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Monday, March 28, 2022

"Sonntag 27 March 22. My only day off; let's review the Asa I Am Not Gone volume two cd! track 10: "Swim". Rob Scott on guitar and vocal, Larry Newman of nikki and the Corvettes on bass
and vocal and Joe Donnelly on drums. Joe's story: Wicked Local. Joe graduated Walpole, mass. high in 1975; IF he'd graduated Highland Indiana High like Jerry McGeorge, my facebook friend and rhythm guitar player for the Shadows of Knight (and "a neatnik"!) did in 1963, he;d-a been in the Gizmos! But, in this interview, the stories of Jonathan Swift's ("Dead Boston Clubs"!) is worth it and playing with Asa brebner's Idle Hands and the Swinging Steaks certainly Pence's anything I ever did (I coulda said Trump but Pence DOES descend from a AnaBaptist whom left Switzerland for Wingen, Alsace Lorraine named frey but NO kin to Glenn Frey whom sang on bob Seger's "Ramblin' Gamblin' man")….musically it's Exile on main Street ala "Happy", I REALLY like the guitar and bluesy/slurry Tres Hombres/ ZZ Beard vocals, of course, And it goes from a I to a IV like "Street Fighting Man', then rides on the V..again more great stuff, buy a copy this cd, money goes to Asa's kids".....


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

"Monntag 28 March 22. Hard Day's Night 730 pm Somerville thee-ate-er ten dollar senior discount. Gee Julie was singing along with every song; in last couple years bought a mono United Artists soundtrack at Somerville Grooves BUT Miss Lyn had a copy in '77 and "interviewing' her after the movie: "I saw that movie when it came out!" (I was a year late watching Help; Miss Lyn being cooler'n me; in 1964 I was pretending it was 1864 when I lived in manassas Virginny). So a few "new" musical notices: Ringo "frugging' away to "I wanna be your man" and "don't bother me" off Meet the Beatles plus a live performance of "she loves you"; Ma and my brother heard that on the way to kindergarten in Virginny in late '64. Also noticing what a great guitarist George was! My distance cousin David Van Cortland Crosby saw this movie and started a band; so should I!"...


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

"Dienstag 29 March 22. John Travolta Blow Out at Somerville thee-ate-er, ten dollar senior discount. 24 July 81; weeks away from me reuniting in Reading Pa. with Gruberger Brothers for Afrika Korps reunion plus made a trip to DC, Kim kane, Slickee Boys,worked on his tunes, toting my Giztar around on a Greyhound bus Ameri-pass. In other words I DIDNT watch this movie! (coz Wollworth's in Downtown Boston had Velvet Undferground and Blues Project dollar 8-tracks!). But it's good: John Travolta uses a landline and Ronald Reagan was president! John witnesses an assassination and records it, so Blow Out, Blow yardbirds footage though. BUT Pino Donaggio soundtrack! His recital album from 1961: "rock and roll, chanson, cha-cha,doo wop"....I think I WILL dig the six albums he did between 1961-1968. Both the Highlands and the Blodgetts were dairy farmers,so lotsa cheese....lotsa bull scheiss too! And my cuzzin grandfather DID have a prize bull name Jolly Count".....


Thursday, March 31, 2022

"day of Wodin 30 march 22. ten dollar senior discount on Putney Swope at Somerville thee-ate-er. 10 July 69 release; with the imminent Moon landing, WMCF Rochester NY was playing Bowie's "Space Oddity" and mayhap Time magazine said Frank Zappa was starting a label; "with a house full of transvestites known as Alice Cooper' (din't know what transvestite meant; only henry "Sunflower' vestine of Canned Heat). I've read the film geeks: Putney is "dated" 'social satire" and I was laughing my ass off! Lotsa offending language that shocked my Puritan ancestors to the korps! nudity too! (if I'd seen this age 13 at the Strand thee-ate-er in Brockport NY I woulda wrote "Pumpin' to Putney" instead!). ok let's talk about records instead ("Pumpin' to Vinyl"?). Charley Cuva did the soundtrack and there's a UK vinyl lp, limited edition from 2006 on Fortune Teller Records; "two for sale from $45.39"! "genre; funk/soul, stage and screen". style; "free funk,soul,soundtrack,score,psychedlic,funk". "In my life", mad painter jams at practice on these funk/soul numbers that are vanilla Fudge's "break Song" means a Roy Ayers blacksplotation soundtrack, if you get my drift. Gotta check this album,me! (throw to me the album down the stairs as a Frisbee). On vacation Til Tuesday (mine and Amy mann's honeymoon! She's my birthday present! Birthday Suit! "Voices carry" "all the way from Memphis"! Age 66 I'll be actin...."SIX"!!!! (by the Neats!)"......


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