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Monday, April 22, 2019

Marathon Monday, ides of april 19. Glider practice and the songs are a cross between Ramones and PIL; simpler bass lines coz they fit! In keeping with their Ramones-cum-Afrika Korps sound,guitarist Al showed me the Kinks "til the end of the day" but I said "afrika korps covered that AND "heart full of soul" on music to kill by!" "Get Back to where you once belong"....Cal Cali HAS booked a friday 10 may jeannie johnston pub gig, jamaica plain (competing with various Grateful Dead nights!) and Captain Easychords had me "Under His Wheels": Duppy Conquerors, Bob Marley tribute, at sally o' brien's....Union Square, Somerville, picking up where Western Front left off!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

day of Wodin 1`7 april 19. club linehan-ago-go practice. playing along with Human Sexual Response album.....lettuce say COULD be a future surpirse! No gigs in May, but let me start promoting June. saturday 1 june 19, middle east up, bands who PLAYED the Rat beach party....the next day sunday 2 june 19, out of the blue gallery benefit, club linehan-ago-go starts off the day about 2 pm or some ungodly hour..."Hot Fun in the Summertime!


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Man Carl Biancucci!!!
day of Thor 18 april 19. Glider practice and highlights were Al on guitar showing me how to play Yardbirds "Little Games" (I learnt all the Clapton and Beck riffs, never advanced to Page-y really) and what REALLY sticks out in my mind is Cal Cali singing Outsiders "Time wont let me" (some Rochester NY AM radio "oldie" "Back in '72" (they'd play Bob Seger's "Smokin O.P.s" also!), Al had guitar parts, Cal Cali sang and drummed, Captain Easychords did a "96 Tears"-ish keyboard part but, as a self-taught bassist, watching Carl Biancucci channel Motown's james Jamerson when he played Midway with Black Souls; first time I ever played this song on bass IN MY FUCKEN LIFE, I "nailed" it. Jay Gruberger is Still Alive and Well in my fingers! (paraphrasing someone who signed my 1973 yearbook: "Alvin Lee lives in my fingers" or some such schoolboy rubbish). again, Glider gigs: friday 10 may 19, jeannie johnston with legendary Cazbats and Brian Young's band; saturday 11 may 19, Mach Kennedy, then the Classic Carls, then Glider (Carl Biancucci opens for ME!!! "I can outplay you with one finger"-Jay Gruberger,1974) and F.U.s close, good to see ole Sox....maybe I'll wear my Holy Sox....thus canst saith I, am "holier than thou!"

Thursday, April 25, 2019

saturday 20 april 19, a busy day....Brattle membership, $10 The Juniper Tree, a Brothers Grimm tale starring a very young Bjork; wikipedia says HER first album came out December 1977, age 11 (Gruberger Brothers moved their equipment out of kaiser stadium) and if in 1978, I HAD gotten stationed in Marine Barracks, Iceland (I am pretty sure that was Greenland Kenne-editor), I could have recorded Skol! Valhalla! with her! But reality is Mad Painter at C-Note in Hull Friday 3 May 19 and young Flynn Young was "tired" after a night of Heroes, then rehearsing with some high school mates covering System of a Down, THEN we had Mad Painter practice. On bass and drums, he and I riffed on Gary Numan's "Cars" , then Alex Gitlin guided us through Mad Painter album (youtube) and Paulie Miller REALLY fittin' in good on guitar. and "to love somebody" sounding more and more Small Faces every tyme.....I forgot what toon but I channeled Ron Wood on bass on Jeff Beck Group "shapes of things" during a Paulie solo...finally gigging out! Lastly, the Book Rack, 13 medford street, arlington mass. a shitty "one more rainy day" (Deep Purple b-side!) so five bucks for a phillip norman hardcover (no dust jacket!) Paul McCartney bio....what DONT I know about Beatle Paul? "mixed Irish/Scots ancestry" and even self-admitted "skinflint"....I now have a new favourite Beatle! George and John were always so bluidy Badfinger melancholy with their Welsh bluidlines; they should be fighting the Roman Empire NAKED like the ancient Britons my father descends from!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Easter Everywhere Sunday 21 April 19. three bands and four practices a week equals "crash and burn" BUT on the fucken Hallmark channel (NOT my choice; like the Jetsons on Gulcher "My baby loves crime"!) (I only kept it on coz YOU were SO interested Kenne!!!-editor) was Murder, She Baked- A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery. A cookie making blonde solves mysteries in upper Minnesota (has Viking name too). Drives detective boyfriend NUTS for being a "meddlin' dame". This is fucken Murder She Wrote meets Fargo. I STILL got sucked into but fucken middle America....First! To quote another great Gizmos toon on Gulcher "the midwest can be alright!" And wait'll I go on the merry-go-round again! "oh well" (parts one and two),beats the "Terry-go-round"!


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