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Monday, April 30, 2018

"saturday 28 april 18. I always get invitations to champions sports bar, 101 huntington, back bay for FC Bayern-Pack Mass Supporters group. So I missed that match but caught Leverkusen-Stuttgart; here are some Facebook wall Bamberg Groupie News comments from our Deutsch reporter, Harry Vee, der sanger von der Broken Jug ("rain of death"): "first live game Stuttgart vs. Bayern spring 1974. we lost. hate bayern since then". and you thought it was just Sox/Yankees?! Ist Bundesliga!!! (those Krauts can bail out Greece all they want, but I know his Achilles Heel! Bayern!). Swansea City-Chelsea, Premiere League was on other screen, so that IS my DNA test, Britain und Deutschland. Betsy Shaw brought along two Kramer bothers, so like Brother Wayne Kramer, Stuttgart "kicked out them jams, mutti ficken!" und "one-nill in Lederbusen! Last time that happened must have been three years after the French Revolution. can't believe it. so that season ends kinda strange". "Soccer world cup starts soon (in Putin's backyard). so get tuned for 4 weeks plus of national teams. No italians, no dutch, no US teams, too bad"....After Sol Gruberger moved to Reading Pa. his letters were full of reports on Philly teams....und DAS ist Harry Vee mit sport, Bamberg Groupie News! (you should hear him talk about RECORDS!!!!!!!)"......

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

japan Fest
"Sonntag 29 april 18 Ken and Gee Julie go to Japan Festival (facebook) "Common at Noon"! Real Kids ("college kids"?) dressed like anime, that was "LSD for breakfast" if there ever was...(sic).....caught a couple acts. Naomi Suzuki (no relation to Mooney Suzuki) got up and was dancing with the Union Jack about her 90 pound self, all dressed in leather like "Kleiner Suzi" Showa dance troupe very synchronised. Jikken Dojo's costumes were Ziggy Stardust meets Upper Crust. Masa Nakamura "liked" this but last tyme we played Granite Street Cafe we were discussing UFO and Michael Schencker ;go see him and me friday 18 may, granite street cafe, quincy! Gee Julie was lovin' the tents: TEACH ENGLISH IN JAPAN! FLY JAPAN AIRWAYS! ("gets you there on tyme!"); Jikken Dojo sold t-shirts for $20 if you subscribed to their youtube; Gee Julie had been in Japan and knew more than me! (I kept "domo arrigato" and bowing a lot!) Lastly, some Buddhists from Haverhill would give you a bad fortune, then charge dough to reverse the curse....observing all this through Gy Sgt BG Highland USMC motion picture camera in 'Nam '66, I saw a skinhead priestess beat out the beat to "mississippi queen" on a wooden drum, wooden mallet, THEN "Bang a Gong".....DO go to Japan Festival! Glad facebook "reminded" me!".....

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kenne At Large
"Flensburg Groupie News, Deutschland! (I was "turning Japanese" Sonntag). "German crime drama TV" search youtube und TATORT! (wikipedia) this crime show been on since 1970, so if you want Columbo fashions and Abba hair (Bjorn, not der frauleins....well, der frauleins ist blonde mit wings)....ICH LIEBE! BUT musik geeks, our Flensburg correspondent, Pierre le Coutre, having Facebook wall geekage over CAN! (as Harry Vee in Bamberg plays AFRIKA KORPS for his frau!). Die tote Taube auf der Beethoven strassse means "dead pigeon on beethoven street; on wikipedia besides a couple episodes mit Tangerine Dream, this episode hast Can performing "Vitamin C". Meanwhile Back in the States, Ich und Alan Baase (north German Lutheran descent) of Rock On got from united artists via Greg Shaw, a promo lp of Ege Bamyasi, which I still liebe; "if the stooges were from venus"; I already had Funhouse but this sheiss ist like Crawlspace on cough syrup! There was a 45 of "Vitamin C' b/w my favourite "I'm so green", which Pierre le Coutre still has in Flensburg next to his Kenne kollection...well in the states they certainly don't play Kraut rock during cop shows! I shall be watrching more of this show!".....

