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Monday, March 30 2020

"Sonntag will never be the same"! 29 march 20. Another cd from Miss Lyn free latin cds outside La Internacional Food, Somerville, mass. Power Mix Latino II (Latin house mixes): Varios Artistas. 1997. wikipedia sez "Latin House music is an electronic dance music that combines house and Latin American music, such as that of Puerto Rican, Dominican and African origin". stylistic origins, which I DO hear are: house; EDM; Latin music; reggae; dancehall; hip-hop; reggaeton. It WAS $8 before left on Somerville Ave. and Amazon lists it for $7.15 plus $3.99 shipping. ONE left in stock-order soon! (buy used: very good $1.99! get it FREE! like me!). : 21 oct 97 release date (Goody Goody Gumdrops era!). genre; latin. electronic. styles; club/dance. latin pop. Tropical (it was "One more rainy day" as I had Brazil coffee and Peru sandwich singing "who loves the son"). "La Bamba" gets remade on this and celia Cruz does"Bemba Colora"! (born 21 Oct 25; this release on her 72nd birthday! 37 albums, This toon done in '60s with Tito Punete; hey update/remakes are good! A good song is timeless! Ask Beethoven, people still cover him AND "roll over...").... also of note: "Noche de Fiesta" - el general. (Panama recording artist). Remezcla > music > el general- satan... "El General says Satan drove him to make reggae en Espanol!" (on the other hand, Hixx sing "Satan stole my pick up!"). dig these quotes!: "satan benefitted from the success of the singer's hits"....."he was influenced by "malas companiaas....overcoming his religious belief and convincing him to record sexually suggestive party jams" (Gizmos, '76; been there done that!). "he had to drink to get the devil's word out' (yikes! c'est moi!) "songs played on all the radio stations. That was a trophy for satan" (!!!! is me!!!!). 'now a devout jehovah's witness'....Michael Jackson used to go door to closed! ka- klunk! (binging on Law and Order during the Plague)"....

Tuesday, March 31 2020

Bleu Monntag 30 March 20. relistening to Power Mix Latino II (Latin House Mixes) 1997 cd and one of the Varios Artistas was the Kings of mambo with "Cuentame". Sounds like they sampled a mambo and it's I to a V, then I to a IV, great riff! WhoSampled > Alicides-castellanos says Alicides castellanos did "speak up mambo (Cuentame)" in 1955 on the mardi Gras label; covered by Manhattan Transfer in 1976 and sampled by La Excepcion (2006) in "Jambo Loco". wikipedia explains it all: "Al castellanos was a Cuban bandleader of 1940s/50s. Him, Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez first three to record for Tico records in NY.1955, he signed a three-year deal with leading NY Latin label Mardi Gras Records and had his first hit "The Speak- Up Mambo". I think my parents had mambo/cha cha records....i need them! Things to do during lockdown: Do the mambo in your room! "Noone will be watchin' you......why dont you do it in the road?"".......

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Til Tuesday 31 march 20. Another Miss Lyn latin music score; a cassette of 16 Super Exitos/ Album Homenaje a Victor Pinero discomoda KC-1005. "30 Anos 1944-1974". Amazon lists the cd as $29.98 + $4.49 shipping. ebay has it for $49.99. Caveat emptor! Sofa records > fr > victor-pinero-y... Lyon France; lists "rare 60s original pressing of Venezulan star Victor Pinero, playing merengue, palenque and some Cumbia classics". All other info in espanol, I am poquino on comprende. BUT wikipdia lists the start of his career, kinda; born 10 may 23, he'd be 21 in 1944. "Venezuala during "all this and world war II"-wikpedia. venezuala was neutral during the war, but entered on the "winning side" February 1945. This wiki article mentions "Axis influence". In 1933, Grupo Regional de Venezuala de Partido nazi. In 1923: "Partito Nazionale fascista". All I can imagine is fascists/nazis and Allies all hanging at a club ala casablanca with Bogart saying "play it again Victor"!......

