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Monday, April 25, 2022

"Greek Easter Sonntag 24 April 22. WHRB's last song on blues show was John Lee Hooker's "Motor city is burning"; I had this MC5 b-side on 8-track AND album! lyrics on line; "well it started on twelth and Clairmont"; Wikipedia says the 1967 riots started at a "blind pig' at 9125 12th street, Detroit; my grandparents were at 12708 Hartwell, Detroit; 5.3 miles west. a 12 minute drive in an AMERICAN car back then, though I doubt my grandparents went in that area.either way, nice to have lyrics on line Justin case I ever do cover this blues progression in E! (great opening riff,too) further the KenC5 KENnection, besides the fact that dad had already died in February '67 before the riots, in '66, before Dad went to 'Nam, Wayne Kramer was getting out of Dad's "old school' (I ended up in Annandale in '76) in '66 BUT booking MC5 gigs. Here is Dad's Cooley High photo from 1952 before the marines,two wives (hey wait!...) AND five kids from three different wimmen (well, I have 'all this more and more' vinyl from three difrent labels)".....

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

"Dienstag 26 april 22. Rik Biskit Roth on WMBR if six was nine excellent as usual. Today's mindblower: "Tombstone shadow" off CCR's Green River album. fall '69 I did buy "green river" but John Fogerty's stinging guitar on "commotion" "really got me' (when I first heard "psychotic reaction" on a budget oldies album I thought the guitar/drum/no bass intro echoed CCR 'commotion"). I was so impsired (two cups of coffee of course!) I played along with Fogerty's stinging BB King, key of G fills! "13 years of bad luck"...ok,so he's echoing "born under a bad sign" (oh yeah man....that Cream song....)….BUT Coast to Coast listeners; I first borrowed from laurel Maryland (where George Wallace got shot) library a copy of green River album when I was guarding the NSA; later coz John Cameron Fogarty US Army, disgruntled vet had wrote "fortunate Son" anti-war toon, NO WONDER the NSA went through my garbage! And I still had a Top Secret security clearance; time to sing "Mr Security" off that berserkly comp (that was early '76 when I'd already signed up to join the Corps; joined THE KORPS two years later!)".


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

"Dienstag 26 april 22, part two of the great If Six was nine show, WMBR, Rik Biskit Roth. He played the Kinks british b-side to "Mr Pleasant", which is "This is where I belong'; I almost would wager I had Kinks Khronikles Fiddy years ago RIGHT FUGGIN NOW but this leads into a tale of Two Simons. Carl Biancucci, whom drew Ophelia O. rex is O. rextasy had a VARULVEN band name tea in China playing At the rat day of Wodin FREE (audition night: also had seen Bones (Joe Harvard) and Sickness two previous 1981 evenings; daze before the muzak Died. Also on bill was varulven band The Daughters (it was kinda may '81; I drank a pitcher at father's Five, Marlboro street then went down the rat for FREE music...louve the price, lassie!). So "The First Tyme I saw Simon" (Ritt) was NOT "the last tyme I saw paris"; he was DRUMMING and singing "this is where I belong"; I drunkenly was in awe of drumming and singing both. Another dumb-ass drunk joke was he and guitarist joe mazzari had matching shags, so I called Two Saints (WHICH Carl biancucci played in after this 1981 meeting!) "The Two Simons". Sober, it ceases to be funny. Like ole Chuck manson say (no kin to Marilyn or garbage singer): 'cease to exist". Anyhow BROODING (about the brood?) second cup of coffee that "sweet Tuesday Morning", flippin' off the world with me BAD finger....thank you rik Biskit Roth! Kinks b-side! REALTIVELY obscure....medium rare?"....

Thursday, April 28, 2022

day of Thor 28 april 22. Zoomer radio TORONTO Canada, 740 Am (same as Bob Bittner WJIB in new England!). After old-tyme radio like The Shadow Knows et al., is Midnight Blue. Times I've had my phone on before Coast to Coast AM WRKO 680 AM, I HAVE heard some splendid Obscure To Me old r and b 78s. reading my half awake chicken scratch ( and not a creature was stirring, not even two cats! (photo)) is Midnight Blue. Song that knocked my socks off: Julia Lee and her boyfriends; "I didn't like it the first time" (this song ON YouTube!). Discogs says "The Spinach Song" is a shellac ten inch 78 rpm, draped Snoopy bust (oh wait! that's COINS!) released January 1949 when my cuzzin Ma was "18" and DID she like it? 1974 better for me....genre; blues; style; "jump blues". A RECORD COLLECTOR forum: "Julia Lee's song is NOT about sex; it is about marijuana!" "exhibit A"...wikpedia: "she became best known for her trademark double entendre songs or, as she once said "the songs my mother taught me not sing". sadly she died 8 dec 58 when the Gizmos were in diapers; being only two years old "beat on the (Marine) Brat" camp Lejeune NC (something in water; I can apply for radioactively or some such) , she WAS married to Frank Duncan, a star catcher and manager of the negro League's Kansas City Monarchs. Finding his BASEBALL CARD WOULD be....da modd-fockin' ballz!"......

