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Monday March 28, 2016

"EASTER EVERYWHERE, so Ken and Gee Julie walk past a CARDINAL and a ROBIN (cue up chaz parker's "ornithology"!), walk to MFA for Turkish film festival 3 pm and UNTIL I LOSE MY BREATH.

Gee Julie and I did siskel and ebert after the film, so OUR o-pin-yun: "depressing, without a man in patriarchal Mediterranean society, you're pretty well FUCKED, Julie quote: "she's like MOLL FLANDERS doin' what she has to do to survive".

ok, now my o-pin-yun, or the tale: Patti Smith/Chris Brood doppelganger works in a sweatshoppe in "Constantinople", lives with sister and abusive husband, ma dead and father is a smuggler truck driver into Deutschland. young gurl saves dough to try to get her a father to settle down, but he keeps evading her; rejected, she dimes him out on smugglin'. fight with asshole brother-in-law, she splits, sleeps in round house of shoppe; she'd also ran away from an orphanage (this is getting Dickensian), meets a fellow orphan at sweatshoppe and THAT young gurl starts "bustin' moves" over TURKISH HIP-HOP!!! collect those records NOW!! one more "bright spot" is young gurl fancies a delivery guy ("he'd look better if his beard were longer"; dang! ah'd be a SEX SYMBOL in Turkey and with my 3% DNA, I'd end up marryin' mah CUZZIN!!!!); he tries to seduce her, takes her out to a disco where I hear a techno riff from "amerika First" (can I sue? or sing "Istanbul First"!?), then she robs him whilst he passes out drunk...cliffhanger ending, where she's got dough, "by any means necessary", but what WILL her future be? after that Easter dinner at an advertiser of Turkish film festival, Brookline family restaurant, 305 Washington street, we had a FEAST and Turkish coffee!!! such a Turk day and Gee Julie spending Easter with this turkey! (me!); though we DID run into a Mayflower descendant besides micelf".....

Tuesday March 29, 2016

on youtube: the Turksplotation of STAR WARS! favourable comments on my wall (like Blue Cheer's "feathers from your tree"!) are from Jay Dobis (turnt Jon Richman onto the Velvet Underground!); Jordan TRANSPLANT Kratz and Butch Reed of PLUTO, who was the "Pete Best of the Fools". Jay is currently in Constantinople, releasing Turkish psychedelic (!) and sez "releases coming to US of Turksplotation soon on Blue Ray!" Party and watch this shit! makes Ed Wood look like Cecil B.....DEMENTED!

in the world of supernatural: thought I saw a black cat in Gee Julie's headlights whilst parked, but looked...AND NO SIGN OF ANY CRITTER!!!! COAST TO COAST AM 0300 said Jack Ruby DID have Mob ties, like them on facebook, this'un was gittin' GOOD and for the THIRD tyme something has gripped my right Gene Vincent leg but the third tyme, Ken Highland's 113th Dream saw.....OTHELLO!!!! that's cool, I respect that Moor, since 13% of my dad's Y-DNA is southern European/Mid-east, i reckon that eighth is all in my bad leg (?!)...Melungen comes from "melon-cun" means "acursed soul", Turkish sailors as galley slaves (was Othello trying to free me or imprison me?), ended up in virginny colony...sadly, 300 years before Turksplotation films! Grok On!".....

"spacemen from Mars- emperor napoleon, that's Cecil Napoleon: "you got a mention in the liner notes; thanks for being an influence on my career!" I am Son House to his Greg Prevost!"

Wednesday March 30, 2016

Iatanbul film
"youtube has Istanbul 79-Turk film, VERY 1979-lookin' (the year I saw Midnight Express, probably Charleston SC, livin' in a trailer)....Jay Dobis had some facts coz I liked some klezmer meets rebetica music in a bar that looked like jacques: "it was probably "light fasil: (pop classical) in a GAZINOS (semi-sleazy bar)" replete with blonde b-gurl with big schnozz who would kinda be kensidered "hot". Jay, on my wall, also posted All Kindsa Turk rock (since he lives in Constantinople) that = Rockin' In Athens!

other "news" items: a great Hopelessly Obscure practice last night, Ken Kaiser tightening up arrangements and Mike Quirk hitting Mission of Burma chords on bass, birthday set list quite excellent; thank ewe gents! better a birthday than a Joe Coughlin/Ken Highland memorial. MTA "Take me back 'ome" and jim bohannon show (WRKO) had a feller talkin' 'bout a new George Jones book; THE GRAND TOUR COULD be the title; hearin' George on an AM transistor cheered me up plus his tales of drunkenness, his WIVES and "when he got out of the marines"; SEMPER FI GEORGE JONES!

coast to coast AM: "planet X is NOT going to crash into us"...DO I hear a song? "she came from planet X/she didn't want sex/I drove a Plymouth satellite"...Ken Kaiser take note! Martha Hull's new band played down Maryland the weekend , she did "put a bullet through the jukebox", dedicated to me, her cuzzin and BBQ Ribs wuz there; Kaiser said "they were all happy, just that you EXIST coz that's what you do"...and AJ Wachtel on my wall posted a tartan by a rabbi for Scottish Jews; should I show him my DNA test?"...

