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Monday, April 12, 2021

Sonntag 11 April 21 0300 or Coast to Coast AM. ok, bumper music: Wilson Pickett's "Hey Jude". Beatles release; 26 Aug 68 and THAT month I started a Rochester Ny Democrat and Chronicle paper route, determined to spend my earnings on ALL Apple records (by 1976 I was on Gulcher records!). Wilson Pickett recorded HIS Hey Jude album November 1968 and I STILL remember hearing it over to my "Ant' (Ma's sister) Fannie's place and my cuzzin saying "isn't it too soon to bring this song back?" answer: "NO!" I looked at Wicked Pickett's discography and he even gave "Sugar Sugar" soul! Also of doubt (on wikipedia) is Duane Allman playing lead on "Hey Jude", (it's true!! Read here-ed)so me listening to Duane in '68; guitar two years later...all on 1851 Blodgett property! If you read the beatles wiki Sir Paul wouldn't let George solo on "Hey Jude'...ok, so this to me is THE version! What I just learned on wiki, boringly waiting for a 91 bus coz I AINT retired, is on same album, the follow up to "Hey Jude" was Wicked Pickett singing "Born to Be Wild"! And to quote Rochester Ny native Gene Cornish, rascals guitar on Little Steven radio the once: "Hey I was from white bread Rochester NY; I didn't know nothin' about Wilson Pickett!" Me too! Not til "Hey Jude"! Rock done with soul and an Allman solo....hmmm....sounds like my Lowell Street recordings!"....

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

"Monntag 12 Apr 21 0300 Coast to coast AM (c'mon sleepin', lissenin' to records, watchin' tv, brunch at Bronwyn...I'm old AND predictable!). Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion", mono radio. Toys in the Attic was last Aeroshit album that I liked and I did a borin'-ass interview with their borin' ass bassist in indy for Gulcher; why I'm EVEN mentionin' this song is he ADMITTED they stole it from Stones "we love you" (the "sweet emotion' part). I actually DO like the underated b-side "uncle salty" more; Aeroshit did gud 45s! couple hours or so later Coast bumper music was Nirvana "man who sold the world' ("Space oddity' b-side in '73!). Gotta admit Kurt Cobain nails that lil intro riff ("he played it left hand but took it too far"! I is cuzzins to him through our mutual Vigne line (one of four Walloon families whom sailed to New Netherlands 1623 AND "date man" (Blowfish quote in BGN '78) WERE there on Manhattan for that $24 swindle of ye Indians ("always....remember the swindle"). I know this is getting kinda classic rock-y BUT internet research that I dun DOES site Lydia Koch ALSO lissenin' to man who sold the world in Rochester! She shoulda pen palled me from Circus magazine fiddy years ago; otherwise, if I hadn't ate dinner: "I need Lunch!""..

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Monntag 12 April 21. YES! I am a FAN(attic) of "TV Eye' SCANDAL series; they keep mentioning the NSA, Mr President has marine guards (Hello BIZARRO World!) AND they have THE BEST r and b music, especially playing 1973 vinyl albums. So Mr President is carrying on more love affairs than Bill Clinton BUT the music is...Otis Redding/Carla Thomas "Tramp'! (Gizmos toured the Stax museum when we played Gonerfest in Memphis!). Carla: "you know what?/ you wear overalls/ and big ole brogan shoes/ and you need a haircut tramp!" "Hey Baby they're playing MY song"! Another Stax Volt classic from Joe Tex "But I know some woman who will take you...Mr Raggedy Clothes and All!" my real Wife! "whooped with an ugly stick!"".

Thursday, April 15, 2021

day of THOR! Ides of April 2021! 0806 got a text from "Mighty" Joe Quinn, bass of Clan Linehan-ago-go; he posted on my wall dj Kelly Ogden (Wikipedia!) from The Dollyrots (like them on facebook!) "Ronettes...Phi Spector...we played "who's Mod" by Ken Highland and his Vatican Sex Kittens! has an exclamation point. "An eccentric and awesome Boston musician" ...and before that "sidewalk Surfin'" by Jan and dean".....


Friday, April 16, 2021

Freitag 16 April 2021. 0400. Sometyme in the night after giving the ok sign to the Tinkerbelle lights that are on my ceiling, I was listening to Coast to Coast Am with GEORGE NOORY and heard Sugarloaf's "Green Eyed Lady" a GREAT August 1970 45, along with "Mississippi Queen" and "All Right Now" which equals my first guitar that Christmas. Formerly (Wikipedia) CHOCOLATE HAIR ("dude....let's go see Chocolate hair man....with STRAWBERRY Alarm Clock and VANILLA Fudge and dig the colours on the ice cream mannnnn"...."Green Eyed Lady" has a LOOONNGG jam version but they edited that Mad Painting for the Am version. My stepbrother had the album. Edgar Cayce and the pyramids was the topic on the program but dig that bumper music! BUT my 0500 morning got BETTER! No Law and Order so I surfed (related four tymes to the Beach Boys!) to channel 335 and on Discovery: Expedition X! go to Wikipedia for The Bell Witch (and; abandoned Tennesee 1820 plantation, Pair o' normal or abnormal, Ghostbusters in a corn field and I HEARD the ghost say "yes yes"! (it's on youtube!) Investigators Communicate with the legendary Bell Witch/ expedition X. AND in case you're "Pumpin'", investigator Jessica Chobot (from Buffalo NY!) named "14th hottest woman of business 2009 by Business Pundit". "Supplementing her love of video games is an obsession with Japanese culture, especially anime and manga". sadly, married twice already and a mom".....

Saturday, April 17, 2021

"Every day is a Saturday 17 april 21. 7 pm Freitag, Sup was at barra on Bow Street,Somerville,Mass. never been there. a Mexican tapas place, nice ladies working there. BUT "do you want to try our grasshopper"? Kung Fu '70s flashbacks? No this was "high in protein" fried fucken grasshopper apps! "Am I High?" ask the Hombres and WILL I return from this Trip, mannnnn….Still peakin' on fried grasshopper, 0200 or so, Coast to Coast AM had Billy Gibbons of ZZBeard on as guest! I DID catch the "Hendrix and big-ass stereo backstage" story when Moving Sidewalks and Experience played Texas. "He had everything man" says Mr. Z.Z> Top (no kin to ZZ Hill!). Bumper music: "waitin' for the bus" off tres Gizmos and I even stole the chorus for the Gizmos "Undo My Briss". 0500 (STILL trippin' on fried grasshopper; "hot smoke and sassafras granny!" "where can we get those crawdads, mannnnnn…"Turner Classic Movies had McCabe and Mrs Miller which I DID see at Brattle Theater this millennium but the leonard Cohen soundtrack NEVER gets old!

LASTLY (almost): 0630 Meet Me in las vegas! released the month before I was borned in a trailer in northern Virginny with no TV (march 1956) the acts are my parents music via
WJIB 740 Am, Bob Bittner! Just the Four Aces singing the intro alone is worth watching but check Wikipedia and youtube for listings of whom sang what and discogs tells you of the VINYL soundtrack! That said, supreme moment was Mitsuke Sawamura, teen sensation from Japan! (she was also in teahouse of the August Moon AND her discogs discography has albums Made in japan that I WANT! also on youtube!). 7 pm is Mad Painter practice for the studio on 1 May 21, next Saturday (24 april 21) a Kenne session; WNTN 1550 AM cranking the Greek music and I DID mail in my pledge to Grecian Echoes (like them on facebook!). 'til then, smoke them grasshoppers and crawdads if you got 'em!- Highland S. Thompson, O'Douls and Self Loathing in Someville".....


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