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Monday, March 25, 2019

sunday 17 march 19, saint patrick's day. i opted to go to brattle theater, use my membership and catch the Thomas Crown Affair! splendid movie, shots of Dirty old Boston (website) were superb, Beacon Hill looks the same. Because of Michel leGrande salute, let's notice "windmills of your mind" in the movie. and why am I in mad Painter? answer from wikipedia, re "windmills of mind' ("twin cities of the...."?) covered by "Vanilla Fudge on their album Rock and Roll (1969); b-side of single release "Lord in the Country". I am facebook friends with all four Vanilla Fudge for Mad Painter to do long drawn out covers like the Tetragammen" a label deep purple was on in '68 or so.


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"monday 18 march 19. WMFO, like 0600 or some ungodly hour, drinking coffee "In my room" in my scifi marathon mug; I THINK it was Robin lane's "when things go wrong",0600, coffee, tribute to Asa Brebner, then a bunch of local power pop like muck and the mires etc BUT liking something new that sounds old was Brad Marino and a song about a gurlfriend like a "broken record" and it even has the needle stuck and surface noise! Need to investigate this dude!"

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Til tuesday 19 march 19 0600 guzzling coffee in sci-fi marathon mug and If Six was nine wmbr basically played an hour of Asa Brebner "who died last week of a heart attack" it happened i was RAVING about the songs played on my Facebook wall but suffice to say his musical legacy shall live but like the ole country toon "who's a-gonna fill their shoes" who WILL sing WHAT at that Regent Thee-ate-er thang on JUne 9th 3PM?.....Asa was very alive and me watching him live when i heard studio versions of "babes in the bar" and "jack's on drugs"....GREAT music/sad loss and it was all in my newsfeed, Asa was dead.".....


Thursday, March 28, 2019

dick dale died saturday 16 march and andre williams died saint patricks day. quick remembrance on both: I had surfin USA beach boys (my cuzzins!) album and age 15, 1971 Carl Wilson was one of my favourite guitarists but facebook friend Al Jardine even admitted they loved Dick Dale, so my favouite instrumentals on said Wilson brothers ALBUM was "miserlou" and "let's go trippin" (being 1971, I thought it was about Lucy in the sky with diamonds!). after a 2002 (?) AA meeting i went to Middle eEast with a deceased "Scorpio Queen" and who was waitin' in line but Robert Plant! So now I have lived coz I can say ole Percy (in town for gig) went to see Dick Dale. Surf in peace, bro "aint that bitchen enuff"! as for Andre Williams, O. Rex interviewed Cub Koda in New netherlands and at "0300 or nearer" he demonstrated to me Andre Williams singing "Jailbait"; the next month I rang up Hound Dog Taylor and two years later STOLE FROM LIL RICHARD about a gurl name Janet! The Gruberger Brothers,Max Koda's son (25% of a minion) and Andre Williams now performing "Jailbait"!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Kenney Jones book; Let The Good Times Roll - drummed with Small Faces/Faces/Who....that's enuff rock geekage there! Somerville theater matinee of Captive State; an alien's took over Chicago futuristic/Armageddon movie with Rosanne's husband as a cop; again Bladerunners/Mad maxers, you'll dig this. Mad Painter practice with the Fab Four (me on bass/alex gitlin-keyboards/Long Island Paul on guitar and Flynn Young on drums!). This "Purple-ishly Heep" combo playing Hull friday 3 may 19, C Note. But in the meantime Flynn Young dressed up to go to a karaoke party. and on youtube album jam about Putin's double! (just a jam and free styling words my kinda music). Let me run down my week in advance: monday-practice with cal cali; Tuesday (April 2) my birthday....well Tsunami of Sound at O'Briens! but who knows Coz: day of Wodin: practice with club linehan-a-go-go; Thor's Day: Cal Cali practice! Frigga 5 april 19: club linehan and Butterscott at cantab (coz is Jon Butterscott birthday!); Saturn: Mad Painter practice and Sonntag: tavern at the end of your career (world), me and frank Rowe country-blues jam 4-6 pm Frank bringing his resonator AND banjo! The Regressive Blues Expirement! next week's column i'll be "just 63 and ah don mind dyin/who do you love/who do you hoodoo!")"


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