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Monday, May 2, 2022

"Sonntag May Day 2022. five dollars 1100 Jungle brunch: The Captain and Schlemill! captain easychord and Jonathon Von Butterscott doing AM Gold that could awake the dead! (like "The Princess of the Trailer park"; early '70s AM NH trailer park rock!). Captain on keyboards, Jon on tambourine: best rock duo since Suicide/ the Korps and White Boy! Though they had 14 songs ("coz we're Anglophiles"; ANY "Lion Hearted Man should know" that the UK Beatles vinyl had 14, but, due to 'tyme won' let me" restraints, they did an American (First) Capitol even dozen of toons)...set list, no Future/Gigs right now but "Goody Goody Gumdrops/ my heart doin' flip flops, so I wanna see Moore!). welcome back kotter theme. toast and marmalade for tea- tin tin (I won jeopardy on whom did the songs as Jon goes "now this song was"...I'd holler out the artist; "it's RAIN MEN halleluajah!"). Jon played tambourine, Captain Keyboards(photo) and "Birthday suit" from Catanooga Cats cartoon! (on YouTube!). "Hi Ho Silver Lining" by jeff Beck off my Fiddy years ago three dollar bootleg of yardbirds on Down! "Beautufiul Sunday"-Daniel Boone. a hardy Boys cartoon song. (these guys are my sister/cuzzin's age). "My Blind Shrink"-a captain toon. "I am the bubblegum man"-Butterscott. "nice to be with you"- gallery. "chirpy chirpy cheep cheep"-middle of the Road. "with a lil 'elp from me friends"; I,micelf, would do the Joe Cocker version, but this was even more music 'all, it was: "'ow's your birds lumbago?". Lastly: "Afternoon Delight"! also in attendance was Leon Rich, let me plug his 9 pm sunday 29 march 22 show at lily pad with captain easychord and Sharon Crumrine. As promised, in union, to the lads: "let me be your Derek Taylor!" "yeah yeah yeah" (Alice Cooper b-side!)"....


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Sonntag May day 2022. expecting my usual blues show WHRB 95.3 FM; "it's orgy season!" .0700-1100: Chanson francaise Orgy. The 'usual": Piaf/Brel/becaud, albums I used to listen to with the "Princess of the trailer park" before le mort faux. Til Tuesday 3 may 22; Ultra Accordion! introduced to latin America in 1800s, "from mexico to Dominican republic to Peru"....basically, my morn sounded like a Cinco de mayo fiesta! Happy accordion france/ latin America, two World Music orgies; Moore to Come/ "Black to Comm"....stay toned!"....

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

"day of Wodin 4 May 2022. WHRB 95.3 FM orgy continues with Charles Mingus Centenial orgy. How about, after Coast to Coast AM WRKO 850 AM; I switch to WHRB and get; A modern jazz Sympoisium of Music and Poetry. Wikipedia says recorded October 1957, released May or June 1959 but what "Really Got Me" was "Scenes in the City". recited by Mel Stewart (later played George Jefferson's brother on the Jeffersons) with text by Lonne elder and Langston Hughes. the Rockabilly Yobs were barely born in Virginny and 'bama respectively, but check out this track: give it a couple decades but it's "hey Beat Mon" on steroids! Highland to Flowers 1976 maybe, Indiana University at a Harvard Square-ish coffee shop with expresso (I used to the IHOP coffee and write for Gulcher): "let's drink expresso, man....let's be beatniks..." "Hey Beat man"!!!!"...…

"MAybe around this tyme I gave eddie my dog-eared copy of On the Road; 1976 he plays me Willie loco's "Kerouac", we record first Gizmos record, I met Kerouac's cuzzin (That's Miss Lyn-ed) AND dead people fact, Lisottes and Veielleux was neighbours in Quebec City; here is a photo OF MY great-great Alexander Veilleux (I didn't inherit the scnozz) plus with family!"....

Thursday, May 5, 2022

"day of Thor Cinqo de Mayo 2022. Let's close the week with Kenne concerts! SO...Friday 20 may 2022, mad Painter opens at the jungle; this is a 6-9 pm show so you can catch Mad Painter THEN crash, like an "Alta kaka Roka!" unless you had your Willie Loco nap. Also, again, the Lily pad, right in Inman Square Cambridge where I performed White Light/White Heat in it's entirety at the old Zeitgeist gallery: LEON RICH! Sharon Crumrine opens AND, since I DID see Captain and Schlemiel, BGN's own Captain Easychord tells me his band will be larry Newman (Lt., USMC AND Nikki and the Corvettes bass) AND Shel pierce from the Runes on guitar whom were interviewed in some Reagan-era PRINT BGN two score years ago....and all I gotta do is "walk on down the hall", like my distant cuzzin the Lizard King and maybe a couple-three blocks..AND eat at Punjabi Dhaba?!?

here's a photo of my great-great-grandfather John D. Jacobus, buried in South Lyon, Michigan! (roots of Red on red records) (link)"....

Go to and buy my Be More Flamboyant cd on Stanton park to hear "Punjabi Dhaba"! (SHAMELESS self-promotion! Why aint I got a manager? Coz I'm UNMANAGABLE!!!!) (coffee number four drank at what was Buzzy's roast beef AND check internet radio Radio Acacia in Enschede, Netherlands or like them on facebook; "Dutch pop and oldies web radio";


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