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Monday June 1, 2015

McGruff Ken and Gee Julie drivin' to inman square lissenin' to WJIB in the rain, THEN playing chess at 1369 coffee house (she won) and then dinner with Steve Painter (12-cent donkey, gulcher) and Rachel Lee (Thee Psych-o-daisies) for a belated birthday supper at East Coast Grille. "Them Belly Full" (Bob Marley, mon!) and i awake 0300 or so and coast to coast AM talkin' 'bout pipe-smoking dog-men in trench coats have been spotted? huh? wasn't that me as McGruff the Crime Dog? then about 0400 a guy with a very flat missouri accent "tahkin'" about UFOs and shining lights on his truck "rout" I THINK it was I-80? check that coast to coast page! and wjib KICKED ASS this morn; beatles "she loves you' into mamas and papas "1230, young gurls canyon", a rare one for mamas and papas not THAT big a hit....

waiting in line at charles street post office; WJIB playing! the captain beefheart speaking voice of Bob Bittner (RIT '71!) made an unpleasant wait more pleasant! think it was linda rondstadt's "different drum" which was a) wrote by Monkee Mike and b) by stone poneys on capital!

Tuesday June 2, 2015

as Gee Julie sang "Rainy Days and Mondays", we drove to Lilli's Pasta on tremont street for supper. after a lie-down, 10 PM WUNR, classic soul, midnight Danny Stiles (RIP), "the Deacon of Deja Vu!" played a Count Basie (!) theme used by an olde-tyme radio friend; then a 1934 toon used in the Shining ("here's...Kenne!");this guy is/was SUCH a Ken-u-copia of facts!

Bo Didley 0100 WRCA, right after Danny was a repeat of Boston country oldies, so during Anne Murray, switched to Coast to Coast AND looks like, according to George Noory!, the NSA can no longer tap yer phone? hey, they picked through my fucken garbage in Laurel Md. in the '70s and to "Tell the Truth" (derek and the dominoes!) HERE'S the fucken surveillance tape: gittin' drunk playin' a fender Duosonic to the Beatles hamburg recordings; writing "mad at the world" in my Laurel Md. kitchen, lissenin' to Bo Diddley's "say man back again", fiddy cent album ("you that thing i throw peanuts at"...) and lastly, watching Mork and Mindy/Three's Company (dad is cuzzin to Don Knotts but did NOT fall asleep instead of "getting frisky"!), The Ruttles (laughed my ass off!) and lissenin' to Myron Breholz on a hot DC summer playing Celtic music whilst playing Scrabble on the AU station (followed by Steve Lorber, Slickee Boys manager, and Joe Sasby, who introduced me to Link Wray! and for THIS, I got a meritorious unit citation for guarding the NSA! (of course hanging with david arnson at slickee boy gigs or talking to Kim Kane or Mike Livewire; were the fucken phones tapped then?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?)".....

a successful research morning on Mark Darling Giroux; 1930 census has his grandfather Alden White, engineer, living in a rooming house on brookline ave.! got the White line back to Rochester KENT (where Ken and Gee Julie have ancestry!) photos on my wall of BROKEN gravestones!"

Wednesday June 3, 2015

Elleman WJIB and clapton biography; went to index and "relationship with Yvonne Elliman", an album Sol Gruberger had in '74 during O. Rex days; "of Irish and Hawaiian descent";yes she DID look "exotic"! coast to coast AM was about polygraphs, CIA etc. and whether folks got their security clearances or not; I KNOW I got mine coz in Quantico, Virginny waiting for MY security clearance for NSA, Ft. Meade, Md. I DID write "amerika first"! they usedta show us black and white '50s films and beware the wimmen you met in bars coz they could be Natasha Badanov or some kinda Cold War paranoia..and I DO miss those days! Bring Back the Berlin Wall!"

if mark darling giroux is a di-rect descendant of Nicholas White born 1618 Rochester, UK, that is 23 miles from Ashford, UK where Gee Julie and i have roots....that does, indeed, taketh the hog, so feast and be Mary!

JJ Gonson just posted a bunch of great shows at cuisine en locale, saw insect surfers there, great club, great food, so y'all go even if i dont! (arent you 'sposed to say "Kenne Highand sent me?")

