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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

"Saturday 533 pm 22 may 21. from dino records initial mixes sound great! sound so good, I just may change my name to butch stone" . my facebook friend and black oak Arkansas manager. this is re: be less flamboyant! mad painter practice news. readied for the studio memorial day Saturday and also for future live gigs!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"Sunday 23 may 21. "back to normal" = Greek fests on! (fuck the damn clubs, I'm a "Human Garbage Disposal"!). Somerville Mass. greek fest at dormition of the virgin mary greek orthodox church. Gyro fest. Gyro and greek-type donut holes (they're called Loukomades-ed)to go but FULL festival in September! Gee Julie and I were "sittin' on a park bench' near the old 11th chapter (Bull McCabe where I saw Asa Brebner do Them's "one two brown eyes" the once.) the second annual curated vintage market was going on near Sally O'Brien's; all I saw was clothes which I certainly could care less about; my Briton ancestors fought the Romans singing Moby grape's "Naked if I want to" (finger cover on album AND a future Marine amongst them!). Lastly, Coast to Coast AM, Donna Francart ( has wrote a book. I've Seen Dead People. Coroner/funeral home, spirits ("I've got a line on" BOTH!)...quite interesting! She mentioned "orbs" and sure enuff...saw one on ceiling! I waved"....


Thursday, May 27, 2021

"day of Thor 27 May 21 0300 or "3 AM or nearer" (Guess Who).
Coast to Coast AM. GEORGE NOORY guest was Earthbound Sprits. On her encounters with earthbound spirits. She was also a KENsultant on Ghost Whisperer and I DO Love Hewitt! TWO items. Ida May. If you suffer from insomnia and still feel tired, you've been DEALING "with ghosts" (versus "Arguing"!). BUT my favourite: "orbs are sprits whom have crossed over trying to contact you" As they said that AGAIN I saw an orb near my ceiling and a photo of my father in 'Nam ("Landmine" picture sleeve). They DID say "shoot a digital shot and you'll see the profile of whom it is' so I MAY just try that!".....

Friday, May 28, 2021

Freitag on my mind. 28 may 21 and yes! I DID hear it as bumper music on coast to Coast AM. Bob Roos: "Thomas the Engineer at Lowell Street has seven Stigmatics songs mixed and is finishing "Creeper"" (I'm on double lead with 2 April born Bob Roos!). With Reptilians From Andromeda releasing so many records, I gotta keep up! Tomorrow Mad Painter in studio AND Tiny oak booking has offered "Saturday gig" at either Jungle or Midway; Midway offer is 21 August 21 versus Afrika Korps Live at Cantones 21 aug 77! Maybe I'll even get married agin, to micelf, agin! lastly, during Coast to Coast (Joe Vig interviewing me for cantab newsletter) I was thinking about Alpo and then I saw an orb blink in front of my fire alarm! All this music happening; mucho brigada guardian Alpo!"....

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cindy and Kenne in studio
Saturday 29 may 21. mad painter records at Lowell Street. "Let him Go" crosses "Try a little tenderness" with "oh darlin". "Samurai' was "Heep Purple". Cindy Budgen of Corolla DeVille stopped by to visit and co-produce these two songs and expostulate over Deep Purple's made in japan. My notes mention '70s Welsh bands Man and Budgie...why? why not?!?!?!?! I think Wishbone Ash was in there too. "Illusion" had me doing John Entwhistle bass ala "Punk and the Godfather"; Al Hendry nailing the drums and Alex Gitlin getting Hammond and Moog sounds (he LOVES the '70s!). Thomas the Engineer said I sounded like Chris Squire on this cut; "Chris Squire's bass sounds like goose farts"- jay Gruberger '74. Other opinions: Yes and ELP. grandiose keyboards yes! "less is less; MORE is MORE!!!!!"). "An e.p.'s worth of tunes is "Gone" which has ELP "Lucky man" moog in it. Schmel Herbie Hind showed up to overdub Clapton-esque guitar and drummer Al Hendry and I repaired to Bronwyn mit der gut essen! Gigs for mad painter happening! I have a month to promote 31 July 21, mad painter and KALEDOSCOPE at the Jungle! A gig I can WALK to ("Throckmorton, drive around the car please and throw down the stairs to me moi cheapeau; borgouise and Boogie On!)"...


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