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April 21, 2014


Fer a hard-workin' blue collar feller like micelf, The Roy Sludge Trio at the Lizard Lounge at 4 pm drinking $2.95 Pabst Blue Ribbon is what it's all about! I'm sure my Grandaddy McBee's line did same in Detroit after workin' in car factories like "Deet-troit City". Miss Lyn was back to HER Jim-10 roots also and playing air spoons to truck-drivin'/western swing/rockabilly/honky-tonk, lotta '40s/'50s influence. I remember Alan Sheinfeld when he was in the Boogie-men in '80s, so rockabilly to roots of rockabilly not a long shot plus all his cartoon Jonathon Winters voices a country version of Burning Sensations! standouts: "John Hardy" which had a Duke Levine solo like Speedy West doin' John Cipollina via Jeff Beck and of course "Drivin' nails in my coffin"! standup bass and I was RIGHT next to Duke Levine on lead guitar who channelled the Beverly Hillbilies/Bill Kirchen (this set list WAS Comander Cody, trust me!)/Speedy West/the Pirates guitairst Mick Green/Jeff Beck/Cippolina and Don Rich; some VERY fast fingers that i couldnt keep up with! Ladies dancing with electric bunny ears and in walks Cal Cali, who drives the BGN staff to Sally O'Briens and $3.50 Newcastle Brown (lissen to Humble Pie's "30 days in the hole"!) Bob Leger was acoustic backed by Gyro Lula rhythm section and my favourites were "black is black"(Los Brvos);"just like tom thumb's blues" (Dylan) and Cream's "i feel free"; a '60s human jukebox! Gyro Lula did their great roots-rockin' cd and at end Johnny Del switched from his rockabilly guitar to a Tele (I was pretty drunk) for some Who-ish power chords and WMFO's Brian Young got me..."all the Way to Quincy"! (that's Mott the Highland, y'know).....

April 22, 2014

Midway Cafe is Chris Toppin's monthly Monday residency; she was in Fuzzy and Ex-Girlfriends so that's her BOSTON news KENnection. did a lot of gigs with her in '87 and she inherited TWO Hopelessly Obscure gals on drums (Gay Hathaway/Jordan Cook). So after a young kid who was VERY good ended with a Fiona Apple cover, I walked onstage, sat in a chair, used Chris's acoustic and worked on my second $2.50 PBR (so, I was only TWO Beers ahead of my tyme). opened with an Alex Chilton/Box Tops 3-fer, cry like a baby/soul deep/the letter (done Vanilla Fudge style!) and told story of Eric Martin showing me Alex Chilton's autograph on inside of his guitar case; this was Cables/Neats/JJ Flash/'84...only yesterday! then Roky Erikson 3-fer since I vaguely resemble him (the Ericksons were Danes, Kynyards were von Deutschland von der Rhine like my Dad's Fischer grandmutti- 2 headed dog/slip inside this house/she lives in a tyme all her own (me" hey this is the same chords as Six by the Neats!" so i tossed in "Henry...had...6...wives"...) then it was Iggy's birthday, so "no fun" (done Pilgrim Travelers gospel style) "down on the street" (Jr. Kimbrough/John lee hooker style) and a gimme danger/play with fire mashup. Then I sped UP a vanilla fudge/evie sands toon "take me for a little while" to a mid-tempo T. Rex thang, which merged into "meanwhile i was stillllll thinkin'", flip over the 45 to "Raw Ramp", then "electric boogie, boogie on" back into 'and if you dont want me...forever...take me for a little while!" ending with a Chris Toppin ode "she's so alice kramden when she's waitressing" (had finished recording orange Kenne album with "fiasco", went to Our House, allston, Honeymooners on tv and right down the street Aerosmith had wrote "Movin' out"! Eric Martin did Beau Brummels "just a little" but THREE beers (PBR) ahead of my tyme,it was "take the last train to Quincy"..."

April 23, 2014

since Kenneth P. Kaiser is on health kick for Hello World Tour, I went swimmin' in the ce-ment pond at my health club; so since it's a slow news morning lettuce give der Kaiser, a 6 AM WJIB playlist (Bob Bittner and I BOTH veterans of the Brockport NY AM station, my Barlow uncles had farms there and this is due south of WT Grant's, Brockport plaze that had THREE copies of first Stooges album december '71,$1.87 ($2 with tax!) and from the first notes of "1969" i was playin' along, age 15). ok, so after Wall Street Journal this morning WRKO 680 AM (stock in Kleen-Kut records is falling through the roof!), turned dial right to 740 AM WJIB and heard Andrews Sister "boogie woogie bugle boy" plus "this i swear" (Skyliners?), some more big band (Ma woulda loved it!) AND "afternoon delight"! (there was an unplugged Jody Rotten version done RIGHT in Miss Lyn's living room in '90s)...more WJIB coverage! "you wanted the best and you got it!".....

