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Monday, May 16, 2022

"Sonntag Morgen ides of may 2022. I am not Gone volume two, tribute to Asa brebner track number 13! "Pain and Doubt' by the Bad Ideas featuring John Felice. All Star Cast: John Felice got Afrika Korps their Boston debut at Cantone's with "I'll talk to teddy". his vocals on this dark, goth toon echo Iggy singin' "Gimme Danger" mixed with Leonard Cohen singin' "aint nuthin' purty in mah life no mo"...I LOVE depressed sounding Felice! natalie Flanagan offers up Sandy denny harmonies like Zep's "Battle of evermore". John Pitingolo of Ah-lington's The frantics is on bass; he also played on the original of Bamberg Deutschland's broken Jug "rain of death" (Hopelessly Obscure e.p. on majestic records). Joe Donnelly on drums, I have already mentioned him and working on Jonathon Swift's, so he has 'old school cred" as does this lineup,mentioning not too last, brian Jones lookalike Charlie Leger of Sweet Cheater on vocals/fiddle/(Lynda) mandolin/guitars/banjo/harmonica! with nary a dulcimer/sitar/vibes in site! The song in G, then goes to a D to C so it's a I-V-IV, maybe but I listened to beserkley not Berklee! Further notes on a couple cups of coffee; "goth/folk", "Neil Young chords' and the ultimate "My head's in '71' reference: imagine John felice covering "sister morphine'...THAT explains the tempo/chords/vocals et al"...….


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Monntag sweet lil 16 and savaged May 2022. More facts about The Rat from I gotta rock; the Gospel Zone according to Saint mach bell. So Thundertrain formed Sonntag 4 August 74; pretty certain Eddie Flowers and I had decided we'd be the Rockabilly Yobs already AND perhaps I'd even rang up Hound Dog taylor! meanwhile, back in the bay Thundertrain practice at Jack's drum shoppe, "went out for pizza next door'; in 666 years (maybe 7 plus 7 is) I and Berklee student Dave bass, drumming in Young Snakes would go for "slabs, man!" MAYBE the Grovellors (on Stanton park; read ugly Things!) ALMOST formed here! 'cruising down Boston Common to Beacon Hill"...300 years after my Puritan ancestors built that City on the Hill (with rock and roll!) I actually can picture-fie this. "Holliston artist friend Linda" whose solo 45 was "don't swear at me! i'm a fucken lady!" b/w "I'm ok, the car's in the garden, I got some gum" (a 45 on Kleen Kut) 'recently invented herself as Miss Lyn'... that's 4 August 74 folks! (yup, I lived on Beacon Hill then and I remember they told me "We're going to call the band Thundertrain" and we discussed how that name would live on and morph into just meaning that band...-ed) AFTER Joe Flash broke up. 'meets Steven Silva'....BUT MOST important of all, helping Stenson Eddie Flowers write HIS book: in Chicago Monday 5 August 74, the future Gulcher/ Gizmos staff had a press pass and saw Jobriath Dante! I did some review somewhere "Elton Bowie", I still stand by that 18 year old statement...just to go full circle on this "amazing Journey" (their first album WAS amazing! WIUS tipsheet 1975!) when Jimmy Carter was president, at 85 turner road, Hot rails to Holliston, in the Dark Cellar, I DID spy that artist friend Linda had album by Army vet Jobriath! Maybe we iz kin".....

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

"Til Dienstag 17 may 2022. I been crankin' up my $4 Somerville Grooves John Lennon "power to the people" 45, which,like my sixth cuzzin Kevin Michael Allin, I'm "Bored to death'. It's the yoko Ono b-sides that are da ballz1 I looked at the discography remembering 45s I listened to in 1971, grade nine; me and a Brockport Ny high classmate had a duo named SQUEEZE and we even did the Abbey Road crossing on the Swamp Road (c'mon, and casettes from Fiddy Years On? Like tara, it's Gone with the wind and frankly, my deer, I could give a dam; aint no beaver...)...So let me rave on about "Touch Me". recorded September-October 1970 at Abbey Road, inficted on the public 22 March 71 by which, then, my cuzzin had taught me the riff to "satisfaction" (was this the Joe Flash days? was the Ararat open? was I "born too late '56?"). I didn't buy Funhouse til October '71 but hearing B-52s "rock lobster" warblings with a band of Lennon on guitar; Herr Klaus Voorman on bass and Ringo on drums...sure as hell beat Sir paul's "granny muzak!" ("let it be"/"long and winding road": the flip sides are better!). Oh, yeah, so transfer Yoko's pre-52 warblings over Stooges "L.A. Blues" THEN sound of a tree falling, then a primal jungle rhythm; GREAT work by the band and this was the year before Greg Shaw sent the Rock On boize a Uinted artist promo copy of can's Ege Bamyasi (November 1972 release and I HAD in the spring maybe already written "pumpin to playboy" about the tyme Exile on main street came out/ Joe Flash breaks up, Saint mach meets "artist friend Linda" in Seals and Croft listening barn (hey they played Blind faith! "wasted..cant find way home"...a true tale of Le Sot!). Third cup of coffee (Dunkin Donuts is "the clinic", Macey's parade) BUT; Damo Suzuki born 16 jan 50; Japan; yoko born 18 feb 33 in Tokyo...better get a DNA test! Mother-son? plastic Ono Band/ can? Diarrhea of a madman?!"

Thursday, May 19, 2022

day of Thor 19 May 2022. Taking a working/gigging vacation so to end out the week; gigs! Sunday 29 May 2022, Leon Rich at Lily pad, Inman Sqaure with captain easychord and Sharon Crumrine; "side projects" by two of my pilots in baa baa black sheep sqauadron ("Curse you Red baron!"). Friday 3 June 2022, mad painter at O's bar, Sunderland,Mass. and Friday 24 June 2022 Geno's Portland maine Kenne Highland Air Force in ME-262 dogfight with Tiger Bomb and Gene Dante! After the show, Gene and I will entertain the troops with an Andrew Sisters tribute; Be More Flamboyant! ("all this and more" from dinorecords. net . AND! "there are no concidences", Saint Caemgen (Kevin, smith, CEO of Dino records), patron Saint of Dublin! (I have fiver per cent Irish y-DNA) died 3 June 618! 3 June 1973, I first jammed with O. rex which leads us to: The Gospel of Saint Mach! Buy BOTH books of his! And records from saint Kevin! King Kenneth of Scotland united the Picts and the Celts and I'm turning into Led Zep IV being played backwards, lamenting for the days of Rock On, the Ararat and Joe Flash!"...….



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