Friday, April 29, 2022

maybe it was day of Wodin 27 april 22, about 0230 during Coast to Coast AM...but first let's try to sell some Kenne records...
There's a YouTube listing Johnny and the jumper Cables the complete recordings, photo of me in a late '80s Diet Pepsi shirt! (that don't fit no mo'). This "fan' has also put all Cables vinyl on YouTube, so the glory of this 33 minute bit is I can hear VINYL SNAP AND POP! Maybe I should protect them from the Boogie man.


and "Howl of the She Wolf ' album I DO pre-humously enjoy these 2004 recordings; Man of the match is mach Bell from Biggie Ratt doing maracas AND a FANTASTIC Keith Relf impression on "Princess of the trailer park'; I need to overdub him on the next album! From MY book: Once a Rocka, Now an Alta kaka; "I "landed" in Boston (through Resolved White, my mother and I are mayflower massHoles) and had just seen the real Kids Saturday 12 march 77 At the Rat. I would reckon ANOTHER Resolved White descendant would have introduced me to Mach Bell ("ken, you'll love these guys! They're like Brownsville Station meets Slade": the
ALWAYS right Solomon Gruberger of O. Rex (versus: "you could have knocked me over with a puff of smoke" re; alice Cooper's Killer and "Grand Funk's version of "gimme shelter' is 1000 times better than the Stones"; me taping on cassette from my radio Shack turntable/radio/cassette combo. mach Bell quote of the night: "yeah, I'm helping build the stage, the Runaways are playing here next week' week I was guarding the NSA against Commies, tho LITTLE did they know I was lee Harvey Highland! "it was a dark and stormy night": Snoopy writes great American novel, first. NOW to my dream: looks like I was sitting in the main thee-ate-er over to Somerville and "Princess of the Trailer park" (distant cuzzin) comes up and "hey"; me: 'hey". She; "I didn't really die; I faked my own death" me; "oh". Then she sat the aisle towards the back and I was seated to her right and we watched a movie...though ONLY Miss Lyn can explain the ringing of the doorbell with noone there and my door opening and NO cats! cue up "Haunted house" by gene Simmons! (Not "dear Ken , eat shit, gene simmons, another story for my TALKING book!)".....

(Let me translate the above...Kenne had a dream that he was in the Somerville Theater and woke up to Linda Garreau (Highland) standing in the aisle next to him and she told him she was still alive. Linda is the "Princess of the Trailer Park" and the "she" above. Now to the noises -Here at BGN HQ, I keep hearing what sounds like someone ringing the door bell three times at night but it only happens when Kenne is home, his door squeaks really loud and he doesn't want me to WD40 it because he thinks it sounds like a haunted house, it also sounds like the doorbell which obviously doesn't sound anything like what you would think a doorbell should sound like. So I asked him if maybe my cats pushed open his door and he said no it was closed. So we don't know what that noise is. Ghosts ringing the doorbell?? does this make sense or am I getting as cryptic as Kenne?! Oh no!!!- ed)


Saturday, April 30, 2022

"Saturday 30 april 22. A GREAT mad painter practice last night and a BIG shout out to Gee Julie and Natalia Mustatova, whom coulda been Goody goody Gumdrops/ Cockettes/ Jukebox Angels. Gig: Friday 6 may 22 Natick common street spiritual center. sunday 8 may 22. in studio vlada brofman (check my spelling). Friday 20 April 22, 6-9 pm, mad painter OPENS (get there 6 pm!) at the Jungle 1/4 mile from BGN HQ! sunday 29 may 22 Leon Rich at lily pad; drummer Is Al Hendry, whom drums with mad painter and my Air Force; opening is captain easychord and Sharon Crumrine of Ginger Ibex. I'll deal with June when it happens; right now; KWYG- Wyoming Gospel Radio! 35 degrees there today (hey! I did news and weather as a high school punk on WADD-AM, Brockport NY, station manager was Bob Bittner, WJIB 740 AM; if he wants pledges to keep station on air, cough it up, ye pocky bastids"...


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