April 24, 2014

after reclining in the hot tub at my exclusive health club (Gulcher royalties at work!) readin' "Yesterday's Papers", went back 'ome to Quincy, lissened to Sox/Yankees on WEEI-FM, then after WRKO 680 AM and Coast to Coast conspiracy theories and Wall Street Journal this morning (with snippets of "message to you rudy" and "iron man" in between financial news!) it wuz tyme for WJIB JUST for Ken Kaiser! Ferlin Husky's "wings of a dove" and I left for work after "hold me thrill me" by Mel Carter! without checking out the years of those hits, I know I were a young boy in North Carolina and Dad showed me how to use brylcreem, which he also used, combing his hair before he took out the garbage....that's four generations o' ladykillers, us Highland-McBees is, swarthy looks coming from Sephardic Jewry (article by Don Panther-Yates)....:.....

April 25, 2014

French Cultural Center Boston, cine-club de l'alliance: A Prophet by Jacques Audiard, screening conclude with open discussion led by "our in-house film expert", whom is a Belgian lady (home of Dad's Waloon ancestors that settled New Netherlands!). She Said, She Said "infleunced by Spike Lee/John Singelton/Scorcese" and yes! young Arab boy in prison falls under "sway" of a Corsician Godfather who looks like Dennis Hopper and acts like Frank Booth-cum-Brando; prison sex/violence,overtones of Jean Genet/Boys in the hood/Reservoir Dogs...another last night quote "this is the best american movie made in france"; and i thought they only liked John Felice and Jerry Lewis! People get whacked like the Sopranos, a lotta back-stabbing/double-crossing...hope you get my drift, really enjoyed ii, won a shitload of awards; "free, $5 suggested donation and i been workin' shitloads of overtime, so, hell yeah! support my French-on-both-sides heritage!".....

April 26, 2014

after a 48 hour work week, all I could do was hobble down the cobblestones of Charles Street (3 generations of Blodgetts have walked those cobblestones! Ma/sis/daughter), trying out the Hungry I. nice grotto, very European, French waiter who warmed up when I said "Je suis Quebecois!" (Huey Long had six different bloodlines and used 'em all for political purpose;all this AND Blaze Starr!) My waiter, from Normandy (told him Ma's grandmere was a Veilleux,from Dieppe and "oh that is VERY close to me!" Cardinals/Lisottes/Girou/Garreau, ALL Normans=descendants of Rollo, the Viking invader 800 AD!) recomended the $29 lamb and i also got a $22 Chilean wine, cloth tabletops,"finest wine known to humanity!" got home to Quincy and WRCA 1330 AM had Danny Stiles (RIP) playing "for your love"-ed townsend! he also said he and alan freed were djs together, THEN told a rare fact about Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney doin' a recod together! (He is/was a Frank freak; Sinatra in mono, man! I got the on!)...for Ken Kaiser, WJIB 740 AM saturday morning played Booker T and MG's "Green Onions" and Micky Bliss IS right; key of F! (I-IV-V,upon which i thrive!) Boston Groupie News staff powwow, replete with firewater at Casa Portugal ("oh god! it's them again!", Afrika Korps reunion record on New Rose!) Somewhere between the fish stew, olives, bread and Vinho da Casa tinta I had recollections of the Mad Max interview for Italian radio! (damn, I hit ALL the ports Dad hit on his 1959 Med cruise - Marines aboard ship, have liberty on-shore; I DO continue that tradition! also showed BGN staff my family tree DNA matches with Iberian Peninsula/Portugal/Azores (that's Kenne Highlando to you!) after Coast to Coast 680 AM WRKO went off-air at 5 AM, in my hungover Bukowksi-meets-Bangs/Beer and self-loathing Highand S. Thompson gonzo Gizmo journalism "Blue Condition" (Israeli Beers!) found a "memories" station 1400 AM or so, fuggin' ELLA FITZGERALD, in mono-man, is it Ella or is it memorex? with my luck, Dinah Washington and the rest of the divas will come across my AM! (plus folks callin' in about aliens and bigfoot and whatnot)..........


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