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Monday, March 21, 2022

Kenne Page
"Sonntag 20 march 22. Mess Around at The Plough and Stars. Let me remember the highlights: TRUST me when I say the Kenne Highland Air Force set had same 1976 enrgy as those 1976 Gizmos rehearsals on bandCamp! Justine's Black Threads did an Everly Brothers tri-fecta, Tom Baker joined Justine and Jay Allen for Vanity Fair's "Hitchin' a ride" (a 1970 hit!),Jen D'Angora did solo electric with her daughter (a REAL Kid!) singing harmony and singing damn good too like ma! Captain Easychord had the Plough full of "veteran" (Alta kaka!) Rockers singing along with "My Blind Shrink" and let me list The Band; besides I and I,mon, Larry Newman (bass) and Al Hendry (djembe or such), Captain Easychord on keyboards and John Keegan-sax (THREE BGN fanzine writers....hmm...1976...same with Gizmos, Gulcher editor was a Scorpio....hmmm...."there are no coinciendences"-George Noory!) and last but not least my old Saturday 13 sept 80 Boston College buddy on guitar Shel Pierce of The Runes; we went down memory lane, dead Boston rockers/clubs/bands etc. So with two guitars/bass/drums (Bobby) Keyes/ piano "that's cool" sounded like the Ya's ya's Stones playing the Stooges "Rich Bitch'; my 1972 dream band! Iggy fronting the Stones! Ok I did it! Engine judy of Crow Follow made a vid of me singing "God don't want me in heaven (an' de debbil don't want me in hell)" where they bury me face down, I get kicked out of debbil hole, end up in Austrailia with the tazmanaian Devil and the gecko from the Geico commercial! "Ken highland's 113th Dream"...…


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Kenne at Large
"Dienstag 22 march 22. 0400; Coast to Coast AM bumper music: Hendrix's "Purple haze" blaring in MONO! 0600. WMBR If six was Nine show, Rik Biskit Roth played some NRBQ. Coffee number one of day and it was Flashback "My Head's In '73"! SUNY Brockport NY, October '73, I saw John Mayall and NRBQ whom were ridin' high with "get that gasoline" ( I was working also at Brockport High radio station so filing records probably "took" (my Knotts ancestor was a jewel thief transported to the Virginia colony) a radio promo copy; bob Bittner was our school mentor (El Duce?) managing WADD-AM, Brockport NY radio. Same month I saw NRBQ in Rochester NY was NY Dolls/Mott the Hoople/Aerosmith; in attendance was Gregory Prevost (Distorted levels) and Lydia Koch (Teenage Gizmo and the Jerks); since 1973, this unholy trio HAS made some records, just like NRB!, but not sounding like them OR Them!"......


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Kenne At LargeJohn Boucher
"Dienstag 22 march 22. john Travolta/ Nicholas Cage Somerville Thee-ate-er double feature. Tonight was Urban Cowboy, released 6 june 80; I already had Johnny black and Pete Lost answering my Phoneix ad to form a Boston band so I had BETTER things to do than watch this movie; 42 years later...."I like it! I like one bit!" (that's what RIP John Boucher, Pee-Cocks bassist used to say!). Gilley's is a roadhouse like that Swazye movie Roadhouse (one dollar rental at videosmith in 1990s getting a "Golden Turkey" despite Jeff Healy music!); ditto this! Mickey Gilley is not only great but since his mama was a Lewis, he's Jerry lee's cuzzin! (Jimmy Swaggart too!). gee Julie: "is that Bonnie Raitt?" me geeking out on credits as they rollin' (on the river?): "yes!". Charlie daniels also damn good: his bio say he played Camp Lejeune North Carolina entertaining the Marines; my Dad there 1958-1963; who knows? Humour: Travolta's character marries Deborah Winger's character and he carries her 'cross the threshold of: a double wide trailer! Mah last cuzin/wife were still in Keene New Hampshire high school when this movie came out, though in the '90s she DID see the trailer ah lived in as a baby in 1956 Virginny."......


Thursday, March 24, 2022

Rich Pontius!!
Thor's day 24 March 22. WMBR 0600, Pontoon palace and it was TWO hours of FUNK STARTING with James Brown "Hot pants"! Go on WMBR archives and trackblaster to hear all these wondrous old-skool jams about HOT PANTS BUT, coffee number one had me googling: Bob Both engineered the Korps Hello World album in 1978 BUT, between discogs and his facebook etc, he WAS asked to engineer TWELVE James Brown albums on Polydor PLUS worked James on In Concert AND Zaire; worked with James til '77 (Ken Kaiser recorded "Wild Mouse" with him on Mother's day; AFTER James brown?!?!) AND even in 1978 MOTOWN offered him a job but he wanted to do Twain Recording and he DID record my distant cuzzin martha Hull (my great-great-grandmother Highland descends from that Connecticut Yankee naomi Hull) SO Bob has engineered James/Ken/Kenne and martha! Good God!! James Brown at 0600 will wake ANYBODY the fug up..kinda like blasting Ken Kaiser with Blue Cheer at same hour; "My dark Hour"- Steve Miller when him and Paul mCartney were GOOD!!".....


Friday, March 25, 2022

Kenne at Large
"O. rextasy cartoonist Carl Biancucci informs me that Neuvo catecismo catolico (punk band from Spain, like on facebook!) in 2021, covered the Gizmos "Kiss of a Rat". A iittle google AND it's a b-side! (like O. rex "califawnia Gurls"!)It's on their 45 Krazy Kids (Bandcamp). a minute and twenty-five which beats the gizmos 58 second version. Version IS on YouTube, and for a song I wrote when 17, what a GREAT age '66 FELICE anos presente! Muchas "don't step on the GRACIAS, Samuelita!"".....

Editor's note: Swedish band Sator also covered Kiss of the Rat. Their version is a whole 1 minute and 49 seconds!! It's on their LP Barbie-Q-Killers from 1994 (Bandcamp) and here's is a video of them doing Kiss of the Rat live!! 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Kenne at Large
"Freitag 25 march 22. Another fun mad painter practice. Schmel herbie hind (guitar) DID comment that gee Julie's vocals 'sounded like Janis Joplin....sound more pissed off"....she really WAS projecting well over our Stormbringing Wall of Sound; I guess singing along with that Judas Priest cd helped! "paintermania in mexico": (Mad painter page): MorteMagazine Mx ; like them on Facebook! seems a lot of countries that are not Amerika,First are diggin' the sounds and So shall you when mad painter plays Freitag 6 May 22 in Natick with a Hendrix cover band. Lastly, to perpetuate age 66 elder abuse, mad painter goes in studio with Russian- American chanetuese cabaret singer Vlada brofman; gonna be a coffee- drinkin' weekend!"..... Write to Kenneth Highland


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