962 movies, the fashions are tres chic. BUT my favourite part of movie is young lady working in a record shoppe and a customer has shiny hard cover extended play records in his hand ala UK Beatles e.p.s . Plus the racks of albums. A lot of that French musique I saw in les stores in Quebec on my second wedding anniversary. It only rained like a sumbitch that night, NO cabs, but i caught a bus but the Boston Groupie cats were scared shitless but the thunder!

Friday, March 22, 2019

saturday 16 march 19. brattle theater umbrellas of cherbourgh two pm til 330 pm; I've reviewed it before (Catherine Deneuve! Moi tete et tres grande!) but waiting for bus til mad Painter practice I learnt first five chords of "I will wait for you" and me bass, Flynn Young-drums and alex gitlin- HAMMOND organ worked on a vanilla Fudge version it ala the Fudge doing "windmills of my mind" (a b side!). This'll go along good with "the letter" and "rain park and other things" done Fudge style. But Friday 3 May 19, headlining C Note in Hull so see y'all there!"


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