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Monday, May 23, 2022

"Freitag on my mind 20 May 2022. mad Painter at the Jungle! The p.a. system started playing Stooges "No Fun" and keyboardist Alex Gitlin asked if it was Kenne Highland's Air Force! And we both agreed that Ron Asheton's guitar solo WAS Schmel herbie Hind. A VERY exuberant crowd which totaled forty paid customers. Even on bass, my "Head's in '73" listening to Deep Purple Made in Japan and Uruah Heep Live was realized. Crash Cadet followed; two guitars and drums. A lot of leaping about (oh, to be young again...)...and a sound between grunge and thrash-metal. Lead singer also played a Moog, giving tribute to Alex Gitlin with "wish I could wish my shoulder like that!"...Lastly, Devious Intentions: Gee Julie was facebook friends with the Richochet Reynolds-looking guitarist who went chordless into the crowd with lightbulbs on his fretboard...ONLY photos will tell of this '80s "lack of" hair metal and drummer had all kindsa props, all kindsa props with fake flames and skulls adorning the drumkit: drummer Al Hendry of Mad Painter "Kenne, are you having a '80s flashback?" (If mad Painter is '70s like punk never happened, these guys were '80s like grunge never happened! My distant cuzzin Kurt Cobain would still be here!)...loved both bands, hope to gig with both soon and even Micky Bliss showed up! He's way to the right in the photo below! (gave his card to Jungle owner sam Epstein, so I will try my bit for Club Bohemia at the Jungle? Why not! Like Eisen and Klein, we got "nothin' to lose"!"....


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Jim McCarty
"Sonntag 22 May 2022 0100. Coast to Coast AM, guest facebook friend Jim MCCarty, yardbirds drummer! "Coastie' all-star band; Billy Gibbons and John Fogerty on guitar, me and Jim as rhythm section backing up Miriam Linna! Since I usually see double, jim has written Mag Four books! Once a yardbird, Always a yardbird; I gotta rock coz I'm a man, Nobody Told Me (yardbirds book) AND: ; She Walks in Beauty about a pair o' normal stuff. the Gospel according to saint James before I go into the infirmary! https://edmonton  jim...talks of him and Keith Relf being mediums; and if you want the reincarnation of Keith Relf, lissen to harp as played by Saint mach on "Princess of the Trailer Park' on howl of the she-wolf; (a VERY shameless plug!)".....


Wednesday, May 25, 2022

"Sonntag 22 May 2022. "Sun shines on AMC Common at one/ all the gurls were "No Fun" apologies to John Felice, my sense of humour stuck in 1966 reading mad magazine which means ken still ten! They wanted extra MacMoney for Dr Strange 3d glasses and I had a movie pass from work that was CHEAPER than AMC Boston senior price so 130 pm Firestarter it was. remake of a Drew Barrymore movie from a Stephen King book which came out AFTER Carrie, since the young heroine can start fires with her eyes (Tell A Ken Nieces!)…..yeah yeah yeah...I Gotta Rock(s) (in my head) part 13 (more exciting!)...I had et dinner with Jack Kerouac's distant cuzzin and there had been a Writer's conference a summer we wuz working at a college attended by Lord manuel (Varulven!) sister when whom bumps into us in the hall but STEPHEN KING! THAT is why I got mentioned in that book of his (read about my fading memory in my talking book Once a Rocka/ Now An Alta kaka and dig this Zimmernan rewrite that ranks with terry Knight and the pack's "dimestore debutante"; "my steel trap memory now has been rusted/ and all my frenemies I never should have trusted/ my costume jewelry now has been rusted/ with tyyyyyyymmmmeeee"....) Let's "roll away the stone" and look at Stephen King famous kin....Stephen King is seventh cuzzin thrice removed of Milton Bradley, founder of the "Games People Play" company via Thomas Roberts, a 1600s Dover Nh settler; lots of king's people are early maine settlters. As a William Pillsbury descendant, he IS distant kin to THAt company SO if'n you see a Stephen king movie with the Pillsbury Doughboy as a Chuckie-type doll, you KNOW I'll have Dewey/Cheat'um and Howe filing suit for this bluidy brilliant idea on three cups of coffee!!!!!!!!!!!("Kerouac on steroids": Schmel Herbie Hind".....


