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Monday, May 13, 2019

"sunday 5 may 19. a day off from music! somerville theater and JACK ATTACK, Jack Nicholson movies. Gee Julie never saw Chinatown; it's my Best Bette! Jack is such a funny wise-ass and the shots of Faye Dunaway's right breast, nipple and all! (art, not porn, but 1974!!!!).....Reasons I did NOT see this movie back in '74...monday 17 July 74, Bowie's Diamond Dogs tour plays rochester NY; Chinatown released Thursday 20 June 74; the weekend is high school graduation party bender (passed out on ce-ment cellar floor, swamp road, brockport NY), graduate Brockport High with hangover Monday 24 June 74, go to ANOTHER graduation party, meet "Winner By Elimination". The next month I hitchhike around the North East meeting all my fanzine pen pals and getting them to autograph inner sleeve of T. Rex Electric Warrior for my "baby" sister (now a granny)....interviewing Jim Dandy and Cub Koda, standing next to Mick Ralphs and Paul Rodgers in chicago, seeing Jobriath and meeting Carl Biancucci within a week of each other? Even playing in three Boston bands wasnt as good as when Chinatown came out! oh, wait, hadnt met Miss Lyn yet....yeah, life sucked back then plus the Cure wasnt even a band yet!"

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"Monday 6 May 19 was another fantastic GLiDER practice. Next show is live on WMFO, mikey dee. day of Wodin. 22 May 19 (that's THIS wedensday folks!!) so y'all should be reading this Sunday. Speaking of "Radio Radio" Elvis Costello would be covering "I cant complain" by The Who (the fuck lissens to you anyway,you fucken four-eyed freak! oh wait that's me!). Numero Uno and he DOES mention the Boston Groupie News and that is Flynn Young's Club Elektrik. Not since me being into blues songs before 1956 have I seen a "kid" obsess for the synth-pop '80s and sure as "Billie Jean/the Flynn is NOT my child", he DOES pick 80s synth-pop so Hopelessly Obscure for his playlist, I might only recognize a couple artists! Also in same vein and i did get a "messenger" from him is Austin Texas The Mal Thursday Show. When she was alive, "my favourite cuzzin" Linda Garreau Highland realised he was in Austin, Texas and since this is more of the '60s garage/'70s punk "bent" (I only use quotes Justin Case I'm mis-using a "done me wrong alright" word), I should also mention about 1987, the orange kenne Highland record (Gay Hathaway's DEBUT on drums before Justine and Corolla etc!) Kenne Highland Clan played with The Givens (Marjory Meadows from Dangerous Byrds, wicked big rebetika fan....shit, I forgot: PEOPLE IN STORES!) and the Malarians, then youngsters from J mascis-ville whom didnt play Dinosaur Jr.; kinda more Lyres junior. So "A Promise is a Promise"; tune into Mal Thursday show! His facebook profile even mentions The malarians on MYSPACE! fuck mark Zuckerberg; bring back TOM! (tip jars at 1369 coffee house which usedta be 1369 blues jam in '80s has hipster/tipster tip jars with "witty" (arent those manbun-wearing lil hipsters so fucken clever? Put 'em to Parris island and shave that shit off! 'course that happened to me, 29 apr 76 about 0230 thus becoming the first gizmo AND the first skinhead!)...oh yeah my tip jar has a sign saying "Mark Zuckerberg",other says "Tom"...even if that mofo lost all the Myspace music files.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

day of Wodin, 8 may 19. a club linehan-ago-go practice. Future/Gigs right now are being the Band for the Count (me as Robbie Robertson, Joe as Zimmerman, get it?) at Middle East we played Rat party. doing Count AND Lou reed toons and Blowfish SHOULD go to this coz i learnt "whiskey mama" and "i'm a star", i think. Riding back with drummer kevin Linehan, it was "see you day of Wodin!" (for next practice) and a lotta Celtic lore being discussed (hint: it's the runes on led Zep four....smoke another Doobie, Brother!) I was watching some documentary on my ancestor Charlemagne who made the Saxons convert to Christianity and cut down their Pagan conflict here coz Dad's grandfather, with my ancestry app and famous kin site is charlemagne descendant but Dad's y-male DNA (Dad's side) is R-U 198 (Saxon). Either way I rock like the cover of Dust's Hard Attack album; drummer Mark Bell later ended up in some band name Ramones"

Thursday, May 16, 2019

day of Thor, 9 may 19. another great GLiDER practice and let me also mention Otto's Shrunken Head in New Netherlands with Thigh Scrapers. That is Memorial Day SUNDAY and looking very forward to it since the first tyme ever I played the bass was Sunday 3 June 73, 29 avenue W, brooklyn, "I'm a man" (Yardbirds) probably (or was it "under my wheels"?),then saw with Solomon Gruberger, Alice Cooper/Flo and Eddie and Johnny Black was in audience! Two great bands, O. rex and Jumper Cables"

Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday 10 may 19. arrived jeannie johnston pub, jamaica plain and there was an early show BUT! it was WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT, a Velvet Underground tribute show by some GOOD millenials and I'm talkin' 'bout THEIR generation; "yer generation dont mean jackshit to me!". Made new Facebook friends with the lady runnin' the thang AND after Cal "I never met a microphone i didnt like" Cali and I did "what goes on" (Cal-vocals, me-borrowed acoustic), they were "killing me with tribute"! 'course got my first velvets album back in ("My head's in") '73!" and whom of the Full House (that same year J geils were still listenable!) was borned yet? Met a tall statuesque "Nico" (redhead with blonde wig and "devil with a blue dress on") whom wants to cover Fraulein Paffgen in the future and lastly, performing was BILLY SQUIRE who wants to interview me for a Midway Cafe docu-men-Terry (if he's in Facebook jail, he's covering "Jailhouse rock", Elvis being my eighth cousin through my granddaddy McBee's line). What could POSSIBLEY follow that? THE LEGENDRY CAZBATS! as they did Hopelessly Obscure 60s garage covers there were some double lead moments remisicent of Page/Beck Yardbirds. and God bless Bob Roos for reminding me which club and which band I was in what night, my three bands versus his (he must write it down in a calendar). Lastly, my "debut" with GLiDER was extremely reminscent of Afrika Korps live at Cantone's (GUlcher, sunday 20 august 77) especially the "stop-on-a-dime" Ramones endings. Due to an MIA drummer (Jetset HAD played with the MIAs; 13 degrees of Kenne Highland which I WONT go into except who the Grand Funk backed me up on "rain of death" saturday 5 dec 82?!), Thighscrapers canceled so GLiDER basically jammed on British invasion AND for the ghost of my distant cuzzin Linda Garreau Highland,"So long marianne" by Leonard Cohen! also, AL on GLiDER guitar said my jay Gruberger-cum-Carl Biancucci "hot lead licks" (JAy's ca. '74 quote) was "like having a second guitar"; during his solos it was like Jack Bruce playing with ramones,which WAS Afrika Korps.....and THAT was the week that was!"


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