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Monday, March 22, 2021

Saturday 20 march 21. On Saturday 20 March 76 I brought in an octet and recorded "That's Cool (I respect You More)"...GIZstory repeats itself with Thomas the Engineer (a high school senior in Cleveland then versus Bloomington Indiana) as micelf and Lt. Larry Newman USMC (bass) and Al Hendry (drums) laid down a rhythm medley of "that's cool" interlaced with Humble Pie's "30 Days in the Hole" (Gee Julie hit those notes I could only hit on "Kilebasa"; chicken covers egg!) PLUS: "Funk 49"! Captain easychords hit Meters "Sissy Strut' chords. Next up was "Alien Abduction Day", a series of fourth slightly reminiscent of that Guess Who b-side "It's My Pride"; Al Hendry WAS Expierienced coz I said "play as much like Mitch Mitchell in this song" which was like giving Jay gruberger carte blanche to play like jack Bruce. Again the Lieutenant declared "this sounds like one of those later Hendrix toons like "Dolly Dagger"" (b/w "star spangled banner" 45!) but admission: after me and jay from red House were in the Middle east dining room singing "Dolly Dagger" whilst Lyres played upstairs; in honour of Ronnie Scott, I was channeling the red House band of Gypsies! BUT, with my Doors of perception off their hinges, captain Easychord did a Doors "unhappy Girl" melody on keys (so says Schmel Herbie Hind) and Lt. Newman of Ann Arbor Groupie News declared John Keegan's sax to be like Destroy All Monsters! (again, we secretly wanted to be Reptilians From Andromeda"!). lastly Lt. Newman guided Kenne's Air Force like Pappy "Baa Baa" Boyington's Black Sheep squadron through Asa brebner's "I'm in Love" for next Asa tribute. Schmel herbie Hind on guitar, larry-bass, Al-drums, Gee Julie and larry-background vocals, Captain-keys, Keegan-sax AND, like when I drove the marine guard van over the curb at Ft Meade Maryland back in '78, I was given A DIRECT ORDER to sing like......JIMMMMM DANNDDDYYYY!!!! Mach Bell may declare "this I aint nevah hoid!" cant wait for the reviews on that....."unless Jim Dandy turns into a demented bullfrog"_- Metal Mike Saunders, Rolling Stone 1972 reviewing If an angel came to see you would you make her feel as home?".....

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Monntag 22 March 21. After dining on "liver of onions" at Casa Portugal, Cambridge, Mass. and drinking coffee, eating olives and playing with my two-years-to-pay-off Apple phone and facebook; in my newsfeed comes a 1995 youtube of Destroy All Monsters/Dark Carnival doing "Best friend'. (Here's the video) Let me AGAIN give a shoutout to Whatwave DAve, London, Ontario, Canada for actually TALKING with Ron Asheton Stooges 1999 (hope I quote this right) on finding a song on a mixtape and "not knowing who did it"; that being Hopelesly Obscure "She's My best bette" on Nobody Gets on the Guest List. Didn't want to offend any Portuguese patrons so I kept the volume low but I was "Happier than a Porpoise Mouth' watching Ron Asheton of the Stooges play Miguel D'Amour's 13 feb 83 solo! Johnny and Jumper Cables had opened for Scott morgan of rationels Green Street Station may (?) 1988 and drummer was my (RIP) facebook friend Scott Asheton (Stooges) whom got an autographed cables 45 where I drunkenly signed "I am the next Iggy Pop". Ok, so Dark Carnival ARE doing the riff I stole from Plan Nine's version of "Crackin Up" by the Wig using MARSHALLS (Iggy in 1996 also used Marshalls giving it a Jumper Cables sound; they all stole from Little Richard whoo!!!!). The Moving Sidewalks "99th Floor" intro I did (Gibson Melody maker through Pignose amp) was in absentia, day-glo. So what is da moddafockin ballz is Niagra Detroit changing my lyrics (like my distant cuzzin Brian Wilson did to "sweet lil 16",C. berry) from "she's my best bette" to "my best friend"?? (so you dont get royalties??-ed) Otherwise I swore I was watching Istanbul's only Reptilians From Andromeda! (Aybike celik Ozbey "liked" this but this would be akin to Janis listening to Lorraine Ellison). This SEVEN minute song has the jam between Asheton Brothers and friends that I wish I'd done. To KENclude; BEST birthday present I got all year to finally hear this and ramking of Kenne kovers: Slickee Boys' "Jailbait Janet", Plan Nine "Rain of Death", Broken Jug "Rain of Death" also (ok! I peaked Saturday 4 Dec 82!) and to complete the Michigan double-header: Cub Koda doing "that's cool' with JB Hutto's rhythm section and Silvetone Steve! Simutaneously listening to "Best Friend" AND WEEI 850 AM March madness and Wolverines (ANN ARBOR!) simultaneously kicked out the jams,so final score: Wolverines/Dark Carnival SLAMDUNK and a hattrick for Whatwave Dave! (gotta make a hockey reference for them Canadians! Does this like R. Meltzer/ Then I need a bromo seltzer!"..

