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Monday, April 11, 2022

"Sonntag 10 April 22, Palm Sunday. Asa Brebner cd I am not gone volume two. track eleven is "Tit for tat" by Garr Lange and the Folsom Brothers. Garr Lange on vocals; in '80s he did alt-country with Garr Lange and the Big Rig. you can "like' him on facebook, I think I wrote. you can friend Mark Sutton on facebook; he does guitar and harpsichord and was in THE RINGS! (Rolling Stone about '81 said they were "neo-cars" but hey, major label etc.). Greg McCleary is on bass/drum/keyboard; a mass Art grad,whom in '87 started Heart Bunch Studios in Allston; map coordinates looks like "Dead Boston Club" The Underground. Pedigrees aside, this is a superb gospel-r and b Stax-Volt sounding toon; I-IV-VI for the chorus and I-VI-II-V for chorus and then that bridge! buy the cd, money goes to Asa's kids, I still got ten weeks and ten tunes to go, I should only live so long...'...

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Palm Sunday part two. (exciting day off). Matt Burns of V gave me a $25 gift certificate to Somerville Grooves of which I cleaned him out of $2.00 world/folk/country albums (TO be reviewed!). Also, tossed in FREE ("Let's call it even"....) was Me by Elton John (bio, hardcover) October 2019 release; I know I saw it at Harvard Coop pre-lockdown (can I go there again?) and October 2019, maybe I opened for 999....As I listened to my two years ago bought Somerville Grooves Monkees albums, I read Sir reginald KENNETH book and (giving away the beginning) the Long John Baldry stories are funny and flamboyant! Also, reading Bernie taupin's lyrics for first tyme; "kinda Tolien-esque, like "whiter shade of pale"....hmmmm… maybe Bernie and I could write "Twin Cities of Elton's mind"...…."......


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

"Dienstag 12 april 22. BBC-Four has "Teatime"  British comedy. (it's on the site). This was 1830 in the evening so 130 pm "back in the states". Bumper music: "when I get home", a 1966 45 off a Spencer Davis Group album I had more than Fiddy years on. Autumn '66 was the UK release (26 August 66; my father left for 'Nam the next month). The 45 released then also. September 1966, this song was performed in The Ghost Goes gear: it's on YouTube (the song) and imagine Corporal Ed Wood di-recting hard Day's it!".....


Saturday, April 16, 2022

"Saturday 16 April 22. Ok, music news von me. two copies of my Dino records cd being mailed priority to the BGN. has all the info, site looks great! that's dinoRecords correct way to spel. Johnny and Jumper cables "Landmine"played on WFMU 10 April 22 RIGHT after "The End' by the Doors! ECTASTIC coz Jimbo and I have mutual Rathbun ancestry out of Ditton, Lancashire; did a google British map and our ancestral Ditton was 11 miles from Liverpool and about an hour from Blackburn, Lanchasire (how many holes DOES it take to fill the Albert hall?). I think the Gizmos played WMFU; go to the Gulcher site and/or lissen to Bear's Choice on bandcamp, Gizmos rehearsals. All my past is all good and well but let's look forward to the Future/gigs right now; if you're willin' to pay the price! mad Painter public group: Mad Painter on spotify; playing Painter's "Let him go". (also a YouTube video!) .next gig: mad painter and Gregg Perry and Strange Berries (Hendrix tribute band) at Common Street Spiritual center in Natick, mass. More gigs coming but til now, chillin' to NBA play-offs on WAJR 1440 AM, Morgantown, west virginny"....


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