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Monday, April 5, 2021

Saturday 3 april 21. Yet another Mad Painter practice and I took notes! A lil jam on alice cooper's "billion dollar babies"; Al Hendry does that drum intro just like Ken Kaiser STEALING it for Afrika Korps Music to Kill By (Gulcher) "refrigerator rappin'"). We DID decide that THE Uriah Heep youtube recording will be of "Stealin'" (My Bass Parts: gary thain on thorazine!"; been waitin' to do that since 1973! Alex Gitlin (keys) played the Lowell Street studio mix of "I don't know why you treat me so badly"; Alex and Gee Julie harmonise like Sir Reginald Kenneth and Kiki Dee and Schmel Herbie Hind does a great TASTEFUL non-distorted (what?? really??-ed) Davey Johnstone solo that MAY leave some clowns unhappy! "Stand your ground", "Lie to Me" and "Kindness' three more Alex Gitlin originals; "stand your ground" had Alice wailing on a Hammond sound and Schmel had a neowhite Strat painting my Machine Heads a Deeper Shade of Purple! "Lie to Me" echoes Procol Bore-um's "Simple Sister" last great Robin Trowe album of theirs that I bought fiddy years ago. AND FINALLY completing the Brockport NY Ken Highland albums fiddy years ago before he bought Funhouse (those Ashetons brothers on "Best Friend"; holy shit!); "Kindness' is a Badfinger/No Dice/"Midnight Caller" piano ballad and I played Badfinger-ish bass; Dad's granny's Welsh roots in that DNA o' mine!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Easter Every Where Sonntag 4 April 21. Brunch at Bronwyn (veggie Pierogi) and then a bit of a lie-down, then on the telly was Great Balls of Fire. this 1989 movie coincided with Kenne Lee Gizmo in WBCN's Rocknroll Rumble but it was a true delight! Like Beatles backbeat movie (hamburg lineup) when Dennis Quaid's "band" is that Fabulous Thunderbyrd Jimmy Ray Vaughn (in real life Roland Janes, like my dad, was a marine in Korea!) plus Gizmo Nixon on drums and on bass as Jerry lee's cuzzin and father-in-law; John X Doe! (starred in Border Radio with Gizmo Eddie Flowers!). As a lover of dead people facts, check https://relatedhow AND Jerry Lee's 12th great-grandfather was Ifan Iorweth Ap Einion born Wales 1552. I've got Welsh bloodlines and a first cuzzin Connecticut Yankee marriage in 1720 and lettuce not forget; the ancient Britons used to fight naked! Talk about a whole lotta shakin goin on".....

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Everywhere 4 April 21 Part TWO. After Mad Painter practice noticed a card for me in Boston Groupie mailbox from drummer Matt Burns ("Be More Flamboyant") with a gift card for $25 Somerville Grooves! Matt covered my 1985 Jumping jack Flash birthday in Whack the Cat! (especially if he's Peek-a-Boo gittin' into the vittles!) SO what DOES $25 get you at Somerville Grooves? The first half was cheap jazz cassettes which I haven't even "grokked" yet and the other half; $8 for Bill Wyman book and $4 for Phil Lesh book. New math says: that means the Stones cost twice as much as the Dead! Hey I LOVE anti-social distancing...'read a gud book like the Druids in the old days"....Also, for sale at Somerville Grooves: the Asa Brebner tribute cd! So come on down!"......


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Easter Everywhere 4 April 21 PART THREE. Channel-surfin' (there's about four ways I'm kin to the Beach Boys) after the Jerry Lee Lewis bio-pic was MAHALIA which was about Mahalia Jackson. UTTERLY fantastic, great tale, GREAT music...a lil Wikipedia and I DID NOT know she was influenced by the ever-secular Bessie Smith! (as was Janis Joplin, tho the closer she ever got to gospel maybe was "work me lord' off'n kOZMIC BLUES). So DO watch it, I wont spoil it except for March on Washington '63 (I wuz livin' in mannassas Virginny) and she tells Martin Luther King: "MArtin! tell them about yo' dream!" And the rest is....GIZstory! (tour/waiting to take me away"....)


Friday, April 9, 2021

Monntag 5 April 21. channel surfing to PBS WORLD ON FIRE is starting and looks damn good! Starting EXACTLY in September 1939 when WWII started it flashes to Warsaw/Paris/Birmingham and rest of world didn't know about invasion of Poland as jazz is played in Paris and a shoppe girl sings in Birmingham (like my mother, her family puts the milk in first and her brother says "'ow's Posh Boy coming along" referring to her Posh boyfriend whom is in Poland when war breaks out). Don't want to give away too much but music/costumes/accents are spot on ole chap and worth watching with German coffee and a McVittie's digestive! (two holy sacraments of my DNA going into my DNA! "Now will you please listen to Bob Seger's "Turn the Page' (OK Skip-ed); DEAD PEOPLE FACT! My parents ancestors (SIBLINGS!) settled Hartford Connecticut with Bob's Seager ancestors! I been a fan for 'bout 300 years !)".

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Every Day is a Saturday 10 April 21. Almost ending a forty hour work week, so tying things up here's odds and Sods...Ric Biskit Roth, WMBR, asked me to program a half hour of music (he does If Six were Nine and all those 0600 shows); "meanwhile I was still thinkin'"....One of my 0500 work mornings I tuned into the British horror film: The Earth Died Screaming! THAT and a Tyrone Power bullfighter movie Blood and Sand (I have a flamenco lick!) are songs waiting to happen! NO music this weekend (I'm off!) but lotsa of Lowell Street recording coming up and til then; back to youtube and Genetics and the Anglo-Saxon Migrations (something I would research during RETIREMENT! But instead of hangin' with SKIP gates, I'm "Moanin' the Blues' lissenin' to Skip James and also David GATES of Bread readin' that "Diary underneath a tree"...kinda like this column: "I started reading about ME!"..."Moi beautiful selllllffffffff!" (dang, Pistols STILL soundin' good!)".


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