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Monday, May 9, 2022

"Freitag 6 may 22. Common Street Spiritual Center, 113 Common Street,natick, mass; right BY the Natick Common for all you metro-westers. Good sound and a good mad painter set, dug by a Russo-American audience ala when we went to Kingston NY. There was even a pyschedelic light-show via YouTube, man…..Go to and LIKE the mad painter page with photos/upcoming gigs etc. BUT let's do a little tribute on Greg Perry and Strange berries. Yes, a Hendrix tribute power trio whom has played Hippie Hour at the midway much but since I DIDNT see Hendrix in Framingham in '68, this will suffice. Greg is a very good guitarist, though the Stevie Ray Vaughn touches modernize it (oh yeah 1984....TOO MODERN, LOVERS!). I DID enjoy hearing all the olde Experience toons and Gee Julie and I DID agree that "Mitch Mitchell" slightly favoured Matt Burns, V drummer. Doors "Five to One" was tossed into one Jimi tune, but I might give it up for the Captain Easychord version (mein Luftwaffe ist blitz krieging musik!). Special guest: mad max on violin from Creamatorium (Russian band) whom I met Kingston NY. His violin is a cross between the ass end of Who's "Teenage wasteland" and/or papa John Creech, Hot Tuna 2 april 73 SUNY Brockport NY (sooooo stoned, mon....)...lastly thank you to Mr and Mrs Alex Gitlin for black Nehru kinda kaftan; wearing glasses at soundcheck and actually TUNING I said, glasses and kaftan and bass and 1/16th Dutch ancestry; "this is my Tim Bogert look!" A RIP Facebook friend, vanilla Fudge bassist. HEY! vanilla Fudge and/ or Aphrodite's Child never had gee Julie or natalia Musatova on bacjground vocals! Or was Alex Gitlin merely Tony Orlando on a Hammond organ and they were Dawn? Either way: 'you guys were great", we'll be back, yeah.yeah.yeah…"Dead Boston Clubs"? "Live Natick clubs!"...….


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

"Sonntag 8 May 2022. mad painter records with Vlada Brofman. "Cant Bring Me Down" was her toon and she and Alex Gitlin both told me about the "Russian Bob Dylan" and how "Masters of war" STILL applies; that was my summer '69 $1.88 mono copy of The Freewheelin' ken Highland; I mean Zimmer,man! (I only wish....)...Tom Hamilton had engineered "Lovin you has been my fiasco" back about '87, but, quoting from the book of saint Mach: "let the music do the talkin'!" Vlada hid a lot of jazz chords on guitar "this might be a 13th chord"...I'm obviously more familiar with the 13th Floor Elevators but as Mongo Santamaria did say the once; "I just play"....Al Hendry had the drums solid and liked some '70s funk bass line I did in one of the five parts of this song; I had to channel jay gruberger playing Kim kane's "Buzz stomp" (which Solomon gruberger and I did NOT play on on Music to kill by; too many chords!). there was a bridge interlude where I tossed in what I felt was Chris Squire but, un unison, everyone went "Gentle Giant!" (gettin' me prog on, I were...)….Thomas the Engineer (brother to Roger) thought the song had a Robin Hitchcock; again, Alfred 'itch-cock is me man and why DIDNT the Sonics do "Psycho" in the soundtrack of same?! Alex Gitlin was going to overdub some keyboards, Vlada was going to sing, her Berklee guitar teacher was gonna do Giz-tar, so, de Sly and Robbie of de bond were in 'Hagony from starvin', marvin, so it was essen und essen at Bronwyn (link) in Union Sqaure. with my father being a combat photographer, I did combat with my phone and maybe the snaps aren't Blue Cheer! ("Out of Focus"; "Summertime Blues" b-side,,,,"Siri, play the Blue Cheer"; Ken Kaiser in torment!)"....

