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Monday, April 18, 2022

"Sonntag 17 April 2022. Asa Brebner I am not gone volume two, a tribute to asa brebner. "you stole my woman" by Hot Mic! Garret Vandermolen- vocals, guitar, "hootin' and hollerin'" (I like that!). Patrick Wallace-vocals, guitar and bass. Hector Saint-Hilaire-drums. Pedigrees: I met Patrick Wallace when the Swallows played Salem and garett and hector in Speed Fossil BUT: garrett told me the Asa messa-round: "I was in the Vouts"; that's when I put my shotgun down ("take my wife...please!"- Kenne Youngman now an alta kaka!). A bit of research; 1992, me and my cuzzin, "Princess of the trailer Park" saw the Vouts play the rat with Johnny and the Jumper cables; Garret (AND Billy the Kid) played BASS in Vouts. Linda Garreau Highland and I (distant cuzzins TWICE!) bought their 18 Sept 91 album Out with a V (actually cheap cd; we went 'hey! the Vouts!"; "I saw her down/ at the Midway" 29 dec 91. Let the Music do the talkin'! a dirty-sounding Stones guitar via the gizmos "that's cool,i respect lil queenie" I-IV-V verse that echoes Chuck berry's "too much monkey business"; the 'now you're gonna die" chorus echoes Lynyrd GyzMo's "gimme three steps" in enunciation....yep, "My head's in '73!""....

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

"Sonntag 18 April 22. "TV Eye". a vid of docu-men-terry; The Howlin' Wolf Story- The Secret History of rock and roll (4 Nov 2003; I was playing the ABBEY lounge A LOT). and it's on YouTube!  six foot three, three hundred pound Wolf talkin', in black and white...where DO I begin? Starting on SUN RECORDS and DO tour there if in Memphis, up to Chicago (seen them elevated trains!), live footage that is amazing, Delta blues roots with Charlie Patton, playing with the Stones on Hullaballo...and Wolf's Jim dandy-esque voice chills right through you! Wikipedia says Howlin' Wolf died age 65, Hines, Illinois 10 jan 76, for those whom believe in "reincarnation", I was "refrigerator rappin'' 31 dec 75, organizing the gizmos as Wolf lay dying and by month's end had joined the marines! (Wolf in Army! '41-'43!). 20 march 76, first Gizmos e.p.; HAS Wolf's GizMojo blessed all my subsequent recordings of "de debbil's music?""......


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

"Sonntag 18 April 22. I wuz watchin' COZi tv and it was the Munsters all day!

So....Grandpa ran away from home and Lily calls a club; "Hi. this is Mrs Munster. can I speak to the count?" answer; dial YELL-FUN!"..


Friday, April 16, 2022

"Monntag 19 april 22. arrived priority care of Boston Groupie News; Howl of the She Wolf! My latest cd cranked on a $20 salvation army trailer blaster! is the ordering info and buy gemini on a full moon and be more flamboyant! Buy it BEFORE it becomes a cutout at savers and DO ask for the Armenian discount! radio/writers et al, knock yourselves out on this pre-humous release; "give me my flowers while i'm livin'"- Slim (not me!) and the Supreme Angels"....


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Saturday 23 april 22. releases, gig offers, gigs...let's just focus on next couple weeks....Friday 6 may 22, 8 pm, Psychedelic rock party Common street spiritual center (Natick, mass) here's the FB page, Mad Painter meets Gregg Perry and Strange berries.captain easychord on mad painter page; "Great pairing! I've been following Gregg perry's live shows for awhile. He does great Jimi Hendrix covers with some originals in that style. and his vocals are the closest to Jimi's that I've ever heard"; ok I'm sold! jam at end, they say? then, Mother's Day, 8 may 22, we back up Vlada Brofman.… And keeping it international, back to online radio box and Country Road 58; "country,rockabilly, bluegrass" but when I tuned in it was during the guitar solo in Rolling Stones "Sway" (though that Jimmy Miller period had plenty of "country' "rock")….despite the temptation to tune into country and/or Canadian stations, try: lower Saxony, Lehrte! "and don' fer- git to scrape der scheiss ist vn der shoes!" Exiled von Flenburg? das ist nicht gut! Moin Pierre leCoutre!".


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