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May 5, 2014

Highland cooper "I had too much to dream last night", as heard on Little Steven's Garage WROR FM: 0330 i wake up and Coast To Coast AM (WRKO 680 AM) is got a dude talking about spectres of people that died, died; "whenever I see these orbs i talk to them"...."I believe in reincarnation" (good song title! Harry Vee, der sanger von der Broken Jug that covered "rain of death" liebe der orange Kenne album, but the hit in Bamberg is "Liebe mit du ist mein fiasco"!). OK, so then doze off and have a very vivid dream that I'm in this encampment with people and Christina Angell (RIP) is there in a cold sweat, going through withdrawal, which I witnessed a lot with her for ten years. In this shed, bright blue sky, sunny (Spahn Ranch?), I actually felt me touching her shoulder sayin' "why the hell you wearin' a winter coat? it's hot outside!" also "I'm with Gee Julie now, everything's ok"...(Julie simultaneously "flyin' Lufthsansa/didnt get to sleep last night"....paper bag...knee...dreadful flight..."I'm leavin' the GDR/you don't know how lucky you are!"....then i slept til 5 am and heard coast to coast theme...i need a dream interpreter on this! and I AM 3 houses from First Spiritualist Church, West Quincy, Mass.!"....

May 6, 2014

Gee Julie got back von Deutschland und MANY tales to tell; I was "meanwhile back in the states" but tried a Twisted Kilt bierre und played her Epiphone, so future Chris Toppin gigs at Midway COULD have "I will always think about you"-new colony six; "yes it is" (non-lp Beatles flip side!);"smile a lil smile for me"-flying machine and guess who's "hand me down world"...otherwise mellow but we're lookin' at Trancers at trash night at Brattle tonight!"....

May 7, 2014

Trash Night at the Brattle does it again! $7 cover, Gee Julie and some popcorn and check out TRANCERS (1984)! in 2247, a detective dude must go back to 1985 and inhabit the body of his ancestor (kinda like back to the future) and stop an evil dude that inhabits people (read Rotten Tomatoes, they're more clearer!) at box office they handed out buttons of the hero/heroine: "Jack Deth" and Helen Hunt! (gave to Julie). Two memorable scenes in this wooden action schlock/sci-fi/trash film: Santa Claus is inhabited by the Trancers, so Jack Deth blows away Santa Claus in front of lil kids (very camp, John Waters etc.). #2 and this IS BGN territory; when Jack Deth goes from 2247 to 1985 LA to become his ancestor, he's hooked up with a punk-rock chick (Helen Hunt). They go to a 1985 "punk" club (this is gonna be as corny as Detective on CPO Sharkey in '78!), everyone has a giant Mohawk, the "Buttheads" are on stage (read IMBH or whatever film credits!) doin' a "punk" version of "Jingle Bells" with a Johnny Rotten vocal already 10 years out of date. Some Mohawked morons give Jack Deth shit; he "terminates" them and (BEST line evah!) sez to helen hunt: "this is punk rock? they all act like Trancers"...the hipster film nerds in Brattle audience all acted liked groundlings at a rocky horror Shakespeare play, lotta catcalls etc. "witty" comments (Brattle serves beer!)...ok, enuff about this, just a GREAT evening mit mein schatzsche!....

May 8, 2014

after falling asleep on 77 bus and waking up in ahlington heights, got a text from Chattanooga, Tennessee, a booker for Gizmos TENNESEE tour! "Jewey Ramone" does it agin! lookin' at Gonerfest in Memphis saturday 27 september 14 sponsored by Goner records, the In your Ear of Memphis, plus other towns in Nashville and Chattanooga; re: Nashville: "maybe we can get Cheetah Chrome to play with the Gizmos?" ok,one rumour started...Truth (wicked awesome Jeff Beck album!) is Alice Highland is coverin' about 1/2 of Love It To Death plus "under my wheels"/"be my lover" for saturday's Joe Coughlin Memorial, keyboard played by the Undertaker! Classic Ruins open, MOTO closes; we're as good as we're gonna be, MJ Dunaway Quirk sez "available upon demand" and "TALK" of "hey, next Hixx gig" read it here first! and ALL gig offers, any state, country OR planet, I will do, just make like first Aerosmith album and "Write Me" (saw a band cover that at IU in...(my head's in)...'75!")......"

May 9, 2014

German Stage Presents "Abyss" ("Brandung"), i like being bi-lingual with my Deutsch, at Goethe Institute Boston; preceded by a discussion in German of the play, I understood "Samuel Becket" and also a discussion on "friends with benefits" which is sorta what the play's about; Q and A afterwards was how German plays are linear,"cryptic and obscure"; I liked. I liked it one bit! also picked up a bunch of notices: tell MOTO that Werner Hertzog movies EVERY Monday; it's on the Goethe website. this was a "staged reading-New England premiere: A murder mystery unfolds as the three characters take on the role of narrators to uncover their own truth". Very abrupt dialogue in a Becket/Mamet way, but again I'm no "play" person; I'm a reception hound! Ich liebe essen und wein! practiced my Deutsch, met Maria Millisavljevic, the playwright von Arnsberg, Deutschland AND mein liebling Gee Julie introduced me to a Ian Thal who was reviewing for The Arts Fuse (on facebook); he used to work with Babaloo and the Zeitgeist Gallery and was a playwright also; drink to talk this uber der rot wein. Artsfuse has a lot of Phoenix ex-patriates so gonna check out that sight AND director/producer Guy Ben-Aharon and I were discussing his work with Israeli stage, Swiss stage (through swissnex Boston, Mr. Blowfish) plus German stage and some french efforts....a high class night, Gallery NAGA tonight and Alice Highland Saturday and Thunders movie Sunday!.....

May 12, 2014

Friday was a splendid Gallery Naga opening; as a rocker I always feel like Lou Reed at a Warhol opening in Manhattan (and THIS pretentious delusion c/o too much chardonnay!) Saturday was Joe Coughlin Memorial, Midway Cafe: the Undertaker brought back his Electric Logs lounge act, even doing Captain and Tennille's "Muskrat Love"! Classic Ruins really kicked ass, Time Beings drummer and Frank Rowe/Carl Biancucci sounded like Jeff Beck jamming with Jack Bruce. Alice Highland was superb (so folks tell me! and I agree!), man of the match being Supernaut's Mike Lyons (best guy evah!) on lead guitar filling in for Joe Coughlin (RIP). and give MJ Quirk tribute for picking out this "fantasy rock band" lineup that came to life (kinda like fantasy football, only rock instead of jock)...set list was from Love It To Death and Killer; learn some more songs, do some more gigs! lastly, MOTO, rave review: totally 1978, got people dancing,short Ramones-y pop songs with JV McDonough on bass doing that Xene thang. lastly, Paul and Alan Sheinfeld doing double MC5 leads; so that's Ramones/X/MC5; I think the BGN staff might like this! and "old school"...AND Midnight Creeps drummer drumming! Sunday the Gizmo saw Roy Sludge (Duke Levine back on guitar and a country version of "Beat on the Brat"!) plus EVERYONE was at Thunders movie Looking for Johnny (I'm SO Lisa Robinson....)...and the early unkown pre-Dolls days are really worth watching! VERY well done and The Daughters sounded like LAMF, as they were wont to do back in '81; and that's a compliment! yep, too much fun, wait'll I do Gizmos tour in June!"......

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