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Tuesday, May 26 2020

"Sonntag 24 May 20 ("Then came the last days of may"). Ran into drummer James Matthew Burns at the corner store, discussing lack of music in Boston, though ten weeks of lockdown still shorter than when I was in Parris island...So beginning of march he was still "practicing" with a guitar player from Adventure Set; i remember when Joe Bagdady from Runes auditioned, but i guess this guy got job. matt mentioned ken Scales, whom certainly sounded like Roxy music in pastiche and first tyme I ever saw Matt play 1985, he drummed in Nightland at Johnny D's Allston. Also a Roxy-sounding band and Matt hitting Paul Thompson-drum crashes. (Roxy Music drummer). Roxy music is the "ball and pivot" point here, so hope to see SOMETHING from this band. Tho i stood not on one leg, i saw also Abbey Lounge bartender, so "Living in the Past' that was THREE people whom heard "Not too shabbey at the Abbey" LIVE (Matt drummed on that Flamboyant cd; but i first saw him play in Nightland!) and NOT on Sirius radio! Rumours were Andrew Loog Oldham was barmy over it....well.....each verse DOES have phrasing on Rolling Stones Now "down the road apiece"...."they all stole from me!"-Lil Richard, RIP, whom "Not too shabbey vocal crosses Richard AND Barannce Whitfield 'Stop twistin' my arm" which I got off a Rounder records sampler....that's the egg coverin' the chicken"......

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

"day of Wodin 27 May 20. Over memorial weekend, I went to and searched by "genre'. 1920s music! Megaton cafe radio (Facebook etc). "Makin' me feel like I never been born"; dig THESE decades! 1920s- I had Bessie Smith for breakfast! "Pop(ular" (Tin Pan Alley) all sounds like Lil rascals (pic) theme or a Max Fleischer cartoon (ala "over at grampy's house" by Betty Boop (VIDEO!!)). 30s is either hot Dixieland or cool swing. 40s would be those USO dances (my generation was UFO dances!), patriotic toons or else "jump" blues. They stop at the 1950s and hey! Chuck Berry and Little Richard good ANYtyme! Some records (78s?!?) so rare even I dont know them! if you like Bob Bittner's collection on WJIB 740 AM, you'll shirley dig THIS! Wishing Bob would get online radio presence".........


Thursday, May 28, 2020

DAY OF THOR. 28 may 20. I'm a member of public facebook group Modernist Cool. jazz, r and b, latin, soul 1959-1971. Some pretty primo years! A lot of Herbie Mann/Cal Tjader albums, that I know about. BUT, in the ole newsfeed (youtube): "Batman's Bugaloo"! Bobby Valentin. A Puerto Rican artist whom is probably played on Con Salsa Saturday nights WBUR (that stuff is awesome!). Russ Gershon (Sex Execs) and Chris Maclachlan (Human Sexual Response) were doing a band Lookie Lookie, doing music of this ilk. The album says "salsa and tropical"; just PERFECT for ninety degree weather in Groupie Towers II! Tan those cements legs! wearing black! On the Beach! (also a fantastic nuclear disaster movie!). So in "Batman's Bugaloo", despite salsa arrangement, is listed as a cover of Neil hefti's "Batman theme"; Neil was uncle to Joe Perry's first wife, that's my one dollar copy of Aerosmith bio Walk this way, cheapo records. rare salsa lps Fiddy years old seem to be a '"thing' (like limited pressing early punk). The "Batman's Bugaloo" lp sold for $183! CERTAINLY, much more than the Bugaloos!"......

Friday, May 29, 2020
Freitag 29 may 20. Mon Ami Patryck Albert on my news feed parlee: "The Hopelessly Obscure, legendary e.p. axe wax!" That is the "twin cities of mind' cd, "Rain of Death' covered bamberg, Deutschland and Dinos Mekios (WHRB) saw one in record shoppe window in Athens. "She's my best bette" is on youtube; Patryck parlee: " of my fave songs from these 3x compilations volumes on Throbbin' Lobster cds!". In turn, let me promote patryck's radio show which you know is obscure-o, garage-o, franco-neuvieu le fleur rouge (New Rose! pardon moi Franglais!). "R.V.L 103.1 live radio show re-diffusion, "Rock en caux"" 103.2 mhz FM LE HAVRE, where gee Julie's Alsatian ancestors sailed to NYC in 1840s! " (will tag his post). "merci beacoup mon ami!"....

Saturday, May 31, 2020

"day of Saturn 30 may 20; "then came the last days of may"- blue oyster cult. Dug out a birthday 45 von mein freund harry Vee, der sanger von der Broken Jug ("rain of death' cover on youtube!). From an estate sale he says: "dreamin'' b/w "cincinatti fireball" by Johnny Burnette - released 30 May 60; hey this 45 is 60 years old! It's kinda a WJIB early '60s pop toon BUT Jerry Allison, whom played with Buddy Holly is on drums. More wikipedia facts: "The Cascades released a version as a single in INDIA as the b-side to "Angel on my shoulder". I think around this tyme in North carolina, dad was learnin' me how to style my hair with Brylcreem; a whole 'nother different Amerika pre- beatles! But as usual it's the b-side that rocks me; lists a British pressing at 15.00 pounds plus 4 pounds.70 postage. "Cincinatti Fireball" is all about a lil short lady from O-hi-o; kinda "tallhassie lassie" but twangy guitar AND strings (four years previous "train kept a-rollin'" was SO rockabilly but by 1960, rock was getting "watered-down" etc). basically, it's a good twistin' number! Sad to see Johnny Burnette's death was same summer Hard Day's Night came out but did I give a grand Funk?! i was livin' in the woods of manassas Virginny still fightin' the Civil War!!! That's it fer this week, folks, remember; an ole 12 gauge and six miles distance from ANYBODy is THE best way to be! Just think if'n i still lived in woods of Virginny....Hasil Highland....Gizmo Nixon and Skid marx"...


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