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Monday, April 6 2020

"Sonntag 5 april 20. Mein gut freund Harry Vee, der sanger von der Broken Jug whom covered "Rain of Death" did a Jefferson Airplane; "A small package of value will come to you shortly'. Freitag before my birthday: box of 45s from estate sales! If i review 'em one at a tyme this fuggin' curfew may be lifted! Feel like Alex Gitlin (Mad Painter) having Russian sailors smuggle in records behind the Iron Curtain, comrade! Top of the heap: Hugo Montenegro "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" b/w "March with Hope". wikipedia: the 45 "peaked at #2 Billboard Hot 100 1 June 68, held off the top by "Mrs Robinson". I remember it well! the flipside is track two on the soundtrack album and there is a youtube: "March with hope" favours Ma's Mitch Miller album with "Bridge over river kwai' ("Alex, I'll take songs with whistling for 500 please") and youtube shows that couple minutes of the kenfederate troops marching into a stockade in Nevada; no one remembers the western part of the Civil War! photos were taken of 45 on turntable (Portland Maine Lyres show purchase) AND; dig that 1968 PAPER SLEEVE! I've had many a Jefferson Airplane 45 in those! with Lil Nipper! For "brunch", I went to Macchu Chicken, union square and PushMe PullYou was doing social distance! Danke harry Vee, mein gut friend!"...

Tuesday, April 7 2020

"Monntag 6 avril 20. From the Miss Lyn free cds outside that Union Square Somerville bodega; Fidel Funes. El Son Folklore de Gautamala. (marked "$11.00 grocery"!). He has Facebook! facebook>es-la...>Musico/banda. lists this cd plus rest of discography!>entretenmiento 11 apr 18: Fidel Funes y su marimba Orquesta representa a guatemala en Japon; take THAT! live at Budokan! Telepaisa>musica does an interview in spanish...thank Dio Dad has Iberian peninsula DNA matches, i can actually read this merda. plenty of youtube.>books mentions him in La marimba: Un estudio historico, organologico y cultural. Lester Homero Godinez Orantes. 2018. That's fiddy hits en espanol,so Anglais, very relaxing, equatorial marimba music, yes folk in origin, similar to a steel drum album Dad picked up on a Caribbean cruise. if i could, I would sit there "drinkin' rum and coca cola", a sarong-clad "That's cool I respect Dorothy Lamour" waiting on me, "retired writer in the sun' (Donovan's Mellow Yellow album....hoots mon! cant beat the price!".......

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

"Til Tuesday 7 april 20. Miss Lyn Latin score from bodega; David Cedeno. From jersey with love. This 1991 salsa cassette woulda been $7.50 in "dairy"! This New Jersey native does salsa versions of pop tunes sung in Spanish and i dig it! There was a 45 of that soft rock classic "Lady in Red" (sung English, salsa beat) b/w "Dama De Rojo"! (same song sung Spanish). MICHAEL BOLTON! side A: "live without you"; side B of cassette: "Como De Vivir Sin Tu Carino"! (same song in Spanish). "Will you Love me tomorrow"-ole Carole King toon. "So Much in Love"- 1963 Tymes oldie. A lot of hits and history on this artist; also big in Japan! (tryin' to imagine Japanese salsa dancing....)...Most of note; his 1975 debut album: "rare salsa album!" $222! (also on youtube gonna check it out!)...ken kaiser and I REALLY fucked up...Brick NJ coulda put out Music to Salsa By and Ola World!".....

