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Monday April 25, 2016
Airplane man
Kenne and Margaret Garrett
Photo: Gee Julie

got a gig invite from Margaret Garrett, solo mr. airplane man show, 1369 coffeehouse, friday Passover 6.30 pm. this'un's easy, 69 bus drops me off RIGHT there! Margret had amp set up and johnny odd from strangemen on a plastic bucket but HE had a gig, so "'re a drummer!" last drumming was O. Rex record '76 when kevin allin drummed for malpractice and Miriam Linna was in Cramps BUT hey, i used two wooden spoons and a plastic bucket and Margaret and I had folks dancin'!

(a lot of reminisce: I saw T-Model Ford boogyin' at tower records Harvard square before a house of blues show and he had a plastic bucket drummer who used sticks (cf. stones "hip shake" drum beat). influences: scott asheton 31 dec 74 STOOGES, academy of music, NYC; tom "herbie" highland and I as two-man band covering O. Rex's "look back" in '72 (my bro used drum sticks on metal folding chair), Mo Tucker on first velvets and ME on O. Rex cd, gulcher.)

last toon I requested "jesus is on the mainline", i drummed and harmonized (photos by Gee Julie!) and we got an encore!!! howlin' wolf's "moanin' at midnight", Margaret still tuned to F, slide/capo and singing in her high voice. she usedta work at 1369 so a lotta 1990s faces AND she made $90! gave me $20...she got "seventy dollars....seventy dollars" celebrate, took Gee Julie to S&S square men's bar, passover menu, borscht and whitefish, then 10 pm in GIZMOBILE, 1330 WRCA, old 19345 radio show of OUR MISS BROOKS! ("I wouldn't wish that on anyone"-Blowfish, the day after)"".

"in france, eric pouille played a buncha chicken-themed toons including "chicken queen"; moi, un gabourey: "vous et eric poulet?"".

"from the ghost of Jack Bruce-berger: "am I free 13 august?" why? FRANK ROWE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! name the band, do the NEW MATH...or "die trying"!"....

Airplane Man 20 dollars
Kenne made $20
Photo: Gee Julie

Tuesday April 26, 2016

"R. Meltzer once wrote a piece TRAVELS WITH MY PUD; so maybe this'll be Travels with my I-Phone! (Vulchur worthy! is Kelsey Simpson Miss Lyn-the-next-generation, bein' a Gizmo AND editing a fanzine?) I.M. a SIMIAN regarding SIM cards but the phone store near boston public library, tattooed dude formerly in rock band; put Gee Julie board a bus leaving Puritan New England for New Netherlands so she could party like it's 1699, then MTA to Lechmere and caught a bus to J&J portegei restaurant Tazzing to Miss Lyn: "I'm tryin' to git this fucken thing to work!!!!!! I'm near the psychic and the tattoo parlour!" New Hampshire inside of Somerville! "Any kind of fish" you like, bread and beans for apps as Miss Lyn applied APPS, ESPECIALLY COAST TO COAST! plus WRKO and WRCA (Beasley broadcast system!)...STILL messin' with that damn phone when blowfish showed up to go real kids then I was the TAZMANIAN DEVIL! "I paid Fiddy bucks cash for this fucken thing so THAT is my Felice budget!" blowfish to toon into WRKO and we caught "oye como va" into "snoopy versus the red baron"!!! Dale Lawrence, nice fuzzy American AM radio in a Japanese car...."RADIO ON!"....let off in brigham circle, PRINCE blasting outta the Penguin Pizza place (looks like a "millennial" bar) so I used my new I-phone to blast out GRAND FUNK RAILROAD and "time machine" on I-phone sounds JUST as great as my 1969 45 on my lil sister's close and play (MONO, man!) and slipped inside that house, WRKO had fucken "BORN TO BE WILD" on AM radio, sorry, knock-ups, I missed yu, but a tuff day for me to get into THE MODERN WORLD! ("and drop out of IU")".....

yes I AM friends with Bev Bevan, Move drummer and he announced (on my wall) 50th MOVE anniversary tour! coinciding with Gizmos 40th?"....