Thursday, April 2, 2020

day of Wodin and APril Fool 2020 versus Mai Fools Louis Malle movie (Milou en Mai). Blue Cheer Then and Now (Official) facebook group posted: "earliest known recording crediting Dickie Peterson and Jerre Peterson ("Dick" and "Jerri",1966)". lists "I know your name girl" b/w "I never really knew"- written by Dick Petersen" on the SCORPIO label (Scorpio 406). 1966.It's on youtube! E-bay asks $43.78 + $4.00 shipping, which Ken Kaiser should buy me for my birthday! (Not really; PLEASE contribute money to help folk during the plague). lists march 1966 as release date. lists a Group "B" discography. "Dave Damrell, bass on "Stop calling me" b/w "She's Gone", 1965, Scorpio 402. dave Damrell left before the recording of the second single and was replaced by Jerre and Dickie Peterson. The group continued, with a few change in personnel, but released no more recordings. They folded in early 1967". There's a cd comp called Scorpio Records Story, various artists, 1994. includes Group "B" tracks. A quick review:"I know your name girl" has Chad and jeremy harmonies! "I never really knew": Zombieesque with flute! Two years later, I'm watchin' fuckin' Blue Cheer on tv, 43 fuckin' speakers....musta been the acid during hendrix at Monterey! From flute to "Out of Focus" for Dickie peterson in two years! As improbable as the Allin brothers doing the malpractice 45 in '76! (OR: EVERYBODY has an O. rex record in their past!)."Fight Fire" by the Golliwogs (written by John and Tom Fogerty) was the preceding record Scorpio 405, february 1966. (latest beatles album was Rubber Soul). again two years later Blue Cheer "summetime blues" and creedence with "suzi q, parts one and two'; that was MY music! Hopelessly Obscure unreleased Scorpio 45: "Peek-a-boo" b/w "Rags" by Miss Lyn (both cats photos on picture sleeve!) ( and with my ancestors riding on the Anne with lester's bangs ancestors, I am TRULY full of carburetor Dung!"...........

Friday, April 3, 2020

day of Thor 2 april 20. My "when i'm 64" birthday and "will you still me/will you still feed me" ; Gee Julie DID as we grabbed takeaway at Inman Square new Mexican restraint with Frida Kalo theme that was Ginger Exchange. I INSISTED Gee Julie lissen to my Merenbooty Girls and Vicotr Pinero cassettes (photo) and we danced BUT, like Toddler dance party at Jungle, we got tired after so much fun. More fun than a Pampers commercial with a "Born to be Wild" soundtrack or making Ken Kaiser listen to Perez Prado back in '82!"....

Saturday, April 4, 2020

every day is a saturday 4 april 20. Muddy waters birthday! "TV Eye" (old movie channel) : The Bobo (1967)! coffee and clicker in respective hands, I see a matador with a blue face ala braveheart; what da fug! Peter Sellers, comic GENIUS!!, is a bullfighter in barcelona painted blue who SINGS to the bulls and they run away! his then-wife Britt Ekland also there at end, wikpiedia tells all....1967....I think I saw the Dragnet episode of "Blue Boy" then! (kid paints face blue, buries head in ground..."acid,man...." it's on youtube!). hey! 4 May 20 end of lockdown only a month away! Typing this at work on break lissenin' to BBc wales Sport; top 15 Welsh athletes and the like. They been having these athletes play their favourite songs: "this was the first song I got on say-day" (cd): Blondie "Heart of Glass' (had the 45 in my trailer in South Carolina. Kenneth Davis (Dad had a Welsh-born Revolutionary War ancestor was a Daffydd; kinda like davies but DONT tell Krazee Kinks groupies; I got better things to do in three hours like watch a movie!) KENNETH says "oi'd sai t' the team "dint stop believin"....yikes! I DID give the first Journey album a gud review in the WIUS tipsheet in '75 but ONLY coz there was two ex-Santana doin' a beatles cover! (hadnt heard Horses YET; still had classic rocks tastes, kinda like now)...."It's four pm in Wales"....TEA TYME! (six foot distance or else Six Foot Under!). and the coppers WILL arrest you if you go hiking the mountains in North Wales. BBC news also showed how mountain goats takin' over the town of LLandro (spelling) : only a hour from Liverpool! "She Loves Ewe, yea yea yea""....


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