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Monday, April 20 2020

Sonntag 19 april 20. 0600. FXM Retro "TV Eye". Decision Before Dawn. release date: 21 Dec 51, dad was a senior at Cooley High, dee=troit, 14 years before Wayne Kramer. adapted from novel Call It Treason." late 1944, American colonel leads a military intelligence unit recruiting German POWs as spies'....ok, I LOVED The Dirty Dozen as a kid, so... "Tiger", cynical older thief and ex-circus worker, WILLING to work for WINNING side" (wikipedia, caps are mine). "Happy" is a "young idealist"; Pierre le Coutre, Flensburg Groupie News, LOVES Oskar Werner. Besides Fahrenheit 451 and Spy who came in from the cold, this austria-born actor was a Wehrmacht deserter! Richard Basehart from voyage to bottom of sea is a lieutenant and "newcomer who distrusts the German turncoats". also of note when this Dirty quarter-dozen parachute into Mannheim (57 miles or so north of lembach, alsace-lorraine) Happy meets "young war widow Hilde" played by Hildegard Krief; Pierre le Coutre ALSO big fan of her; she acted/wrote books/did music! Til yesterday; Hopelessly Obscure! (e.g. how much Kraut kino kan kenne watch on youtube during lockdown?). I wont give away the ending but, having watched Bridge over the river kwai on tv the same night I watched my father get blown up in Last Reflections on a war (youtube), it has a "Kwai" ending, kinda. I'm a scenery geek, so the city of mannheim (mein schweister wast von Stuttgart, USMC, '90s; north west is mannheim), marvelous BLACK AND WHITE shots of medieval german city plus the ever-lovin' Rhine....just a fantastic movie,what can I say?!?!?"..

Tuesday, April 21 2020

"Monntag 20 april 20. 0500 channel two PBS. BAPTISTE episode two. french detective discovers Englishman claiming be to sex worker's "uncle" is not whom he seems (Miss Lyn curious about severed head in hand; me, I'm still thinkin' 'bout the gurl with the curious hand"! DIGNEY FIGNUS!!!!!!!). THAT'S coz British actor Tom Hollander played Jim Beach in Bohemian Rhapsody! (Beach (wikipedia): "best known for being the long-time manager of the rock band Queen, its individual members and the comedy group Monty Python". Now he's in Masterpiece Theater in this "psyco logical drama'.). Since "Sleepless in Somerville" movie star * Miss* LYN!!!*** joined me at 0540 perhaps..."Kenne is this Amsterdam?" (filmed in "Netherlands belgium" and the "runaway gurl' lives on a HOUSEBOAT! in some Dutch canal...well, I thought it was cool....)...also seeing Baptiste's house, "nice place!" (Miss Lyn, Antwerp Groupie News!). I've been geeking on researching all the actors from the continent so if i start doing side-reviews of Flemish comedies....well THAT actress plays a police sergeant who's Baptiste's ex!)...a lot of twists and turns, four more episodes to go and I'm sure the fucken town still be in lockdown by memorial Day!"....

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

"Til Tuesday 21 apr 20. having watched decision before dawn, decided to research actress Hildegard Knef. youtube has her acting AND singing; final analysis; a Hopelessly Obscure (to me) version of marlene Dietrich! (sing AND act AND Deutsche!). Pierre le Coutre, Flensburg Groupie News, and I agree on two things; ALWAYS buy Hello World when in berlin and; Die Sunderin, 1950 kino. "The Sinner", 18 jan 51 (Dad in junior year at Dee-troit's Cooley High, mofos!) "west German romantic drama film". wikipedia; "love story between a prostitute ("dont want you to be no 'ho!") and unsuccesful artist, who suffers from a cancer makes him blind and ill. despite her loving care, his health gets worse and together they commit suicide": "just like Romeo and Juliet" ("hey-hey-hey!"). "one of first german films with nudity, suicide and Youth in Asia. Deutschland in '50s: negative reactions (bordering on "PSychotic"!) both by politicans and Catholic Church". Hildegard performs brief nude scene; used to be the European films caused the scandal in the States. her comeback to all: "totally absurd people...made scandal of nudity as five years previous Deutschland had made Auschwitz etc". Now THAT takes fucken OVARIES! My love song to her: "Moi Cheri et Mort" (NY Dolls meets Blue Oyster Cult!"): "she's hot, she's sexy and she's DEAD!".....