"new facebook friend Roger Mah, former punk buyer at RHINO; "I am an avid fan of your music and a COLLECTOR"...Ken Kaiser take note: "do you have a copy of the O. rex record or O. rextasy magazine?" told him that WOULD be Solomon Gruberger (RIP), whom, in death, I'm happy STILL has the demand, since the O. rex record WAS his idea, back in 1974!"....

Wednesday , April 27, 2016

sunday 430 pm brattle theater, angela sawyer from weirdo AT window, now working also at Stereo Jack's with JJ Rassler (DMZ!). THROUGH INDIAN EYES, native American directors. KANEHSATAKE: 270 years of resistance (1993): summer 1990 I KNOW Amerika, First was more concerned with Sadaam Hussein and Kuwait but the mohawks in quebec did a WACO-like siege against the Quebec government coz ANOTHER treaty broken on "the REZ" to build a golf course on indian burial ground. the Indians DONT speak French (though, like my last wife, one IS named GARROW!) (ne' GAREAU), so a lotta culture clash etc. there are actual scenes of police brutality so y'all can Bury your heart at wounded knee! (activists from all over north America came, some were from wounded knee, russell means etc. but within tragedy IS comedy: broad-shouldered wimmen pushing the police around and gittin' a WEE bit hot-tempered....but NO coffee mugs thrown in this movie!!! DO see, gimme back my FIVE STARS etc."(You can watch it on YouTube!!)

To Kenne Summer Means FUN!
Surfin' on Dorcheser Bay

would you rather see Kim Kommando or Ken commando? she DOES talk about apps and I don' mean food on HER radio show, so....Beasley broadcasting, i found BEACH BOOGIE BLUES under "oldies"; WNCT 1070 AM Greenville north Carolina. if you and Gee Julie are dining on salads at Whole Paycheck, you can sit outside and lissen to Carolina pirates college baseball! (80 degree weather there now)...BUT der music Ich lieben IST: BEACH MUSIC! coz in kenne-garten (1962), heard del Shannon's "runaway" on a "trans-ister ray-dio" (Van Morrison!) on onslo beach, jacksonville NC so SUMMER MEANS FUN! Beach music, atlantic records coasters/drifters et al., '70s disco, Motown and last night I was walkin' through the 'hood blastin' R. Kelly! this= WILD Time Tunnel when WILD was black and not Chinese programing (though THAT is interesting too!)...SO, as i'll prolly quote a rare toon I heard (AND in this app, the picture, artist, song comes up!): "shotgun wedding" by Roy C.! (with a gunshot like Olympics "western movies"..and when we lived in NC Fiddy Years ago, Dad drove CHEVYS coz he was from Dee-troit, plus his stepfather worked at the Ford plant in Dearborn"...

"wrap it up" sing sam and dave (AND black souls?): y'all know about chetstock BUT Atlanta and Gizmos is/has happened, so call me on my new android/hemoroid phone: 617-803-1289; i even kinda know how to text! 3 years ago I was in Atlanta, watchin' duck dynasty on mah tay-vee and I still remain "a low-tech guy in a high-tech world" but I wouldn't throw this phone in the "Dirty Water"; now I can call/text from the BERGEN SWAMP (Bergen NY, all KINDSA rare flora/fauna, LIKE it on facebook!)"....