Thursday June 4, 2015

Gym Ken and Gee Julie At the Gym (Like Gizmo and garfunkel's "at the zoo"!), me on bike watching ghost whisperers and forensic files; a Kenne-type doctor explaining how long maggots incubate and temperatures = tyme of death ("dark and wounded"); morbid but factual! supper at the bar formerly known as Sporters and Chicago is in stanley cup playoffs, good to see as Chicago Gizmos fans thanksgiving weekend were good people! felt like Eden's Children ("so knocked out"!) but per usual, "vampire hours"= some WRKO right-wing NUT raving about the Unitarian-universalist church! i have went to First Church, Cambridge, harvard square coz thomas blogget, 11 genrations back buried i said in Rock On in '72, reviewing john and yoko lp sometyme in NYC "piss on politics!"

coast to coast had a dude whose dorm needed an this shit real or is it entertainment? (and right-wing jocks wont let Bruce Jenner's "I'm in transition" go: "there's more important things in the world today but i'm devoting this hour to"..) fuck this shit! 0700, BOB BITTNER: "if you dont swear while're not paying attention to the road"...AND i played along with "moon river" AND andy williams "cant stop losing you" which i rocked up for KEN KAISER'S BIRTHDAY! have a new korps lp in my head, lead-off track : "you got a beef against my brother?"!"

Friday June 5, 2015

Bear arms checked my JP PO box and outside JP Licks on JP's First Thursday was a dude with an overdriven acoustic that said Strait Angular and a lady playing a tom-tom standing up...well, it wasn't 39 but it was KINDA exploding plastic inevitable or maybe that velvets 1969 CASETTE craig bell, rocket from gizmos, had on x-blank-x tour...and since it was children-oriented, there were REAL kids! (ok, used that before but so fucken what! i got my first amendment Tea-Baggin' rights plus second amendment Right to Arm Bears, so march in Pride parade saturday 13 june! and dont fucken ask, i aint a-tellin'!)

Cleveland lost last night in NBA, but Gizmos WON on 1 nov 14 playing cleveland...coast to coast: david and goliath! ok, 0400 even...the giants COULD be from outer-space OR could be fallen angels (good '60s band!) from the abunaki (not indian tribe; see coast to coast website) BUT, on my cuzzin Martha Hull (I descend from the fairfield, ct. hulls, yesssss....)'s birthday, NO WJIB coz i'm working on toons for the Korps Hello Universe! also recording with MJ Quirk a demo of "disaster in dayton" for Gizmos;

DANKE SCHOEN to anonymous donor of 200 shekels so i can get to bloomington! (see gizmos page) and WILL American Pharoah win the Triple Crown? Secretariat (born in virginia like me!) did the week i saw alice cooper/joined O. Rex back in head's in '73...."Lighting Never strikes Twice"-the Move!!!!!

Saturday June 6, 2015

were watchin' the 1966 Buck Owens show on youtube (this is "Pre-Haw") and Don Rich did a fingertap DECADES before eddie van Highland on giztar! 9 pm tooned in boston country oldies wrca and they opened with tammy wynette's "good gurl gonna go bad" which reminds me of Ma sayin' to dad "if you like 'em, painted up, powdered up", blonde beehive, comb your hair before taking out the garbage (Gee Julie will NEVER accuse me of that!); danny stiles about 0100 playing Duke Ellington! (wow; basie and ellington in one week during "vampire hours"WRCA!) and a song "your mother should know"; "three little words"...'40s music SO much nicer'n those fucken swears in fucken rap music! a lil coast to coast: "disturbed ghosts from a construction site arent there to bother you, they just need another place to be"...George Noory is MY "metal Guru"! 0500 WRKO plays THE MONEY PIT about the "joys" of home-owning; editorial comment? DO call in! but me, "workin' man blues"-merle haggard and fucken boston country oldies 0500= i'm awake for what was on 9-10 pm...."who shot john"-george jones, heard, Hank, Cash....all the GOOD shit! then Gee Julie wakes me up and "how come yew aint lissenin' ta hillbilly music, kan-ney?";me: "it aint on til 9;lemme hear da blooze" (WHRB);lil richard's "lucille" AND a blueswoman covering zimmerman's "you gotta serve somebody", all this, the Belmont stakes and an MJ quirk recording session = FUN, FUN, FUN til Ted Niemeic takes his Hummer away! ......

Gizmos by Tedís yellow Hummer, 2014!

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