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Tuesday April 5, 2016

Kenne b day

"highlights of 60th birthday: Seth Peterson of Gone Boys has new roots/country band, covered "20 flight rock" by Eddie Cochran; this was like the Burritos opening for Stones at Altamont; classic ruins were superb as Ken and Gee Julie danced to Larry Williams "bad boy"; Gee Julie bought cake and Micky Bliss trumpeted it in; club linehan-a-go-go did "world's greatest sinner" by frank zappa/A-Bones and MC5's 'black to comm" is ALWAYS a tour-de-force! then some Cream jamming with me and Mike Lyons of Alice Highland on double leads, Carl Biancucci out-playing Jay Gruberger, Matt Burns on drums and john keegan/mickey bliss-sax/trumpet!

Still Rockin' After 60 Years
Photo: Gee Julie

Saturday at midway was also pretty overwhelming but Jiblantos did "13 women" by Bill Haley; Hixx had Drew Townson up on double leads and THAT is my lineup for HIXX OAK ARKANSAS!!!; moose and mudbugs doin' "20 ashford" and not only was Hopelessly Obscure in audience but so was "JOHNNNYYYY DRAINPIPE!!!"...I CAN die happy coz me and Kaiser had that LIVE AT CANTONE'S energy and folks dancin' to "best bette" etc......lastly an after-party at Doyle's - Moose bein' a jay gruberger-type "human garbage disposal" ("do you want that?") AND lastly Thalia Zedek, playing a sold-out evening Midway show DID say "let's play together sometime"; beats the hell out of a Kenne Highland wake! "give me my flowers while I'm livin'"..

Wednesday April 6, 2016

"as Thalia Zedek DID say on my 60th birthday: "you're about birthdayed out".

10 pm, syracuse was losing to NC at half-tyme in NCAAA Mag IV, and I caught a 1 pm MBTA to providence, arrive 215 pm, then ran like hell for a 66 RIPTA 220 pm URI-Galilee. NO 64 bus on sunday, so = 4 miles hour and half MARCH down Moorefield Road, passing by Congdon-Gardiner road and my great-great-great grandfather Gardiner was from South County, so that was as close as i'll get to my ancestral plantation since it said "private way". "Dead skunk" side of road, flatter'n "high heaven" and made it to Holiday Inn. Renovation on restaurant "but we have coupons for Subway" so then watched I already know who the fuck I am on TLC, this'un about a Queen's daughter settlin' on Il-d-Orleans, quebec city; yep that's Ma's Dieppe Normandy sailor arrivin' 1659.

In Your Ear

Monday noon was the 64 RIPTA through Jamestown into Newport and what a birthday surprise! it's restaurant week 1-10 april! (like last year). Gaslamp Grille, 3 course dinner $16! 3 pm 60 bus to Providence! (ALL these rides $2!!!!!!!!)....Rode past the In your Ear in RI, usedta be in providence, must visit soon...rhode island, a cheap getaway when "traffic in the city toin mah haid, no, no, no"....("commotion", CCR b-side I owned in late ' FIRST CCR 45! and now john fogerty HAS been on Coast to Coast AND there's a 950 (?) AM news station in RI that DOES carry COAST TO COAST; monday night's topic: "the soul of CATS!" or how animals have souls...always see roadkill on mooresfield road but reckon they in hebbin, not the Debbil hole"....

Thursday , April 7, 2016

"Merle Haggard RIP. 1969 Brockport NY, SUNY Brockport full-a hippies that would start Gulcher label, but near train tracks on main street on my Rochester times-union paper route lived a "broke folk" fambly and lady had I am a lonesome fugitive album; i was already discovering JR Cash show, americana, trains etc. so maybe I liked the train on cover? at that tyme Merle's politics were equal to all my long-haired friends redneck dads that "worked for the town" and lissened to WNYR (WINNER 68!), so I was unphased; as an Aries, he didn't give a shit what you thought!

so I got a TRI-FECTA o' facts fer ya:

Ida May: when I passed out drunk onstage at Kirkland early '90s I WAS playin' "tonight the bottle let me down";

item B: Bloomington last year (same college hippy/local redneck cutters schism as say, brockport NY or Athens Georgia), BOB BITTNER WJIB (he and I were on WADD Brockport NY early '70s!) had played "fightin' side o' me" and I said (Light dawns over Marblehead): "if you don't like it leave it!"...."Sieg Hiel Mofos, Amerika First"!

Now, item C: I wrote them lyrics walkin' 'round a tank for four hours guardin' it agin' Commies (like Bernie Sanders?) M-16 at port arms, at camp barrett (officer training school: Ollie North was there AND SUNY Brockport!) and that's in Stafford county virginny where ah was kenceived (route 610 in garrisonvile). Merle's Haggard ancestor resided in Stafford county as did ancestors of JR Cash/Pagan Kennedy and Elvis was to Tackett's Mills (his Tackett/Tacquett fambly was Hugenot or Jewish, one)...Meatloaf's Aday ancestor was a circuit-ridin' preacher there (I got DNA links there too my McBee line)...fuck it! LET'S quote George Noory: "there ARE no coincidences"! and lastly, Gizmos 11 july 14 Bloomington, i started singin' "fightin' side o' me" before amerika first" and some kid sang to it THEN started slam-dancin'! "I turned 21 in boston at the Rat with DMZ....Mama tried, Mama tried""......

Friday , April 8, 2016

Kenne and Julie
Gee Julie and Kenne
"IDA MAY: bought bus ticket to Atlanta last night, arrive Friday 29 april 16 Atlanta 935 pm for the Atlanta Mess Around; CAN I make Real Kids set?

So to close out this week (Saturday is a Wagner concert at Goethe and Sunday is Johnny Black practice).

Let's kinda review upcoming gigs:

Gizmos, Atlanta Mess Around, 30 april 16.

14 may 16-midway, joe coughlin birthday; band is johnny black/carl/me/matt burns, "head's in '73" covers.

21 may 16 chetstock; hopelessly obscure.

day before father's day(18 June), midway: club linehan, club Kaiser (hopelessly obscure), Club JODY...this show is so inbred, ONLY Hixx could be also on bill!

20 july, midway, Tokyo tramps/los texicanos (wearing Drew Townson's Buffalo Bills hat he gave me for 60th birthday!) and MORE Highland and Kaiser in Hopelessly Obscure! "

My Head's in '83" coz back then, drummer Robert of Clan MacKenzie never met a gig he didn't like! (I never met a mike I didn't like! INCLUDING mike quirk, hahahahahahahahaha!)....enuff Zappa-esque humour (We're only in it for WHAT Money?!?!?!?), see y'all at a show comin' soon, ole George (USMC) wuz a-singin' 'bout Merle and Cash etc. with "who's a-gonna fill their shoes"? My dad and I's a THIRTEEN, so if'n ah pass (gas?), mebbe Bigfoot will sing for me...or Chewbacca....RROAR!!!! and WHY is GEE JULIE "best gurl on the planet"? besides "gimme good lovin'", she gave me a stuffed Gremlin/ GIZMO stuffed critter, whom sleeps on the inside, like I guarded snap, crackle and pop in KENNE-garten camp Lejeune north Carolina"...


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