Kenne was truly at large...From April 27 to Tuesday May 4 he was traveling to, around and from Atlanta for the Atlanta Mess Around where the Gizmos headlined Saturday night.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kenne Gizmo
Gizmos hotel room rehearsal
Photo: Melanie Coffee

to read On the Road-cum-The odyssey, go to my facebook wall and friend KENNETH HIGHLAND but let me give you Atlanta Mess Around details. all the Gizmos but me caught a smokin' Real Kids show so I'm as happy as I was at the Rat Saturday 12 march 77. eatin' shrimp and grits and workin' on my 10% southern European tan outside, the other Gizmos came back from breakfast and we had a hotel room rehearsal ala real kids doing "grown up wrong" in that documentary. Melanie Coffee passed the audition for playing like dee dee ramone. records are for sale also from gulcher and drummer Kelsey Simpson working on her zine Vulchur drew a caricature of me. soylent green on AMC then sound check and all I can say is, saw stooges 31 dec 73, ny dolls april 74, skynyrd june '75, toss in get your ya ya's out and kick out the jams and all the sam murphy guitars sounded like that. ken/rich coffee/sam murphy on triple lead guitar and ted niemiec holding now rhythm. eddie flowers like Gene clark singing and/or percussion. we finally hit the stage and sounded like a stooges/mc5/stones/dolls/skynyrd mashup, folks loved us. hangin' backstage, the last night "sound like a harcore lyres"-eddie flowers but their version of "loose" outdid every Raw Power lick I played. sunday we all said our goodbyes but 17 September is Bloomington!".....

Thursday, May 5, 2016

"before I leave for Rochester NY (my aunt Ruth Armer Blodgett Kilmer just turned 100 on link wray's birthday and is in the wicked rare ten generations of blodgetts book), let's not forget joe coughlin's birthday next Saturday, midway and a week later chetstock, hopelessly obscure 815-845 pm. otherwise freezing my ass off after Atlanta but enjoying my new I-phone and WNTC in NC and beach music oldies. and that'll be my travelliin' til my nephew gets married next month, down the road from alan baase's house where in 1973, since rock on mentioned by greg shaw in crawdaddy, we got a letter "nice to see a fanzine coming out of Brockport; i went to school there in the '60s". that was Bob Bear Richert, three years later was first Gizmos record BUT in '72 ALAN BAASE (RIP) sang 'we're gonna rumble", me on guitar, recording done in his room, south lake road, just north of the Bergen swamp. and I DO hope Ken Kaiser enjoys all these facts!"....

Again at large, Kenne went to Brockport NY to visit his mother for Mother's Day. See his FB page for details and photos

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Krnnr with Doug Long and the number 13
Photo: Gee Julie

"my facebook wall has all kindsa details, all kindsa details but lemme tell you the highlight of my trip to Brockport NY. on facebook was a Lady Amy Lake; she was the Wendy o. Williams of Jamestown NY's Amyl and the nitrates in early '80s and did my musical styling of kenne highland page. didn't REALLY know who I was but pierre le coutre von Flensburg Deutschland, photo holding Hello World clued her in. I made a lot of fast friends, one was Doug Long, who it turned out his uncle was in the Humans, albion Ny "warning" b/w "take a taxi", a hopelessly obscure 45 that I turnt dave bass onto which I got from Tom Taber back in '73. dave reprinted my article in King's Ransom so if my "niece"/drummer Kelsey Simpson-Highland finds THAT 'zine....Miss Lyn oughta be yo mama! so doug come clear from Orleans county meet me. GEE JULIE took photos (on wall). posing by TJ Maxx in Brockport plaza: "let's pose by the #13!". my sister Gy. Sgt. Julie Pruss, USMC, retired DID say; "ken, did you just like him coz he was wearing a standells t-shirt?". then to all two blocks of downtown Brockport: I think some Java place was where vince's records was in '71 where I bought FUNHOUSE for $3.49 October '71. there's only ONE record store in Brockport and that's trader shag's emporium, like them on facebook! good cutout vinyl, Doug scored a mono dino desi and billy, moody blues days of future passed and one more. we also posed outside teen club Panther's Den which opened 1966 and Doug's uncle and the HUMANS played. a REAL neat store near the canal was a Mexican store selling cowboy books, videos and cds! if I still lived there ($400 rents!) I'd be collecting those...Doug met my kinfolk and his uncle from the Humans is buried in albion cemetery with ma's uncle walter Blodgett, tom taber's dad and "winner by elimination"'s folks....Ken Kaiser's head is spinning but wait there's more!!!! Miguel d'amour called me mother's day wantin' to go out for portegei food and I says "Michael, there aint no Portegeis here! I'm 8 miles North of the Bergen Swamp!" He Laffed Out Loud coz, as bruce springsteen of Brockport, i put Bergen swamp on map. greetings from Brockport NY!".....

