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Kenne and Julie

May 19, 2014

"Random weekend Deep Thot: discovered the Horse Racing Network on the AM, so heard the Preakness and California Chrome goin' for that Triple Cup, maybe! (I DID pick Smarty Jones way back when, proud to say; me and Terry 'dactyl Brenner discussin' the ponies at Dodge Street, Salem!)

Whilst resting one thick Scottish leg: blues show on WUMB; Coast to Coast WRKO; gospel with Skippy White 1330 AM AND a Blue Note jazz orgy WHRB! (last week was Chess records; "Dearest Darlin'", Bo Diddley on MY radio! TOO Rollin' Stoned).

Went to Harvard Square Coop. Checked out Bob Mould's Husker Du bio; of interest: Suicide Commandos! I WAS recognized as a Gizmo in Bethesda, MD. Went to a Commandos/Pere Ubu show (David Lynn Thomas: "legs....table...chair....") in '78, so young college freshman Bob Mould met him too...

then to Roy Sludge, Lizard Lounge, phoned in some news to BGN, so let's see: Johnny Sciasha is the Carl Biancucci of upright slap bass and coupled with Duke Levine on guitar, these dudes kicked ASS!!! great rockabilly soundtrack, I walked in during Buddy Holly's "Love Me" off an album I shoplifted from Peterson's Drug in 1971, Brockport NY ("Juvenile delinquent"!). Chris MacLachlan, Human Sexual Response, is in a Latin Joe Cuba type band called Lookie-Lookie with Russ Gershon (Sex Execs) and Ken Field (Skin). Chris Cote(Sex Bomba) and Duke Levine play the Lizard Lounge THIS Friday in a soul band. after my Gizmos tour, Triple Thick Mitch wants me to sing "youre gonna miss me", Plough, 15 years of Triple Thick. following Saturday (21 june) Midway Roy Sludge and Easy Ed as dj....if more news, y'all WILL know or feel mein Zorn!!!!!....."

May 20, 2014

"Goethe-Institut Boston presents Werner Herzog Films: Rad der Zeit ($5); Herzog looks at Buddhist celebrations and rituals in 3 locations; india/tibet/austria (!) Gee Julie in attendance, wein und cheese reception after (Ich habe wasser mit mein meds) and Julie talked to a couple Herzog-fan Buddhists (!) (interesting cats, but not Nashville Cats; more "Hey Beat Mon"). My Facebook status has started a thread on KLAUS KINSKI between Harry Vee ( der Broken Jug sanger) und Patricia Ragan (Punk magazine). Gee Julie also discussing My Best Fiend (Kinksi bio) over der rot wein last night. If it weren't for Miss Lyn, I wouldn't know the difference between Klaus Kinski und Klaus Nomi (just a "Wild-Eyed Boy From Brockport", 49 cent copy of Man of words/man of music, WT Grants, Brockport NY, december '71!)".......

May 21, 2014

"Be-Bop Shepard rang me up yesterday for part two of NPR interview in Indiana; she tried to interview Stenson Eddie Flowers but someone swiped his phone! She attended a TR Niemiec/Ian Brewer (Zero Boys)/Mad Max (Sonic Daze)/John Terrill (Dancing Cigarettes) practice and Teddy did the "I'm the Mr. Clean of the Gizmos rap" and even too embarrassed to sing "Muff-Divin'"! (which Be-Bop of Tsunamis sang instead)....I have MP3s..."suffer"....(from "Yeah yeah yeah", b-side of Alice Highland's "Be my lover"!) also worked more on "Red Headed Stepchild", new Gizmos song; solo is MC's "Baby wont ya" intro and then Fireking's "Make it last" in F#! in three weeks me and TEDDDDDDDDYYYYY Niemiec (last seen 10 april 77) and I practice with Ian/Max/John; health better, Gee Julie as rocknroll nurse and Max Mad as my "minder" on tour so's not to be a "Human Garbage Disposal"; I DO wanna keep my leg! ("Now I wanna......keep mah laig...").....

May 23, 2014

"a plug for my dentist Geoffrey Davis, 581 boylston street, boston. (good teeth, back in December; my leg another issue). When Pat Barreat (coat check gurl at Spit) tole me she got a job there, I said "I see his ads in Bay Windows! ("I'm Just a Regular Dude" but plug them anyway!) His advert: "Every Queen needs a crown"! But NOW, toss his friend James Straight into the mix! (filling in for Pat at desk). Dudes, I LOVE goin' to the dentist! James Straight: "Joe Fagan was in contact with someone in Spain about putting out a Boys Say Go record" (HOTTTT gossip!) Even my dentist asks how is my bad leg and how's Gizmos World Tour! (knows Donna Leathal also). But, when I got both my legs straddlin' the dentist chair.....when I sit there....ah got a wahd stance!!......(channeling Jim Dandy's intro to "Hot Rod" from Raunch and Roll; his IS my cuzzin!)....."

May 24, 2014

"John Barge from Zero Boys (I think; late '70s Indianapolis punk, but I were in a tray-ler in South Carol-liny then) called to interview me for The Ryder, local free art mag from Indy.

Instead of Mellencamp, HE is gonna introduce the Gizmos and here's why: me: "hey, man, y'all know Kurt Davis from the Repellants "..."who?" "Yuki Gipe, Bullet La Volta"..... JB: "oh Yuki! he's a good aig!" Mr. LaVolta has told me for years about Zero Boys/Walking Ruins etc. AND the Repellants even got REJECTED by Gulcher, so Bullet La Volta, major label,"The Joke's on you" (Razz; from DC; R-A-Z-Z). and in three weeks: Dayton, Ohio! further proof from them "carpetbaggin'" Gizmos: "The Midwest can be all right"!"......(that's the Midwest Groupie News, I'll have you know!).....:....

May 25, 2014

A nice, with $40 coupon, meal at Vlora with Miss Lyn (maiden voyage there) and Gee Julie; where they went after, I shan't tell, but i was smart and rested leg and listened to all my favourite radio shows; blues on WUMB; Coast to Coast WRKO (alien abduction was the subject) and Skippy White gospel 1330 WRCA. Kinda broke, so laying low, but since my gym membership gets de-ducted from paycheck, will more'n probably hang by the ce-ment pond. And Memorial Day - Gy.Sgt. Byron Grant Highland USMC (named for his grandfather, named for his uncle Byron J. Jacobus, Dee-troit barber, who CUT out the Jams, named for HIS uncle Byron J. Alderman, a Ct. Yankee in NY's southern tier); yes, he died for his country, but the proganda/"American Ruse"/"Amerika First" I learnt in Parris Island FROM 'Nam vets was "Never die for your country; always make the other sunabitch die for his"; take that, AL Qaeda!".....

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