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

"Saturday 20 March 21. As he drove to yet ANOTHER Kenne session (beats the hell out of Parris island in the summer: "welcome to hell ladies!"), Lt. larry Newman DID hear Brian Young play my "Arguing with Ghosts" on Crash Course For the ravers. Thank you Brian for airplay and Larry said "I heard your Arabic guitar in there"; close but no spliff, mon! Summer 1965 Dad's mother (my seventh cousin since BOTH my parents descend from John Spencer of East Greenwich Rhode Highland) bought "Me and My Brother" ("Kenneth! It's my brother and I"-Ma, whom might well be my eighth cuzzin once removed!) got a lil transistor radio and my mind was blown by Jeff Beck's intro to "heart Full of SOUL" PLUS dad had been in Turkey on a Med cruise. May or so 1975 (documented in Gulcher #0 maybe) I interview M. Jacques Tobaly of Les variations as they opened for Aeroshit and Wet Willie in Indy. NEVER gonna forget that pentatonic solo he did during "Berberian Wood" which left one Hysterical Hoosier hollerin' "boogie them strings!" ("stoned out looks from the crowd!"). AND my OTHER secret is WNTN 1550 AM Grecian Echoes (on Facebook!) and watching lotsa bouzouki etc at Greek picnics (WILL they come back? I miss those $20 Mediteraean plates!). So Arabia, Near East, Far East, "far down...far around"...John Sebastion trippin' ballz at Bethel NY is more like it!"......

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Monday 22 March 21. 0300 or so. George Knapp was the host on Coast to Coast AM for Kingman UFO Crash/ET Life: A Zoology Perspective but what "really Got Me" was the bumper music! "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, 2013. A lil research finds that he's Timbaland's cuzzin plus Wikipedia et al categorise him as "soul/neo-soul/faux-Motown" BUT Ida may: it DID sound real and item Bee: the so-called critics are claiming he echoes Curtis Mayfield. THAT is what kept me awake at zero dark thirty and forget Motown: CHI-town! I had a cassette the once of a buncha rare Chicago soul 45s; some great stuff outta that Windy City! So mark me as fan of Pharrell Wiliiams/ Hank Williams and Pharrell Katz!". (Just saw an awesome Skip Gates Finding Your Roots with Pharrell Williams. He got so upset they had to stop the taping and come back later. Can you blame him???-ed)

Friday, March 26, 2021

"day of Thor 25 march 21. Cruising on youtube during dinner (TWO PM!) and found blaxplotatin film Lady Cocoa, December 1975 (met Ted Niemiec 5 dec 75; "Refrigerator Rappin'" with Rich Coffee 31 Dec 75!). Starring Sammy Davis Jr protégé Lola Falana whom sings a latin-tinged "Pop Goes the Weasal" in credits. Her dad was Afro-Cuban and this may be how I cateogrise the music of Luchi de Jesus. a lil research on this "b-movie composer" is quite impressive! TV (eye): Ironside/mannix and Gunsmoke! Blaxplotation; Black belt Jones and Friday Foster! (no relation to Nancy "New Age" Foster who is also equally badass!). recorded with dennis Coffey (no kin to Rich!) whom did all that psyedelic guitar on those Temptations 45s I love plus had a hit "Scorpio" (birthday: 11 November! That's 11-11!). last word on Luchi De Jesus: his "Gamma Alegre" record selling for $100! Now THAT is Hopelessly Obscure!".....

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Friday 26 march 21. to conclude the week, Aybike Celik Ozbey and Tolga Ozbey did an interview of Reptialians Von Amdromeda in my facebook friend Raphael Lucas fanzine TRUST (liebe it on facebook!). Asked about favourite bands et al (my college german translated); Ayebike; "Ich liebe the Slits und Blondie...the Gizmos, the Stooges"...To quote Destroy All Monsters/Dark Carnival; "Best friend"! Mad painter practice tonight, 65 on Good Friday; The ken remains the Same!"....


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