Thursday, April 9, 2020

"day of Wodin 8 april 20. From Harry Vee's estate sale box of 45s: today "Nobody But Me' b/w "Sueno" by the Human Beinz on capital. There is a Human Beinz facebook page, which folks SHOULD use facebook for and fuck the political shit (I said same in my 1972 fanzine re; John and Yoko sometyme in New netherlands. 16 year old 155 pound me said 'piss on politics"! why WASNT that a Gizmos song?). Band members reminisce about the good ole days of LBJ and ' least the music was GREAT! So, "Nobody But Me" was an Isley Brothers toon but THIS arrangment is SO Lyres! (as in, pretty sure that drunk me saw them do it....i have trouble remembering SOME things but "when you see the people in me" (Music Machine!)). Lotsa fuzz guitar and on my lil mono record player, the bass is "bubbling"! Released August '67, one month after "all you need is love", same orange/yellow swirl Capital label of that tyme. Purpose of this column (and HIGHPOINT of Life during Lockdown (no relation to Talking Heads "love during wartyme' or whatever is it, the song, throw me down the stairs my hat! (sic)) is THE B SIDE! usually a slow toon, but "Sueno" is overlooked kinda. Young rascals had a b-side of same name earlier that year but this is penned by all- four Beinz. "Sueno" espanol is "DREAM"....MAYBE a little "marijuana exhibit A" in their life two months after Sgt pepper?...Starts out like "Pretty Song from psycho out"-Strawberry Alarm Clock (Gene Dante cuzzins with bassist!) but those harmonies predate 1968; maybe Association ala "standing still'; musically ALSO predating Tommy James "crystal blue persuasion" latin-tinged pysch-pop; since Blowfish calls me "DATEMAN", august '67, "Top of the Pops' was "all you need is love" and "i think weer alone now'; Tommy james hadnt gotten "heavy" nor taken speed with Hubert Humphrey yet! Danke, mein harry vee freund and if I'm not lissenin' to reruns of west Virginia basketball or Coast to Coast AM, I'll find more GREAT SHIT in my record collection, anti-social distancing JUST like it's 1973 redux! ("In my room" : fanzines/ cassettes/vinyl/ $35 japanese guitar used on O. Rex cd and Vietnam still happenin')"......

Friday, April 10, 2020

day of Thor 9 april 20. Detroit Rock City is an EXCELLENT facebook group about the BEST "rock and roll music" (The Frost!). I shall remember two Motor City facts to help pass three more weeks of stasi lockdown. Chapter seven of Wayne Kramer bio says: "my last year of high school at Cooley High"...My grandparents lived at 12708 Hartwell, NW Dee-troit and it's 2.0 miles to said school; Wayne was there in '66 from Linkin park with his mother (MC5 first practiced in basement!) and there's a Cooley High alumni site. "Byron Highland, class of 1952....if you'd like to contact Byron, email..." Since Dad died before email in 'Nam, 21 feb 67, I may as well go to Quincy Mass Spiritualist Church...oh wait he DID appear before when I took medium classes (I'm now 3x!). Sadly, from Detroit Rock City site, Steve farmer of Amboy Dukes died this week. He wrote LYRICS to "Journey to center of the Mind" (the Nuge stole the riff from "Bonanza"!) and he composed quite a few Amboy Dukes songs on first three albums and STILL kept playing music also! i know the Nuge has overshadowed his old compatriots but that band WAS a democracy not the Nuge show! Some folk COULD say "The wrong Duke died" but dont wish schadenfreude or bad karma on NOBODY coz "Death May Be Yo' Santa Claus"! (let's mix a Mott the Hoople toon with a sample of James brown's "santa claus is comin' to the ghetto"! AND after FOUR cups of coffee here's MY new rhyme: "Fo' get 'bout Trump! Fo' get about Pence! I'm down with the 'Heat/ vote fo' Fiddy Cent!" ".....

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Freitag 10 April 20. SHEL TALMY accepted my friend request! That's FOUR lifetymes of My generation and early Kinks albums/45s/feedback/power chords etc.! Even in his facebook "story" he has an easybeats coming to Blighty from Oz tale! Bluidy fucken love it! "I'll have the finest wine known to humanity!"...or "Jack daniels if you please" (david Alan Coe; did y'all catch both them Kens switch from British invasion to outlaw country like Doctor Jekyll and Mister Highland?). WAJR, Morgntown, west virginny, at 0700, has an "Outdoors" show. Yeah, i got cuzzins that hunt and what-not. BUT this here's sponsored by the Hatfield-McCoy trail association! Shee-it! And I's just watchin' Petticoat Junction on Me-TV during 0500-0700 morning coffee break! (from life!)....(my rural ruhts really showing now)....yeah,yeah,yeah, "This Sportin' Life" in Boston (first Beacon Street Union album!) is non-existent BUT my day was cheered up coz 20 april is openin' day for TURKEY SEASON! (more popular than the Pittsburg Pirates but not Jesus!). Folks get LIFETYME huntin; licenses to hunt on family estates (I only hunt in ma's icebox when I's home on our 1851 land) BUT huntin' is SOCIAL DISTACIN'! Hillbilly style! I aint a-lyin'! I aint but three generations outta there so's gotta keep a-touch my "ruhts". don' fergit I left a trailer in Charleston South Carolina friday 25 apr 80 pckin' up all worldly possessions on top-a roof rack of a 1978 Ford Pinto, leavin' what din't fit on the stoop of a neighbour's trailer! And I thought life sucked then! Three more weeks of lockdown and then the clubs open? "c'est la vie say the Gizmo/ it goes to show you never Cain tell"".....


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