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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

"day of Thor 31 march 22. Somerville thee-ate-er, ten dollar senior ticket the 27 april 79 movie Saint jack (that month, besides spending my birthday on duty guarding our country against Commies and staying in a Charleston South Carolina trailer, one of my fellow Marines DID take the Korps Hello World to a SC radio station where "winner by elimination' was played exactly ONCE!). This movie ties into Apocolpyse Now coz the troops come from fighting to Singapore, Ben Gazzara as an American pimp. Set in early '70s and there IS a soundtrack album! best moments are Shirley bassey singing "Goldfinger" in a whorehouse episode and then, what DOES sum up American troops in 'Nam was "Okie from Muskogee" and "Sunday Morning Coming Down" crankin',,,yep, Merle haggard and Johnny Cash, big service favorites and even I dug 'em in rural western NY during the Woodstock era coz they seemed like "don't back down' kinda rural guys (both had done some time too! I can barely do 4/4 time...)….in all a splendd cult movie (coz I never heard of it!) with the Somerville Theater usual high standards; from what I heard from dudes that went overseas, there's a "House of the Rising Sun" in the land of the rising sun and/or that's cool I respect you more/ didn't I see you on the streets of Singapore?"......


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

"April Fool's day 2022. I haven't took the Providence train since 999 2019; did some family research on dad's grandmother AND she and HP Lovecraft have a Rathbun line as does mark Farner and Jim Morrison. Thus, my next album on Dino will be and farner jamming as the Lizard King recites HP Lovecraft...'this is the end on steroids!'. Bus to Newport, passes the Allin burying ground in barrington and the Rhode Island In your ear. Rest of day I was ray davies: "sittin' in my hotel", eatin' at Chili's and/or bingewatching HAPPY samoans in Hawaii Five-O on Ion "TV eye on me"".....


Thursday, April 7, 2022

"Every day is a Saturday 2 april 22. turnt 666. Gee Julie met me down rhode island, founded by Dad's ancestor Roger Williams (we had the albums on Kapp down south in the '60s...oh wait! Not that Roger; THIS Roger!); went up Portsmouth to ye olde Quaker graveyard where Lizzie "Hit her with the axe' English ancestor buried (that's Richard Borden of Kent UK) ; "it's a sunny day herman; let's go to the cemetery!"- Lily Munster, my real Goth wearing black wife! (Mortica Addams too!). supper at Johnny's at the Atlantic Resort Newport area on reverend John Clarke (Newport founder) colonial land. restaurant week was buy two entrees, get a free appetizer. had a "Surf'n'Turf" and even got a free birthday dessert!! I was satiated. ("Human garbage Disposal"!). Finally, Gee Julie and I watched the same Saturday night BBC shows on the PBS telly my 91 year old third-generation British-American mum watches; "maybe I'm just like my mother".....

Friday, April 8, 2022

"Sonntag 3 april 22. My last spot on Dead People facts was the muutal address of me and Mercy Brown,vampire, "Bonesetter" Sweet,colonial doctor.>.... "The View from swamptown:" as a Swamp yankee both sides the book I aint gonna right: From White Privelege to White Trash; the kenne Highland SAGA! "The Bonesetter Sweets served a now forgotten role in North Kingston rhode island". all these photos are by GEE JULIE, of 240 Shemantown Road, North Kingston plus assorted graves. need to be a "Day tripper' to South County again soon! They got trailer parks in Mercy Brown and my ancestor Sweet gardner (born 1 June 1773 Exeter rhode Highland; notarized by Joe Harvard (RIP) when we was wasted at a Pinranha Brothers party) in Exeter Rhode Highland."....

Saturday, April 9, 2022

every day is a Saturday 9 april 22. Tyme for the mad painter concert report. gave painter airplay week of 4 april 22. next gig: "Psychedelic Rock Party" Friday 6 May 22 8 pm. "Mad painter meets Gregg Perry and Strange Berries". Common Street Spiritual Center (like ON FACEBOOK!) 13 cOMMON sTREET, NATICK MASS. with Painter and a Hendrix cover band! ("Once a rocka; now an alta kaka"- the Ken Highland Project!). Mother's Day, 8 may 22, in studio with Vlada brofman.there's a mad painter public group and more kenne Highland Air Force news as dates approach.....I'm going back to BBC-radio four, ole chap!"......(there's no Kenne Higland Air Force page but there IS The Musical Stylings of Ken Highland page!! who knew!!-ed")


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