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"Dienstag 11 May 2022. I must promote Mach Bell's book I Gotta Rock (available on Amazon); was wired on coffee and read it in one night! Now, as a GIZstorian, I shall be quoting from the Gospel of Saint Mach: Know ye! ken Highland does first issue of rock On fanzine in Brockport NY and sees sha na Na and Jimmy Clanton at SUNY Brockport but DOES not see Joe Flash at the Ararat in Holliston mass.! "May 1972; exile on main street is released'...yep,bought it then too AND the 45s; now quoted I, in your hymals, Gospel of Saint Mach, paint 123: Vera Lee, I begain hanging out with Claire (met her at groupie Towers, Harvard Sqaure, dad's ancestor William Spencer there in 1632. ). "Joe Flash break up....Claire and artist friend "Linda" party in Claire's barn listening to Seals and Croft.' know ye it has been two score and ten since Saint Mach met that Resolved White descendant! ('tis myself, Linda = Miss Lyn. But though yes, I was into Seals & Croft I remember more of us listening to the Blind Faith album then-ed) (Saturday 12 march 77 he met another resolved White descendant whom created the gizmos from his spare rib). dead people fact: Guillaume Lizotte born 1 January 1645 Lisieux , Normandy, france (that means Viking heritage), early Quebec City settler. famous kin are Kerouac ("top-shelf!"), Nathan Fillion and Angelina Jolie! 'artist Linda" has wrote BGN for a spell (it's in this book!) AND been a movie star in rat document terrys. I shan't tell you whom Kerouac also is a kin too BUT his 35th great-grandfather is Charlemagne and through the afore(skin)mention William Spencer, his wife was of Royal descent (I am royal pain in der arsch) through Louis the Pious whom begat Lothair the first (and the hand people),also my di-rect ancestor. And read "all this AND (Jody) Moore" in From white privelage to White trash; the kenne Highland tail! (ALWAYS waggin'!)...thus ends the first reading of Saint Matthew (MacKenzie), Saint Mach, Left Hand Luke and Saint John Ono Gizmo!".....

Thursday, May 12, 2022

day of Thor 12 may 2022. tyme to promote some product. Gulcher records. Stanton Park. The Asa brebner cd. (latest). here's a facebook review comment from a Gulcher recording artist: Phil Hundley. He was the neo-Dick Manitoba of Gizmos mach II and, I believe, was in Gizmos when they played cantone's summer '78 with AUGUST PHENONEMON! (on varulven!). BGN facts: Blowfish on guitar? Miss Lyn's Ford fiasco dying outside Bald-a-more tunnel. I COULD brag about corrupting the "department of youth" but lettuce say Phil's 14 year old son LOVES "Horniest man alive"; a toon about a Jumper Cable, from a comment from a 21-6-45 via natalie Flanagan. "That's cool, I respect Phil, More" coz on MYSPACE he covered "Kiss of a rat'....maybe they'll erect of me a statue so the Pigeons may explode upon me"......

Friday, May 13, 2022

"day of Thor 12 may 2022. 10 pm. Zoomer radio 740 AM Toronto has Thee-ate-er of the Mind; an hour of old radio shows. So enjoyed a 1952 Gunsmoke, my father even graduating Cooley High Detroit in his pompadour and/or in marine Corps boot camp. 1115 I woke up to Ferlin Huskey's "Gone" recorded 7 Nov 1957, released January 1957. By then Dad was married, had me, station Quantico Virginny and I "betcha by golly wow' lotsa marines were playin' this'un on the ole jukebox! At nine months old, I could barely walk or talk, like 66 years later, but I'm still reckon' it DID happen! I think I was born during "Heartbreak Hotel"s ascendancy I do believe"....

Saturday, May 14, 2022

"Every day is a Saturday 14 May 2022. Kenne konkert picks: Til Tuesday 17 may 2022, my ole Stanton Park/Voodoo Dolls labelmate Dave Harrison doing an unplugged at the Jungle 7-730 PM. Ride to that new union Square MTA stop, walkin' distance to jungle is like Kenmore Station to the Rat! (oh wait: "dead boston club"). The Friday, 20 May 2022 mad Painter opens up a 6-9 pm show also at jungle. Anything past 8 pm is elder abuse so God bless early shows, Mother Mopp and Dean Moriatry! And Sunday 29 May 2022 Leon Rich at Lily pad, Inman Sqaure nine pm with Captain Easychord and Sharon Crumrine. And now back to Grecian Echoes WNTN 1550 Am; I need to check GreekBoston. com for when is all the church picnics! (Do I have my "Head on backwards" or my priorities straight/ "ok soundcheck sounded good, let's eat!")…..


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