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"still on vacation but after hearing family tails again back in brockport NY, Ma's grandmother's uncle was Lewis Vahue born 1838, killed in action second bull run co. H, 13th NY 1862. 101 years later Ma crosses state lines with my future baby sister; march on washington was happening to manassas, virginny. Ma sez i was REAL curious asking park ranger all kindsa questions, all kindsa questions. Beatles hadnt played ed simian yet. once at first spiritualist church in quincy i was told i was a civil war soldier who hadnt crost over but was on rebel side (dad has those). finding an uncle killed at manassas is WAY too cryptic coz we didnt know this Fiddy years ago. Lewis also known as Lewis Vayo, father Frank Vahue (veilleux) born grand isle vermont, mother sophie laduke (LeDuc) born 1811 vergennes, vermont (birthplace of second ex-wife's father) both buried High street, brockport NY near the train tracks that they say Lincoln's car rolled by (go see the knockups! downbeat five dan big civil war fan!) Sophie laDuke Vahue also spoke the french, which i mangle daily, she died 1899, sad having to bury a son. who said the Quebecois were surrender Monkees? with their Norman bloodlines they descend from fucken VIKINGS!!!!!!!".....

Thursday, May 12, 2016

"the Sox swept the Oakland A's, so A is NOT the way and 0145, coast to coast AM (back in my daily routine, vacation over) George Noory had on that conspiracy nut Alex PRINCE liked coast to coast and was trying to reach out but was "silenced" or some such shit...either way the Prince death conspiracies are more fun than countin' roadkill on the road to Rochester in my sister's big ole red pickup (or lissenin' to Countin' Crows, oll-so!) or til the next Highland wedding (Dad's grandkids that is) or next Gizmos gig (17 sept 16!). may as well plug chertstock for dan vitale; Saturday 21 may 815-845 pm hopelessly obscure once or whatever it's called"......

"also since I'm facebook friends with steve west of Tomorrow, he commented on a photo of me eatin' health food with Gee Julie "watch that big belly of yours" so I joked with him about going to the gym and "my white bicycle" and he mentioned Nazareth's version to which I reply "did them scots pay ye royalties?"...STAY TUNED FOR ALL KINDSA FUN, all kindsa fun on my wall before trump gets elected and WWIII breaks out..."the eastern world, it is explodin'": barry McGuire also called in to coast to coast!"....

"Kill Slug news: Larry Kelley writes that Jay Snow aka Big Daddy, whom is my cuzzin mayflower-wise, is in hospital, there's a big notice in my news feed...done a lot of shows with Kill Slug, Larry said "post with humour" so I was "don't join Jim Condon YET" Get well Big daddy, name checked in "Gemini on a full moon" ("cryin' coz Big Daddy/don' treat yew right"")....

Friday, May 13, 2016

"before we all have portegei food with miguel d'amour at Casa Portugal, unless he's practicing, let's not forget to mention chetstock next week. hopelessly obscure 815-845 pm and chet's is where I met pat from smithereens and yukki from bullet lavolta amongt others. in case no one cares, on my facebook wall I on boylston street au bon pan, one block from "ta ta baby baby down on newbury street" to which willie loco alexander replied "hot sauce baby baby hot sauce' so a Gizmo and a Velvet (SQUEEZE album) riffin' on "pass the tabasco", a promo WA album I got probably writing for indianaplois radio free rock back in '78, edited by second Gizmos drummer Shadow Myers, who is ON FACEBOOOK and should be at Gizmo versus Gizmo subway series Bloomington 17 September....I would invite jim McCarty and carmine appice (my facebook friends!) but Cactus has a gig"....


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