Thursday, May 3, 2018

"wednesday 2 may 18, club linehan-ago-go practice for friday 18 may 18 2015 hours granite street cafe, quincy mass geezer's garage night plus birthday party for drummer Kevin Linehan, one month older than Sgt Pepper (bassist Joe Quinn born weeks after). also, sunday 10 june 18, practice as Jody Moore Band; a lot of kovers Ken has done in past like Pretenders: "Precious"!
Kenne at Large
with "brown sugar chords), "Fire" (MJ Quirk's team may have won trivia at the Sinclair but he did NOT know Robert Gordon/Link Wray kovered it; Fresh Fish Special, i think? Glad to play Moses Wray chords on a song written by Casper Springstein's descendant! (you dont THINK I'd NOT let a reference to colonial dead people NOT be here?! "Ha Ha said the clown"!). I also remember Marshall Tucker's "cant you see", a Ken and Jody kitchen jam BUT I channeled Sgt Toy Caldwell, USMC, Ulster ancestry into my Wilkie Southern rock solo coz, like Sgt, Toy, L/Cpl Gizmo played with his THUMB ala Wes Montgomery! (no relation sadly to Field Marshall Montgomery whom battled AFRIKA KORPS!). John Keegan on sax and I did a Allston Brothers-type double guitar/sax solo and I'm certain Miss Lyn and Blowfish would rather be tied to a "Whippin' Post" than lissen to this! (you got that right!!- ed) (hey my cousin GG Allin could throw scheiss at arschlocks; cant say i bleme him!) Keegan also, subdued his Andy macKay honkin' sax on some toon and it was Ziggy's "Soul Love"....cant remember at moment, next practice is next day of Wodin (instert phot of Norse God). Lastly, in the Quirk mobile, HIS Lil Steven sirius played rolling stones Now! "baby we got a good thing goin'" which all these years (GOOGLE! passenger seat; Quirk: "driver's seat"!) was a Barbara Lynn song, still alive, she played it left hand and sang "you lose a good thang", classic Black Souls toon! In Keegan mobile, GRATEFUL DEAD!!! "I know you rider" 1970 concert (The Dead channel!) Keegan likes CRUISIN' after the clubs and it WAS like 1962..."I like goin' down 128"....."roadrunner roadrunner"! He "take me back 'ome" (SLADE!) to the toons of rosie and originals "angel baby", a John Lennon fave, you can hear Yoko's gurl-group influence on this ("sisters o sisters" off sometime in NYC and hey, I saw Elephant's Memory open for Brownsville Station in the rain Friday 13 apr 74 and they were good! More club linehan-ago-go gigs to come, otherwise "still at home with my Beatles and my Stones"".....

Friday, May 4, 2018

and THE best way to end my week, besides the Boston Heino club started by alex gitlin, Mad Painter, was friend request acceptance from Barry Winslow, Marvin Nunley and Ed Tucker of the Royal Guardsmen! on my wall is a youtube video of last Sunday's reunion, doing "snoopy" but also peruse youtube for a Fiddy Year ago video; Barry Winslow sang lead and played it left hand (but took it too far.... "Down Behind the Lines"!) Nunley was stage right, counting off in Deutsch (and you thought "ein zwei drei fier" on Music to Kill By came from the Ramones!) plus the band all marched onstage with neo-Paul Revere and the Raiders ("I'm in love with Mark Lindsay and think he's beautiful"-Miss Lyn, 1967!) marching steps. 2018 reunion during the middle eight they DO sing the Zehringer brothers "hang on sloopy" to which the ghost of Die Bruders Gruberger, Greetings Von Reading, Pa. goes "I know who they're ripping off!" And besides LIFELONG Deutsch lessons von Harry Vee, I shall forgive him his royalty debt on "rain of death" as long as he bails out die Grechen and gets a Classic Ruin in return. Und mit Jay Gruberger's ghost; playing Music to Kill By in bamberg, Bayern, in der rocknroll himmel they is happy!".......

Royal Gardsman
Royal Guardsmen Then
Royal Gardsman
Royal Guardsmen Now




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