Thursday, April 23, 2020

"day of Wodin 22 april 20. Dinner was more black and white German films on youtube I've stumbled upon. Rudolf Prack in the 1961 Frau Irene Besser. released 16 Feb 61; this West German film shows what went on Allied side of Berlin Wall and Dad was stationed camp Lejeune NC. wikipedia has this "film von John Olden (1961)" in Deutsche but with NO subtitles, that C I got fall '81 in german 101, opens at train station, returning German soldiers 1945. Moves along "in Westdeutschland der 40er und 50er jahre" the fashions and prosperity westdeutschland looks like the states or a Turner classic movie (black and white!) smoking, cocktails, a 78 playing some kinda jitterbug musik, the fashions, guys take off ladies coat...das ist gut! "Sentimentale..."-Lexikon des Internatioanelen Films. Leading man Rudolf Prack, Austrian film actor was, according to IMBd>name>bio "handsome matinee idol and star of post-war german film". To sum up what is good escape from lockdown fare, says "austrian actor Rudolf Prack was once "the most often kissed man of the german cinema".He has a facebook page too! Discogs lists that he did records! I just discovered him but he kinda be in a Clark gable/Elvis level in Deutschland. Like my own father, matinee idol looks which I myself HAVE inherited in case i wanna be the next Dash Riprock (or Ivar Lodbrok-ed)!!!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Freitag 23 april 20. or day of Thor. wanted to give ein "shoutout" to KINO Germany Now - Home / facebook. With lockdown, no Goethe Institute or Sonntag morgen movies at Coolidge Corner BUT 13,378 people "like" this! let me quote a 24 march 20 post: "if you're like us, your pandemic watchlist is growing by the minute! ("jah"...)... we recommend you add some German Films (German Films is a hyper-link, excellent also!) to the list, including some of these, Germany's most popular films from recent years: https://bit. ly/telescopefacetoface".....Since half the Deutsche films arrive in the States a couple-three years late and there's talk of four/five/six more weeks of lockdown, it's essen und essen und kino on youtube on I-phone Five (MC5 to Deutschland reference; Mr. Patti Smith had a Deutschland to Pennsylvania Deutsch ancestor name Ebersole, thusly, Patti's progeny also carry these bloodlines; Justin case Du isnt nicht mit ein Friga about it!".....

Saturday, April 25, 2020

saturday 25 april 20. I've been listening to my $5 Grooves Somerville copy of Bermuda Strollers '73 (discogs says: "format vinyl lp. country bermuda. released 1973. genre: funk/soul, pop, folk, world and country. style: calypso, lounge". Amazon is selling it for $189.99! (available FREE on youtube; all 40 minutes of lp!). BUT>2013/04>video-jon... says "Jonathon Richman still includes a monologue in his live shows about how the bermuda Strollers saved his musical soul when his band the Modern Lovers were playing at the old Inverurie Hotel during College Weeks in 1973". (I had just joined the Godz (ESP) sounding O. rex about then; Jon's beserkly stuff like "Roadrunner" was listened to muchly by the Rockabilly Yobs before recording first Gizmos e.p.).>songs>mon.... has "monologue about bermuda- Jonathon Richman chords site". he even starts singing "Bang Bang Lulu" which has self-censoring (unlike the Gizmos except Ted Niemeic stepping out for a glass of milk) lyrics ala benny Bell's "shaving cream" and many another double-entendre calpyso toon. Ok, lockdown equals Kraut movies and calypso music THIS week BUT, since you fuckin' know clubs aint openin' til June at least; "picture yourself on a beach in Bermuda/ as Jon Richman listens to the Bermuda Strollers/ somebody say "mon, i got some ganga/ and you get so incredibly h-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-g-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h-h-h-h"......stay wasted and lockdown'll go better folks! and listen to happy/sunny music! After this lp, Jon didnt write "She cracked' no 'mo! best five dollars I've spent since a $4.99 case of blanchard's beer back in '81 then you'd see mr butch in front of Bunratty's looking for "the big 25!" (always gave Butch that quarter! NO QUARTER TO THOSE THAT DIDNT!)......


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