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Monday, May 27, 2019

saturday 11 may 19. Cal Cali presents Koto in salem! Classic Ruins open up with a spectactular set AND I'm almost related to the Ruins! The drummer's Aussie wife has Hyland and Grant cuzzins in Oz (my father and his grandfather being Byron Grant Highland and a Grant cuzzin from Kent england DID jump ship down there in 1800s!), so this kin would be "Hyland-Highland"; haha! Oz citizenship and we can vacation in Taz!!!!! GLiDER sounded like Afrika Korps live at cantone's (Gulcher cd) and half of Corolla DeVille danced to Lyres "how do you know" cover; MISTER Carl Biancucci hollered out "Ric Corracio wouldnt have played it like that!" EVERYONE should channel Solomon Gruberger every once in a while. FU's were fantastic sounding like their 1985 hard-rock Straw Dogs album. Good to see Sox/Steve Grimes/Bob Furapples, TOTALLY '80s plus Ian King on guitar had UK Subs leather jacket and had attended same high school as Stanton Park mogul Aram Heller; I was flattered Ian had the Hopelesssly Obscure ep on Arf Arf! (1986 release). Mark Kennedy also was energetic with Skrewcart; I thought these guys sounded like an SST band; had a sampler in '80s and a walkman lissenin' to "punk jazz" from Cali, tho I forgot what bands (Saccharine trust maybe?) Mark Kennedy felt 18 again, everyone agreed we should do it again, I even saw a Goody Goody Gumdrop, so more musical misadventures afloat!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sunday 12 may 19. a very excelllent Mad Painter practice highlighted by the Jeff Beck version of "Love is blue" wherein I, minus Glenn Cornick headband, almost started playing Tull's "Bouree". Not one note of punk played in this lineup! (caveat?) Tune into Flynn Young's Club Elektrik if you love '80s synth-pop! (Mad Painter is a very disparate band if i'm using that word rightly).

Walking past Regent Theater, a gray-haired ole hippie (de rigeur for this 70-plus show) was "hey man, i got an extra ticket, my friend couldnt make it"...fucken $35 Brian Auger ticket! Since the first tyme i ever played a minor chord was O. Rex doing "for your love" (Solomon Gruberger on vocals! oh joy....)....sunday 3 june 73, since Brian Auger played harpsichord on that record, that E minor was HIM! I usedta find his julie Driscoll albums in the dollar bin and enjoyed them. Dude still playing and even hanging at merch table! (I didnt get an was already a long day). Ran into and got ride with members of Limbo Race (I opened, Rat, december '82) and Children of Paradise (Hopelessly Obscure opened auguste '85, Rat) and we discussed the music after. I liked Brian Auger saying they used to listen albums in London on a friday eve, and when he heard some Wes Montgomery album i owned coz he was a hendrix influence, i was "yeah!" Brian's son drummed but Julie Drisoll's "replacement" was a Cuban lady on them big ole Santana bongoes; her dad's famous too....she was damn good! tho i'd rather listen to Who's "Bucket T" than cross things off "buket list", damn glad i went before folks start singin' that ole gospel classic "this may be the last tyme".

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

monday 13 may 19. another excellent GLiDER practice and when you read this there are two shows the following week. sunday 2 June 19 with a shitload of bands at out of the blue ALL good! If I miss you, it's coz I'm a "Human Garbage Disposal"! though watching all these excellent bands is a good diet plan...fuck that, I'd rather be Martin Luther subsiding on a Diet of Worms! friday 7 June 19, GLiDER do originals PLUS a shitload of covers playing with Joe Mazzari's new White Stripes-cum-Rockabilly Yobs duo 61 Ghosts.

Since Schmel Herbie Hind, known to drive past BGN headquarters the wrong way delivering pizza, HERE is a tail (of Brave Ulysesses?) he'll like: 1981-ish, went to Father's Five, Marlborough street, downed a five dollar pitcher (insert album cover of Five Dollar Shoes) to catch O. Rex refugee Carl Biancucci in Tea in China. Also on bill was The Daughters (BOTH bands on Varulven!). Raggs the cat's original daddy Simon Ritt was on DRUMS singing the Kinks' "this is where i belong"; couple years later the Daughters backed up J. Genzale at Jonathan Swift's....Schmel says I SHOULD write a book but Fug it! (Ed Sanders wrote one on manson fambly). THIS is my RUFF draft! (the two-headed dog ate my manuscript!)


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ides of May 2019. club linehan a go go practice. gig: saturday 1 june 19, middle east upstairs Bands that played the Rat beach party. We back up the Count and it's almost Auguste Phenonmenon! Count/Lady Carolyn/me as Blowfish on guitar. "i'm a star", "whisky mama","saltwater summers" (!) and more (I did the practice vocal for "Sister Ray" and it was O. Rex redux april '74). sunday 2 june 19 club linehan-ago-go open up out of the blues gallery benefit. A busy weekend and see you in cambridge/allston!

Friday, May 24, 2019

before I had Mad Painter practice for on the town with Mikey Dee WMFO wednesday 5 June 19 (Martha Hull's birthday!) I had chance to go to Apple Cinemas and catch Hindi film Student of the Year 2 (wikipedia/facebook/you tube....hooray for Bollywood!)....Nice escapism in the Get Yourself a College Gurl vein (plus "the sun is shining" so obviously I'd RATHER be in a thee-ate-er BY MICELF ala Howard Hughes (NO other tickets sold at Postively 1300!) for a couple-three hours....I'll give you the plot quick; small town boy and girl rural India, she goes to posh school, changes name, posh boy "adopts" rural boy but then sabotages him in school athletics AND steals his gurl! (a real "Slickee Boy" woulda cut that mofo tho "violence is the only thing that'll make him see sense"-Mott the Highland!). To spoil the ending (would we see the rest of the Boston Groupie News staff at a Bollywood film in Hindi?), Posh Boy's SISTER falls for rural boy; for a while rural boy has TWO wimmen after him! Now THAT could be my new toon "we got vindaloo love" based on "Jim Dandy" b-side by Black Oak Arkansas...."Red Hot Lovin'"!!! (isnt it aboot ginger birds?) ok, my week ended happy, this was Mad Painter dress rehersal for 5 June so if you read this Sunday when I play New Netherlands with GLider, remember Saturday 1 June, Middle East up, club linehan-ago-go backs up the Count! (thank God for facebook events...."I have a gig?" see you there or at the movies!


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