Thursday, May 26, 2022

John Keegan!!
"day of WODIN 25 may 2022. Kenne Highland Air Force practice for Geno's gig Friday 24 June Portland maine with Tiger Brood and Jobriath Dante. Starting out with an insane jam on Roxy Music's "remake remodel" with a Kenne Rotten vocal/ captain easychord impersonating Eno with kitty cats runnin' along the keyobards and Gismo John Keegan TOTALLY doing Andy mackay on sax this Roxy cover rivalled the Look doing "Virginia Plain" in early 1977 washington DC opening for the Slickee Boys (and then Howard Wuelfing ended up IN the Slickee Boys on bass! hmm....musical incest below the mason Dixon line as flies flock on the car windows and the NSA goes through your rubbish....endless games of Scrabble and beer with Myron Breiholtz on the Amerika, First university college station...I mUST be kin to Jim Morrison! lookit that edgar alan POE-try!)...since geno's gig is Lt larry Newman's birthday week, I institute (anliased) a new policy of "it's your birthday you make the set list" so larry picked out John Keegan singing velvet underground's "what goes on"! Me and Schmel herbie Hind in unison on Armenian raga-guitars and Al Hendry HAS done Velvet Underground covers with me pre-Covid AND with Joe Vig! Captain easychord: "it's like riding a bicycle'...A GREAT reason to crank up Army veteran Jobraith's "Bi-sexual built for two"! (let's plug the mach bell book I Gotta Rock! (Available on Amazon) "artist friend Linda" goes "THUNDERTRAIN?" and next night the Rockabilly Yobs see Jobriath in Chicago! 4 and 5 August 74! LAST week of Tricky Dick! "18 and I like it!""...…..


Friday, May 27, 2022

Sonntag 22 May 2022. Miss Lyn gets movies from someplace so I caught Tear the Roof Off; the untold story of parliament-funkadelic (it's on Amazon) Sex....drugs...ho hum...  music says "George Clinton shares a supernatural Bootsy Collins Story'....'we were driving into Toronto together and were contacted by a UFO"...."we weren't high because he (Bootsy) had just crossed the border"...sounds like Niagra Falls to me 63 miles from my house! blog mentions "ufo sightings appear and disappear in the Erie County region"...this was 31 July 66 and I saw lights above a field as ma drove over the "crick" from Grandma Blodgett's house...though Bootsy didn't join funkadelic til '72 (when I had started Rock on fanzine six years after seeing that UFO; three years past 1966, writing lyrics and four years after first guitar...hmmmm….)...maybe George Clinton will call into coast to Coast AM with this tale....George Clinton had just turnt 30 (1971) and the band moved to Toronto for a spell! didn't relalise he and I lived so close together and maybe saw same UFO! Even better, in '73, George woulda been playin' with Bootsy when 3 june 73 I first played with jay gruberger in O. rex! O.rex/P. Funk similarities and UFOs....three cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee theory!"....

Saturday, May 28, 2022

"Freitag 27 may 2022 was a mad painter practice for O's Bar, Sunderland Mass 3 June 2022 (versus 3 June 73 when I first played with O. rex; buy "Gimme Shelter' on O. rex cd on Gulcher!). Nine pm Sunday 29 May 2022 at lilypad, Leon Rich/ captain easychord/Sharon crumrine! Friday 24 June 2022, Kenne Highland Air Force with Tiger Bomb and Gene dante of Jet Velvet Trash! lastly, and if you're interested, DO write to Alex Gitlin c/o Mad painter facebook page: "Mad Painter is being offered two gigs at the Jungle in Somerville, both Fridays, 22 July and 26 August" (note: buy Afrika korps live at cantone's on Gulcher, recorded 21 Aug 77! "If you are interested in sharing a bill with mad painter, please let us know. Typically these are three band nights' (versus Three Dog Nights!-Kenneth Ed-itor) " the sequence of who gets which slot hasn't been established". Please notice this NICE tone from Alex Gitlin of Mad back in the Joe Flash days at 8452 Ridge Road, I'd crank up the b-side of "Be My Lover:,so…"this is ALICE speakin'!!!.....suffer"...….


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