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Monday, April 3, 2023

Sonntag 2 april 2023. my 67th birthday tavern at the end of the world. missed Michael Tarbox but caught Possum who did some good "ole tyme music". Lt. larry Newman, USMC SFMF established the beachhead. FOR publication from the Lt. ralph fatello, 'Nam vet/Vinny band/bad dude wants to record "Semper Fi Mutha fucka" with me/the Lt. and Wayne Podworny, those four marines being the Four Horsemen of the Apolocypse, Now AND welcome to your worst nightmare! leon Rich had all singing along with "please release me"; what is this, the Jim-10? (YIKES!! Brings back memories of Saturdays in Holliston!! Those were good times though, my Mom loved Engelbert Humperdinck-ed)

Missed the name, but a fella did Elton's "Country Comforts'; I enjoyed Sir Reginald KENNETH muchly when he was stealin' from the band and my fellow birthdy boy leon Russell. Rob Lynch, of Southie's Ribageddon fame, had all singing along with "bad Boy Leroy brown" ALMOST the last song Linda Garreau heard as her car flipped on Watkins Glen.

Gee Julie got me a GREAT cake! Lt. newman and I sang along with Someone, who was somebody. doing "Sunny afternoon". captain and Schmiel has Jon Butterscott singing Jeff beck's "Hi Ho silver lining". I did some Junior Kimbrough and Son House with Shel Pierce (Runes), captain easychord-keys, Lt. newman-bass, Al hendry-drum, tambourine- Ramona Crow Follow. TOO much to remember BUT icing on my great cake was gee Julie, me and Shel meeting ramonas dog Monkey, mascot for Crow Follows!...well, here's to 68IF!".......

Shel Pierce
Captain & Schmiel
Larry Newman


Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Monntag 3 april 2023. Slow day so "let's go youtubing" "c'mon!" (Strange Kind of women doin' "Space truckin") So, since MY favourite drug is Hopelessly Obsure lps, check, on youtube: Ugly Custard! (what a dumb ass name). '1971 UK jazz-rock, psychedleic rock'....ok, Kenne highland's Air force, BEFORE I bought Funhouse October '71.

Alex Gitlin mad painter; "I actually have this album and love it!"
I shoulda known......record geeks ALL over the world unite!".....


Wednesday, April 5, 2023

day of Wodin 5 april 2023. 0400 maybe Coast to Coast AM "I believe in Reincarnation but I've never met anyone who's been to hell before"....which leads into Alex Gitlin putting Mad Painter into discogs; good to see gee Julie listed. He wrote: "this'll like you to the grubergers" and yes, O. rex and ALL my records/bands last fiddy let's sell a copy of "reincarnation". orange Implode album: Stanton Park records, PO Box 58, Newtonville Mass.!"....


Thursday, April 6, 2023

day of Wodin 5 april 2023. this day in 1974 was in NYC with scott duhamel (Clobberin time fanzine) and Bob Richert (beyond our control fanzine). before i go on easter Everywhere holiday to Hull,mass. mike weddle c note memorial, let's give a shoutout to my distant cuzzin Justine Covault of red on red records. "when's your next gig moddafocka?"

that would be mad painter cd release party Jungle 22 april 2023 saturday 330 doors, miss Lyn as my robe roadie (give her a seat, you arschlocks! she's hot le knee de la cardinal!).

sonntag 23 april 2023, afternoon show jon macey's Hummingbyrds Syndicate, Tavern at the end of the world!whom Do evoke the Gene Clark Byrds. If you disagree, as a distant cuzzin to David van Cortland Crosby, I shall give YOU the Byrd! followed by open mike 7-10 pm, to which i, as always, have PLENTY of surprises... ok i think that's it or to quote ole Porky Pig: (photo) "that's all folks!"(if porky pig married piggly wiggly, she's be Mrs Porky Piggly Wiggly!)"....


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