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Monday, April 13 2020

Sonntag 12 april 2020. 0611. Get TV has Glen Campbell Goodtyme Hour. Coffee and channel surfin' to Jerry Reed doin' "She got the goldmine/ i got the shaft!" "Luvin' y'all has been mah fiasco!". On youtube- Glen Campbell & Jerry Reed- Glen Campbell Music Show (18 Dec 82). Jerry reed was hammin' it up in a tri-colour leather coat (at least five years out of fashion) with Glen campbell on "Amos Moses". They's a line "six foot two/ he could eat as much as he was tall"; JETH-ROOO!!! Some real good pickin' from both cats! I recorded "Rain of death" 5 dec 82 and Gizmas '82, i was hungover and listened to White Light/White Heat (skull cover) but this is my REAL roots! Duck Dynasty pajama pants and NO shoes!"......

Tuesday, April 14 2020

Monntag 13 april 2020. 0600. Court TV Mystery; "TV eye on me". SCANDAL. (scandal (TV Series)-wikipedia). "American politcal thriller television series" 5 April 12- 19 april 18. never saw it due to Gizmos (and others!) reunions. I cant figger out if QPA are good guys or B613 is bad guys then the Russians come in...holy NSA! BUT, great use of r and b music in scenes! stealing some blood for assassination attempt as phlebotomists wished they were listening to Bound and Gagged whilst doing same as James Brown's "Get up offa that thang' (released May 76, recorded in April, one month after the "good God y'all" Gizmos!) plays. Otis Redding's "I been lovin you too long" (studio) used as romantic scene til female agent holds pistol to mail agents head.... "Trick Fucked Again"? youtube has more info but dang, "Life during Lockdown" ("this aint no party! this aint no disco!"), I shall Shrley (and Lee!) toon into this'un agin! Oprah would tune in Thursday nights just to watch it! ("Alex, I'll take Kenne Highland and Oprah Winfrey for 500")".......

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Til Tuesday 14 april 2020. 0500. PBS. "Monster" piece Thee-ate-er. BAPTISTE. 'a retired Julien Baptiste visits Amsterdam to visit his daughter, but soon finds himself in the criminal underworld of the red light district as he helps search for a missing girl". It gets better! (with 0500 coffee!). "Missing girl" is a junkie being searched for by her "uncle" (who isnt! and "has a secret"...future episodes!) "red light district"; girls offering their 'wares' through open windows, run by a transwoman who WAS a Romanian bad guy! her boyfriend doesnt know the secret. There's a trans brothel also and a chubby like me Dutch (I got the DNA!) farmer who talks to his dog after his wife left....beautiful country and tulip farm but he discovers...PBS DRAMA! Since episode one shows on two different PBS channels at 0500 KENsecutive days I watched it twice, await future episodes and DO recommend it to BGN and readers coz WHAT THE FUCK ELSE ARE YOU GONNA DO WHEN THOSE FUCKEN SHITHEADS CLOSE DOWN THE FUCKIN CITY!!!???? fuckers...'....

Thursday, April 16, 2020

day of Wodin ides of april 2020. $11.00 at Internacional Food and gratis via Miss Lyn saying "Kenne they have Spanish music "Down on the street". Tonight: Marimba Antiqua 60 Anniversario. Marimba Antiqua has youtube. https:''>books. Maya Achi marimba Music in Guatemala 2005. Sergio Navarrete Pellicer. "Sebastion Hurtado perfected the chromatic marimba in 1894...adding second set of keys" of this fascinating history lesson is the maya Indian roots of said instrument, chapter four i chanced upon. playing "native Indian music" for "German plantation owners" plus "playing foreign music for foreigners in foreign places" meaning 'outside the indian community". Truly a folk music! Discogs. com has record geek info: "2000 cd release' (was it in that store for 20 years?)"genre: Latin, folk, world and country". Style: "Marima, folk". dances are listed like fox trot, cumbia, danzon and 6 x 8 (and Son!). wikipidea will explain a fact for you gringos: Ben E. King "Spanish Harlem 1960 oldie: "Stan Applebaum arrangement featuring Spanish guitar,marimba"...basically a whole album of "Spanish Harlem"-esque marimba perfect for dining on takeout after "a hard days night' and now i own TWO Gauatamalean cds!"......

Friday, April 17, 2020

"day of Thor, 16 april 2020. channel surfin' 0530 and Ray Charles in a club singin' 'what'd I say"! What movie IS this? on FXM Retro: SWINGIN ALONG January 1961. A piano man tries to enter a contest writing a hit song. comedy, we need that in these tymes. BUT musical guests are a flashback to lil Kenny Highland in Wallace NC (along with ML Carr!). Bobby Vee sings a love song to coeds in headscarves and Joe College in BERMUDA SHORTS (my dad wore those) in a park; a good song! lastly, since contest boy got lost or something ROGER WILLIAMS performs the song in outdoor park gazebo session. Now, this equals BOTH my parents: Dad had the ray Charles greatest hits album, but I associate ma with "lounge" music or as Loony Tunes records had "easy listening' listed as "Billy Ruane music". I KNOW we had a Roger Williams album on KAPP (I think my parents belonged to a record club; starting in 1968 I belonged to THREE!). Dude could surely play! doin' all kindsa glissandos; Jerry Lee Liberace and Lil Richard mighta "Be more flamboyant" but I might dig on some Roger Williams as i flash back to SIXTY years ago, watching Micky Mouse/Donald Duck etc. One more fact: female love interest: barbara eden! (was he wearing pedal pushers? 1961 flashback!) This was easily half-a-decade before i dream of Jeannie....damn good funny movie! SWINGIN' ALONG!".....

Saturday, April 18, 2020

"Freitag 17 april 20. Via La Internacional Food, Somerville, Mass. $8.00 sealed but laying outside the bodega; Luis Angel/ Mirando hacia El Sur (Sony LATIN label). copyright 1994; wasnt Kurt Cobain's funeral all over MTV? wikipedia espanol says he was born 31 Dec 55, Lanus, Buenos Aires "us un cantautor argentino". "Generos : pop latino- baladas romanticas". KENsidering the tyme what DOES come to mind on "baladas" for some reason: Bryan Adams! having a '90s flashback...One toon kinda Stonesy, one kinda bluesy (Lee Sklar on bass! james taylor/carole get my drift) AND besides facebook, there IS a Puerto Rico International Fan Club! handsome chap, even if i never heard of him but I'm sure MANY a heartbroken chica would "Cry for Me, Argentina: with these baladas romanticas'...again, since this is reading like the 1975 Gulcher Krazee Kensumer Guide, the operative word is: FREE!!! I can go to macchu pucchu,see PushmePullYou and get a big-ass $10 Peruvian sandwich! Now i got dinner AND music for half that! Happier'n merda! How's YOUR fucken week in loco lockdown de casa?"..


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