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April 2, 2014

Kenne the scott or something like that

some random Not-So-Deep-Thot on my 58th birthday: watched The Vikings with my cuzzin Miss lyn, drinkin' Wine-spo-de-o-dee; our mutual Aldous ancestor that founded Dedham, Mass. was from England BUT name is 'sposed to be of DANISH origin, so when the Vikings were in Wessex....
left Boston 7 pm last night and 12 hours later was in 72 degree weather, car tops down,but with all the strip malls out here "aint nuthin' to do" (though downtown Fredericksburg is very colonial and I love it!) went past my boyhood "you can buy a house for $1000" route 234, Manassas, home; holiday inn express there also ,I been rackin' up them free points! Mindy what manages this'un ("mah name's jest lahk Mork and Mindy"...shazam, shazam, shazam, they're always smahlin', they must like what they do!) tole me "y'all better git yourself some breakfast", so Human Garbage Disposal, then watched Washington Nationals baseball on the Mean Screen.
Marvin Goldstein (Jewey Ramone) confirmed Gizmos World tour, so happy birthday to me! dinner was at Pancho Villa's since everything else was white-trash Hardee's; in honour of Linda II Garreau Highland, had heuvos rancheros.

One sad note on my birthday; Anderson Mar had died, she was an Aries from Rochester, I did audition on guitar for Sans Nomeclature, but I overplay and she wanted a Misfits sound; she did goth nights at the Skybar. In her short life, she got the hell outta Lou Gramm/Genese Beer-ville and opened a school of rock. My joke: 'sure you aint me and Wendy O. Williams daughter?" or Lydia Koch Lunch; all Rochesterians got the hell outta Monroe county NY, Ma said it snowed terrible sat'dee last.

so let's see..happy hour at Yak-a-doo's, (Fredericksburg's Hottest Nightspot) which is 1pm-8pm; if I don't re-start the Civil War, I leave for Boston tomorry and am close to Falmouth,Virginia where my great-great-uncle John Bull Blodgett deserted 140 NY (the Rochester racehorses!) jan. 1863, returning to Clarkson, NY and helping out with the Underground Railroad. my dad made sure I knew 'bout Civil War battlefields...damn, ah lived in Manassas 50 years ago and the Bull still does Run...."

April Fool's Day had brunch at Vlora, an Albanian restraint on Boylston street, Boston; told the waitresses was my birthday and they brought some Mediteranean dessert, candle, "happy birthday" etc. so yelp! I need somebody! yelp! not just anybody...meanwhile down Virginny, caught Macmillan and Wife on the Mean Screen about a jazz piano player; North beach sign: tonight! Gabor Szabo! also a groovy heavy blues combo in a subterranean club ,music by henry Mancini, gotta research this; plus 1958 Make Room For youth in Virginia happnin' agin!....

April 3, 2014

"ok, so Yak-a-doo's; Route 17, Fredericksburg,Virginny: happy hour 11am-7pm AND you can still smoke in the bar! but I ate in restraint, had me some fried chicken and a Yuengling beer,which is on tap western Maryland if you visit my cousin Martha Hull. they had an open mike, but,being "All by myself", opted to crash with the TV Eye on me. Woke up 3 AM, channel-surfing,they have BBC down here, caught Doc Martin who responded to a medical crisis: 'dial 999!" "Emergency"! caught an episode of The Vikings plus a weird horror flick where these nuns ran a mental institution and played "Dominique" (on vinyl) over and over....headin' back to Boston today, hate to say it, loved the relaxation, but "let's see action"....

April 4, 2014

"once i "Take a Taxi" (by Albion NY's The Humans!) to downtown Fredeicksburg, next trip I wont be so cheap and will stay downtown Where The Action Is and re-enactors do dress like Paul Revere and the Raiders! There's a Bavarian bar near the train, lotsa Celtic stuff from my '99 the train, a 'Nam vet helped me figger out that newfangled machine to git a ticket for Amtrak; turns out he was in "nam (Army) same tyme as Dad), was writin' a book on 'Nam and was with Middletown, CT. historical society (Ma's ancestors founded that town). HE had been to the Marine Corps Museum outside the Quantico base,s o I saw the M-16 and the M-60 as MUSEUM PIECES! may as well have been my great-great's Civil War rifle...train went through Falmouth, told Ma this was where ole John Bull Blodgett deserted from, got to Quantico and "well,this is where I first said hello 58 years ago"; Ma" you were four days old and they needed a baby to demonstrate how to give a bath so it was you"; my first audience! 'course, ma SHOULD git credit in a Gizmos toon: "I lost it when I's only 3 days old"...Undo My Bris! (Ray Charles "unchain my heart"). Now am back in Boston, called into work, working for a week straight BUT since Horatio Alger is MY Gizmos World Tour let's do the proverbial,"if i werent tired I'd" concert listings: Best Bette: art opening 6-8 pm Naga Gallery, Newbury Street; maybe in May, and i'll bet June's opening will be RIGHT before Gizmos world tour!".....

April 5, 2014

"caught an advert for the Virginia Highland games while in Virginny, probably a DC TV Eye, do need to attend this; Tuesday me/Miss Lyn/Carl Biancucci interviewed by the Gizmos "Mad" Max (my Gizmo name for him) on Radio Italia; was waitin' in line 1, Greyhound station bus to New Netherlands. WRCA 1330 Am, Danny Stiles (RIP, but syndicated!) wuz talkin' about some ole '40s car and "now I'm going to put the needle down on this 78"; love it! WJIB 740-AM and Bob Bittner and I were BOTH on the Brockport NY AM station (radio on!);Johnny Cash's "I walk the line" broadcast in Mono, man! I really do love those nostalgia stations on the AM;or am I indeed,a Geezer?".....

April 6, 2014

" Mine and Gee Julie's work schedules didnt coincide so we didnt go to the Rebtiko Trio at Greek American Political Club in central square, so went to Quincy and listened to Final Four college basketball on WEEI 850 AM; UConn vs. Kaintuck, ah'm bettin' on the South! Speakin' of Wilkie South, Mad Max of Sonic Gizmos Daze called from Bloomington Indiana yesterday so I "met" the new guys; drummer was an MX-80 fan, saw '77 Gizmos, was at Patti Smith/MX-80 sunday 14 march 76; me: "you're in the band!"; was in Dancing Cigarettes (Gulcher). John Barge was in Zero Boys, knew Yuki Lavolta Gipe when he was in the Repelents; THEN mentioned Jamie Jetson; the Unattached;(TWO Gulcher artists in that band!) but when he said "my sister was in Amoebas in Chaos", I said "dude,you're in the band!" who the hell remembers the Red Snerts comp on Gulcher these days?"...

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