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Monday, April 15, 2019

monday 8 april 19. Glider practice. KOTO, Salem 11 may 19 with classic ruins FUs and skrewcart. A very good practice. the Jetset songs are basically Ramones-cum-Afrika Korps. Al, guitar, wants to buy the Kenne "trilogy" on Stanton Park even the 500 pressing Five Beers Ahead of My Time. "Be More Flamboyant" and "She's not just another girl (she's a darling)" were done; remember I'm on bass, so sing like me but do Carl Biancucci's bass lines which I've only seen for umpty-nine years. Captain easychords fills out the sound, Cal Cali on drums is a booking machine....I know some 60s oldies were tossed in there but wait! "How Do You Know'-Lyres! I lernt it in my trailer in South Carolina back in '79....glad to be playing it out live! (like once a week gigs; me: "Cal did you send boston groupie news gig listings?" "yes i sent them to Paul"....that's Blowfish in the New wave on VARULVEN!!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Kenne at Large
day of wodin, 10 april 19. club linehan-a-go-go practice cancelled but lettuce knott forget saturday 27 april 19 Quincy gig, email me for directions. So I had Pho Pasteur and an Asian film, a nice date with micelf, holding my hand and telling micelf how much I love me. Very romantic! P Storm is crime/action and comes after Z Storm, S Storm and L Storm. 22 more letters to go! South China Morning post . p-storm says it better than me: "after spending three films mingling with police officers, Luk decides to go to prison- not as a visitor,but undercover as a prisoner".....Serpico goes to Hong Kong basically yes loved it! AND follow SCMP Film on Facebook


Wednesday, April 16, 2019

Thor's Day, 11 april 19. outpost (like them on facebook!) THE last busker's bash til fall. Leon Rich (played with anderson Mar (RIP)) puts this on, so first off Windowsill and Ashtray (LOVE them on facebook), an "obnoxious folk duo" whom channel the Shaggs covering Jon Richman's "my little dinosaur"....they have videos on facebook page, lettuce say folk duo, lady sings great harmony, dude plays guitar and sax; wicked nice, invited me to some house party jamboree but that saturday is Mad Painter practice (C-note Hull Mass. friday 3 may 19!). Steve Painter (12 cent donkey (Gulcher)), whom I met at a Mr airplane man show abbey lounge 2000 came cross the river JUST to see Gizmo does Zimmerman; he did, indeed, correct me that all my Spider John Kenne renditions of trad folk/blues were from first 1962 Dylan album AND he says my finger-picking DOES sound like old Delta blooze....ok, I'm happy! Blind Lemon Jefferson was 300 pounds also! Shawn Deidre, need to mention that busker, does great '20s jazz songs replete with beret; see her and Leon in Harvard square! or the "pit" in davis, near somerville theater. The Glider Boyzz (no relation to "Crash street kids") "hogged" rest of show; captain easychords, solo piano doing ringo's "it dont come easy" and sniff and the tears "driver's seat". cant forget Ethan, solo bass, had played with Not the Beatles in Harvard Square plus That Band (bring back The Pit!) did a bass-slappin' rendition of "all day and all of the night". Me, captain easychords (guitar/piano) backed up Cal Cali on velvet underground's "what goes on". Closer jam was Pink Floyd's "us and them" (a b-side i think; youtube!) which i'd never played before but i followed ethan. piano was Leon Rich and Sharon from Ginger Ibex; Cal CAli/captain easychords backing vocals;Windowsill and ashtray dude-sax.....playing to four people who LOVED it! Now THAt is true art, fuck the rumble, I had more fun.

Thursday, April 17, 2019

Gay Hathaway
friday 12 april 19. buy amtrak tickets to Detroit, Gizmos saturday 27 July 19. head over to tavern at the end of the world. Venom and Mayhem open. Dmuchowki twins from Flight of Fire. A T. Rex lineup; acoustic guitar and Micky Finn congas. Highlight, since they's from my dad's hometown of Detroit was Bob Seger's "Turn the Page". great harmonies too. Great harmonies in Corolla Deville also, they being three Sister Act; aint nuthin like "blood harmonies" ala Eberle Brothers. A good North Shore Stones-meets-Dawgs rock-n-roll set, a lot of 1965 Keith Richards leads (these ladies are stone-cold Stones fans). ALWAYS good to see Gay Hathaway who was telling me some line I made up on "reincarnation' (orange Kenne record on stanton park) was "genius". Also (1985) she was fired from The Bats, was depressed, allegedly I said "fuck this shit! let's jam on "born under a bad sign".....see, the cure for the CURE is to jam on da blooze! Had to leave after "Terry-go-round" to catch a somerville bus, since construction is Grand Funkin' up travel everywhere.

Friday, April 18, 2019

saturday 13 april 19. 145 pm somerville theater $8 matinee of HELLBOY; it's basically the King Arthur legends but lotsa gore but great soundtrack! "welcome to my nightmare"-alice cooper, creepy castle scene AND (my favourite!) some vehicle speeding by lopping off heads to the toon of Motley Crue's "hotwire my heart"....this was a teen movie, action/superhero etc. On to Mad Painter practice and dont forget C-note in Hull friday 5 may 19 headlining....hope the ocean nice this time of year. Lastly Classic Ruins at taven at the end of the world,always excellent and sadly I had to leave during Dylan' "highway 61 revisited". THAT was the week that was,read about this week next week!.


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