Jewish Tartan

"my cuzzin Martha Hull, on Saturday 2 april 16, will be playing my records at Vinyl Acres (here's the video!) , owned by her husband whom you can watch in GRIN drumming on Midnight Special ("I was replaced by aynsly dunbar"..."the bassist from vanilla fudge came to see us a few tymes"...Bob Berberich's rock TALES!!!!)...why is Martha playing my records in Frederick, Maryland on my birthday..."Because I Exist", new Highland/Kaiser toon in B, c. Gizmo music 2016, Hello Universe, Gulcher!"...

Thursday , March 31, 2016

Martin Huke

I heard the news today oh boy....Gee Julie called said Morgan Huke died today....He dj'ed at you know how many records are still there in the HALLS!!!!" Morgan was in a facility in Gloucester, gonna be buried too, those mofos wouldn't let me and/or the Count play unplugged for a former Byrds soundman who had dementia!!!! SHOULDA just done a Where Eagles Dare mission (guitar instead of gun; I'm closer to Ted Niemiec than Ted Nugent!), "still I'm sad", my final conversation WAS that he remembered the Gizmos, but it was a struggling "yes"...

BUT on a happier note: club linehan-a-go-go practice was a cigar-smoke filled, wrasslin' quotin' fun tyme with MJ Quirk and his boyhood Southie chums, Joe Quinn/Kevin Linehan (bass/drums); I'm the last to join= Ringo- schnozz; John Keegan adds colour like Billy Preston! so let's focus on two "new toons": learnt the Heartbreakers cover playin' along with LAMF in mah Charleston, SC trailer (RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP on ted turner cable!) back in '79 and c/o Billy and Miriam of Norton "world's greatest sinner" wrote by frank zappa '62. Not to pat micelf on the back, but told MJ Quirk I lissened on youtube, had NEVER played it before BUT we fucken sounded like Sonic's rendezvous band with my "sister ann" -cum-"baby wont ya" licks! even the Chuck Berry/Stones stuff, I SWEAR Mr. Patti Smith (born Leet, WV 1949!) is in the fuggin' room...even John Keegan KNOWS I am "channeling the spirit of sonic smith/rob tyner"....but how can a medium be an extra-large? Ken Kaiser needs to lissen to Journey to the Twin Cities of Your Mind (Mainstream, amboy dukes) and "why is a carrot more orange than an orange""....

Friday , April 1, 2016

Wendfy O Williams

"Wendy O. Williams, from Webster NY (Rochester suburb) to be inducted into Rochester NY hall of fame!!!! SO happy, post-humous, for her....she and I at Rat October '78 Plasmatics/DMZ and she chainsawed the guitar in half and it hung by Granny's soundboard forever...I'd only left Brockport NY 3 years before! sadly, we never talked, though her and Miss Lyn "rapped" in ladies room....

FUTURE/NOW: 0400 Ken and Gee Julie lissenin' to coast to coast AM, linda moulton howe IS on facebook and her latest is androids ARE among us (hey, Darryl Hannah in bladerunner b. 14 feb 16!) and "Zeus and the Titans were fightin' over somethin'"; Gee Julie DID laff when she declared that the Greek gods were extra-terestial! to quote Gee Julie when I declare MICELF a Greek god: "ZEUS ON THE LOOSE"!! TOGA PARTY tyme!"....

"39 years ago: Gizmos at Monroe county public library, bloomington, indiana fri/sat 8/9 april 77, MX-80 openin', buy the cd of 9 april and hear John Cougar say: "and here they are....PFC KEN HIGHLAND!" doin' records on leave, just like Elvis!"...

"thanks in advance to all whom played BOTH days my birthday and next year 2 april 17 is a sunday; but to quote an Aries whom sang in Left Banke/Chain Reaction: "I cant say baby where i'll be in a year!"....

"lastly, coz my dad's from Detroit as was that Barrett Strong 45 ("MONEY"), any bidders on Bowie exhibit in Chicago '14 ticket, autographed by me+-?"....

"friend ROCKY WARD on Facebook, the Midway pug!!"...

Rocky Ward


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