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Monday, March 23 2020

Sonntag 22 March 20. Turner classic movies. 0600--0800. A Tale of Two Cities (1935; black and white!) My parent/cuzzins were infants then. wikpedia: 'set in London and Paris, 1775-1792". my Quebecois and Huguenot ancestors had already left France two Louis's before, so no French Revolution BUT my great-great-great-immigrant grandfather Thomas Highland; his father Peter born in 1780s, near Ashford Kent. movie opens 1775, road from London to Dover which kinda passes by there. So all "agricultural labourer" extras in movie COULD be my Highland/Hyland ancestors! rest of movie was just plain fantastic and 1859 publishing means: Thomas and Elizabeth Highland sailed London to New York arriving "no occupation", but 1850, farming in South Lyon, Michigan and the two Highland boys that survived and had descendants, they born in 1850s. Only their father, ole Tom Highland "signed his 1839 marriage certificate with an X; his wife taught him how to read and write'....maybe she read Dickens to him after a hard day farming AND, with cow pies a-bundling; dealin' with bullshit every day! (cf. Mothers of Invention "trouble every day"!)".....

Tuesday, March 24 2020

Sona Deal
Montag 23 march 20. Miss Lyn walked past La Internacional Foods Corporation (grocery store 318 somerville ave across from sally o' brien and OPEN!! support them!) and saw FREE latin music so since record stores are "unnecessary", Kenne Highlando can review some excellente musicia! Sonora Ideal had a cd of Con Sabor Sensacional. They're basically a marimba band from gautemala and the cd has bright fruit-flavour colours; I spent a "Sunny Afternoon" b/w "In My Room" eating takeout from Macchu chicken (Peru!) listening to this 2018 cd; almost reggae-type horns but what is da fuggin' huevos (Schmel herbie Culo! JETSET!) is: "Mary La Orgullosa" which is John Cameron Fogarty's "Proud mary' sung in espanol....This is the huevos rancheros and I still have MORE Latin music to grok! (Stranger in a strange land/sci-fi reference....there's Willie Loco and Mui Loco!!!!)".....

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Til Tuesday 24 march 20. More of the Miss Lyn Latin tapes. STILL sealed cassettes!: $8.00. then $7.00. Por moi: gratis! Merenbooty Girls. Merenbooty Mix. fabuloso! Discogs> artist> 213850 - merenbooty "Miami-based all girl group that fuses disco and merengue into a dance mix'. Cue up "you cant sit down"! (The Dovells, i think, Blowfish WOULD know!) four singles and e.p.s 1996-1997 (same as Goody Goody Gumdrops!) and one 1997 album on Epic. The 1996 cassette I own (the mui linda Linda gave me a birthday present that is the fa kin' huevos!) says: "genre: electronic, Latin, pop". style: "house,latin, disco". medley Uno: "I will survive" (Yo Vivire"), "total eclipse of the heart' (eclipse total Del Amor), "ring my bell' (danced to this at the enlisted club in Charleston SC, me-n-the bruthas gettin' done! "Dr. Funk' (self-samed by me to marines of colour coz I LOVED George Clinton!!) "I dont know WHAT the fuck you were doin' on the dance floor out there!"; two years later, 25 walbridge street, allston,mass. dancin' BETTER than James Brown to my HOT PANTS 8-track!) and "celebration" (celebremos). medley dos: (RADIO EDIT): ymca/MCArthur Park/Funkytoen/ Last dance....yes this WAS 1979 L/Cpl KE Highland guarding your country!. Medley Dos: (dont ask why it counted twice): turn the beat around/funkytown/YMCA/macarthur park. There's five of 'em like the Spice Girls and they're all dressed alike like madonna's s and m period. I found one singer on Twitter: "former singer....lover of Jesus Christ'.....sounds like a madonna/'ho complex.....this was THE best way to spend Sunday in lockdown in my haunted room!".....

Thursday, March 26, 2020

day of Wodin 25 march 20. Aybike Celik Ozbey (Marina Poison) sarkici- srki yazan at reptilians from andromeda turnt me onto 60s singer Debbie Burton. wikipedia proves I HAVE heard her! 1962 she sang a duet with Bette davis on "whatever happened to baby jane" which is on youtube. Aybike (living as a punk in Istanbul one MUST have a cat tattooed on arm!) put up Debbie's 1964's "The Next Day" from youtube showing that wonderful orange/yellow Beatles Capital label ("Help"/"Yesterday" era label); I played it and it's Leslie Gore on steroids! on a 2004 comp Girls Go Zonk: US Beat Chicks and Harmony Honeys, lotsa good gurl groups on it. (and it's wicked rare!! $975.00 on Amazon!) Song co-written by Perry Botkin Jr. (he did string arrangements on my Harpers Bizarre albums, I had four back in the '60s, pre- Funhouse) AND: NILSSON SCHMILLSON! Followed by a 1966 Capital 45 "Baby it's over" written by Schmilsson and produced by Botkin. There's a sax solo that sounds like John Keegan on a Leslie Gore 45 on stereoids! Since I know TWO words of Turkish evet! das ist gut turta musik! (mixed with German, that's "yes! that is good pie music" meaning a tasty musical dessert! Check out Debbie Burton for certain!".....

(adendum). "Aybike Celik Ozbey, Istanbul Groupie News and "stray cat blues", re: Debbie Burton "The Next Day". "I found it today. i really love the song and sounds like the shrangi-Las ("the girls got rhythm" and good taste!-me). and the story is every girl's story. am i right?" teen drama going for the "sensitive' guy....ya gotta hear it! (me) TWO Gizmos fans TWO continents cant be all wrong can they?".....

Friday, March 27, 2020

"Freitag 27 march 20. checked my post office box and "a small package of value will come to you shortly" (Jefferson Airplane/ After Bathing at Baxter's, an album i still LOVE!) from Harry Vee, der sanger von der Broken Jug mit "rain of death" (youtube). Ich hast neiner geldt von der musik BUT mit mein birthday 2 april 20, next day of THOR, getting two books and a buncha 45s ist wunderbar! Danke to Harry Vee und "Merry Christmas, mein friend"!".......

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Bev hills
"Freitag 27 march 20 three pm in states. BBC radio Ulster. belfast is shelter-in-place; dad's stepfather born Belfast 1902, in Detroit 1920 and as I regret NOT asking questions about the Titanic and world war one, sounds like shit is worse. So they had the "shelter-in-place" RAVE! rave music is basically disco played at 78 on steroids melodic vocals; I liked what I heard! (Ken Highland: rave fan!). Undertones bassist "classic punk" show follows. Then 0330 Coast to Coast AM, I'm thinking about my grandfsther's Belfast and lo and behold! Van Morrison as bumper music! (one of the '70s hits)...lastly WPAQ mount airy NC, 86 degrees saturday 28 march 20 140 pm!) has Joe Bussard playing his ole about the Carter Family from 1929 on 78 rpm! hard Times then, hard tymes now.....thank God the Beverly Hillbillies on 0600 Me TV!".


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