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Monday, May 10, 2021

Alex explaining
"Saturday 8 may 21. mad Painter practice. Mad Painter, like the gizmos, now on Spotify! That usual madcap (laughs) stuck in the '70s bunch: Alex Gitlin on keyboards/ schmel herbie hind-guitar, gee Julie-vocals, me-bass and Al Hendry-drums. rehearsing for a memorial day recording session, earlier very 'umble, very 'eavy originals BUT, I DO love the diversions! This tyme; Middle of the Road's "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" which I had back in '73 on a Solomon gruberger mix-tape! AND who else BUT Alex Gitlin knows how to sing/play it? Also: "what Leo Sayer do you want me to do?" I DO believe in '73, I DID like that first Leo Sayer album, singer/songwriter/ piano (Alex channels THAT genre when he doesn't 'ave the 'ammond cranked up doin' 'Eep Purple!). gave it a good review in WIUS (pre- Gizmos-Bloomington Indiana college radio; pre-punk too!). So for THAT era-genre, is why for three years I been in mad painter! And "drafted" this lineup! Practice starts at seven pm but between geekin' out about old records...shit! I got home 11 pm! Whoa! "Burnin' of the midnight lamp"".....


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

'Sunday 9 may 21, Mother's Day 101 pm. From Dino records. "Raunch n Roll VSK mixes start today. Corey the engineer working on 'em at Eric's". That's not the yardbirds Roger the Engineer but Erik is that Viking Lindgren of Arf Arf whom I first met at Moving Parts gig at cantone's October '78; his band was two future Burmas and one Robert E. Bear. 2004 recordings, Dino says the record is great, I shall let John Q. Public decide'....


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"Til Tuesday 11 may 21. Gizmo News! Pierro Capizzi of hate records, Italy (GREAT Gizmos e.p.s of outakes etc) did an article on proto-punk for BUSCADERO (like them on facebook!) a very slick "Rolling Stone " type mag (Eddie Flowers quote) but I remember seeing Gizmos get one sentence in SPIN the once re: "Human garabage Disposal" (said Stenson Eddie about Kenneth Edward). Dr Ted Niemiec hit google translate coz article in what WAS Latin: I see the question of "when was first Gizmos recorded" (20 march 76! BECAUSE "I'm in love with Ken Highland who thinks he's beautiful I was in Boston 12 March 77!). Otherwise, O. Rex, gruberger Brothers, Afrika Korps, Slickee Boys...proto, yes but I HAVE recorded since 1977! A Zero Boy teaches an IU course about the Gizmos; we're punk GizStory! Piero, like ANYONE whom releases Kenne music, is a great chap, a paisan even! COZ: on "Ecco A Vol" SPOTIFY we have Gizmos "Muff Divin'" (translates into cunnilingus from Italian!) into "Just Head"-nervous eaters plus songs by Dei Real Kids and Dei Lyres. With my colonial New England ancestry, even with my Midwestern record, I was BORN TO RETURN! plus...."I believe in reincarnation" as they always say on coast to Coast AM. yet again, my Saxon y-DNA has VANDALized Roma!".....


Thursday, May 13, 2021

"Saturday 8 may 21 after mad painter practice. Once again it is WHRB's orgy season. Saturday night: "Protest Hip Hop'; could be activatin'. And what do I heard; Gil Scott-Heron "Whitey On the Moon"! The Small Talk at 125 and Lenox album released February 1970. "The Revolution will not be televised" played a LOT when Bob Bittner of WJIB was at WCMF FM Rochester Ny. Fiddy years and I HADNT hurt cut nine on the album: "whitey on the Moon". The "message": we spent all that money fakin' the moon landin' and shit in da hood still bad,yo! BUT "no matter what sign you are' and/or "Choice of Colours": "I think I'll send these doctor bills, airmail special (to whitey on the moon"). There WERE two 1994 samples (Who sampled website and "whitey on the moon" on youtube): "Whities on the Moon" by Kubrick amd "Lost (Mixx Madness)" by Overdose; check 'em out,yo!"......


Friday, May 14, 2021

"day of Thor 13 may 21. Outside of Neu coffee shoppe, researching my 39 generations back Charlemagne ancestry and I heard voices saying 'hey kenne!" It was triple Thick Mitch! SO BGN roving reporter (outside lounging at table): Triple Thick getting together next week for first tyme last year, THEY ALSO NEED A PRACTICE SPACE,so LIKE them on facebook and contact them, they still live! Springtime wimmen risin', studio tomorrow and I feel a Spring rebirth with music maybe even coming back. SO, Closing Deep Thot: Me and Mitch doin' our Roky thing unplugged at Neu! OR anybody! Steal this idea! Steal This book! (Abbie Highland)...well it's an idea....don't feel "divorced" from music: a shotgun weddin' to music with me you'll WANT Kill Slug playing your Divorce Party!"....


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