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Monday May 16, 2016

Miguel D'Amour and Kenne
at Casa Portugal

Photo: Gee Julie
2014 at Casa Portugal

Beer and Self-Loathing in East Cambridge, Mass: Miguel D'Amour had called me in Brockport NY about going out for portegei food, so I said "Casa Portugal Friday". Met Miss Lyn at the 1369 Coffee House and the Big Three went to supper where Vincezo Biancucci's grandson and Max- Sonic Daze had went. It was raining, didn't go to the Remains (also didn't get sick!) and then Miguel and I saw that the Portegei church near Portugalia was having a three day Santo Cristo festival at the same time as the Newport RI oyster festival. Me: "let's go to the 6.30 pm mass! I'll be Highland S. Thompson and you can be Raoul! Beer and Self-Loathing at the Portegei Fest!"...Gee Julie was smart and RESTED and by 10 pm getting home WRCA 1330 AM was playing on their olde tyme radio show: THE INNER SANCTUM!!! I love '60s garage, but olde-tyme radio....also a passion!"....


Tuesday May 17, 2016

Shrine at Joefest

"fourth annual Joe Coughlin Memorial at midway café Saturday 14 May 16 (Jack Bruce's birthday!). already was a good piece wrote so I won't be too redundant; on the doom and gloom side, if there weren't a Midway where would One remember Joe Coughlin?; that was why, though not playing, i attended it like my Civil War relatives attended GAR meetings til the last Civil War vet (a Reb) died when I was three years old and livin' down south. So Electric Sludge opened up and RIP also to Peter Sheinfeld of WRCA playing old r&b Friday nights, this c/o Adja the Turkish Queen and he was bro to Roy Sludge and Lynette Stumbleweed. so in honour of Joe AND Solomon and jay gruberger coz I covered it with them in '74; blue oyster cult's 'red and the black". and even if johnny black was fishin', "teenage head" was played. Lenny Lashley can sing, wear a harmonica rack, play guitar, tend bar AND take care of Rocky the midway pug which would take a quint-o-pus to do! (that's five tentacles). Classic Ruins awesome as usual and Vincenzo Biancucci's grandson Jack Bruce-ing all over the place; though at my aunt's 100th last week in spencerport NY, I gave Carl the shipping list when his grandfather landed and also new rockabilly yobs 45 from italia! (Hate Records, Get Hip selling it for $13; see carl for extra copies!) MOTO ended the night, rockin' as usual, folks dancing and like those annual Bloomington Gizmos gigs or even my high school reunions that I don't attend, good to see folks ABOVE ground coz I saw Joe on his deathbed and sang Gizmos and alice cooper toons to him....he DID smile, but if the last music you hear is kenne highland, like Curtis Mayfield sez; "if there's hell below we're all goin'!".....

Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Gee Julie went to mental Worcester sunday, so I was a "day tripper" (yeah!) catching a 1 pm Providence MTA, then discovering the Newport bus came before the Galilee bus, Newport it was! chilly, but a nice walk along Thames street, lotsa festivals coming up in WARM weather...Mitch Murphy of Triple Thick says if Kerouac were alive he'd post on HIS facebook wall but here were some highlights....Zelda's, looked like a goddam Parrothead convention but some drunk yuppie son of a son of a sailor beckoned me in but Zelda's dining didn't sit til 5 pm, though I coulda been surrounded by drunken Newport boaters. walked down to Irish American Club (like it on facebook!) which coulda been a Southie bar with Irish-Americans who LIKED Marines asking this Ulsterman to sit down and drink and "hey santa claus!" (bartender);"we don't have food but we got chips"...I'm not in fucken appalachaia no more!!!! another rum-dum kept going on about a roast beef sandwich...hey, Gee Julie said why don't you write for the Boston FOODIE News! walked back towards my Rebel Puritan ancestral home, opting for O'Briens (like THEM on facebook) kinda cheap fish and chips coz all the other places opened for supper with their $25 entrees. Spending $25 on travel = same as Algiers/Brattle and good way to "kill" a sunday afternoon!".....

Friday, May 13, 2016

Santo Cristo Festival
"Before I head off to the Portugese Santo Cristo feast on Cardinal Medeiros and also chetstock this weekend, let's list the gigs: Saturday 18 june afternoon, club linehan-a-go-go. sunday 10 july afternoon; hopelessly obscure/Tokyo tramps and buffalo bills fan Drew Townson. Saturday 13 august midway is frank rowe's 65th birthday; what band am I in? Is Johnny Black fishing? He should bring his tacklebox onstage! Put piranhas in "the pit"! are we "all washed up"? being more aquatic, like Blowfish...the Boston GROUPER news? even more fishy: Gizmos in Bloomington Saturday 17 sept 16 but if y'all wanna see Detroit Wheel JimMcCarty (facebook friend) and the Fudge's Carmine Appice (facebook friend) I DO understand!"...



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