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Monday, June 1 2020

Sonntag 31 May 20. "Then came the last days of may"- Blue Oyster Cult. 0500, cup of coffee, Bounce TV: "Superfly TNT"!!! "blaxplotation/drama". screenplay: Alex Haley! (pre-Roots!). release date: 15 June 73 (I first jammed with O. Rex 3 june 73). I heard some GREAT music playing and it's the 24 Sept 73 (I was crankin' We're an american band album, gold vinyl c/o WIUS Bloomington,Indiana!) soundtrack album by Osibisa! ("genre: British Afro-pop"). Mostly GHANA musicians with French cameroons, Guyana and Trinidad. The congas sounded like Santana's "Jingo" on steroids and I liked the lead guitar also. Wake up the right tyme Bouce WILL be playing '70s blackspoltation films as the sun comes up! Carpe diem!"....


Tuesday, June 2 2020

"Monntag 1 June 20. IF it were 1967 I'd maybe have purchased Sgt Pepper on day of, BUT "meanwhile back in the States" Jim McCarty, my Facebook friend and Mitch Ryder's guitarist WAS doing that great guitar solo in "Sock it to me baby". NOT as exciting, I googled BBC mystery on youtube and got THE MONITORS (1969). NOT British AT ALL, this 'sci-fi/drama" released 8 Oct 69; maybe I was lissenin' to 45s of "Honky Tonk Woman" or "Come Together" or "Green River"....this movie "shot in Chicago!" the PSYCH-OUT corny flower pop dialogue; aliens have invaded and want to turn everyone into flower children! They're stuck in a prison resembling THE PRISONER (#6) but on acid AND steroids! I also read a couple of the "babe" actresses HAD been in Star Trek....IF the Orson Welles Thee-ate-er still had SCHLOCK AROUND the CLOCK (PSYCHOUT: 1982!) this WOULD be on I DO miss the non-social distant film festivals where I'd wake up in a movie seat at zero-dark-30 and go "wat da fug wuz DAT?!?!?"...CONSIDER this movie one of those and quit watchin' the news, THO this movie came out when Steppenwolf's MONSTER lp came out and no truer words were spoken by an Aries german Canadian! (oh that that's MY sign and DNA.....)"......

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Til Tuesday 2 June 20. I belong to a doo-wop facebook group; lots of HOPELESSLY OBSCURE doo-wop 45s (like lou reed collected). One improbable one: The Prodigals from Clarksburg west virginny. it's 28 miles south of where dad's grandaddy McBee was borned in basnettsville (population 408!) and the once i road the ole Mountain Lion Transit from Fairmont to Clarksburg, passed a young calf feedin' off his ma; springttyme in Appalachia! Stonewall jackson o' the Civil war borned there as was his cuzzin Mudwall jackson, whom some of my distant Youst cuzzins served under onc't they "gone to Dixie". Labour Day there's even an italian ethnic festival! (seeing the Italian flag and also an orthodox church in marion county WV DID seem sureal but SOMEBODY had to work in the mines!). To wit: the Prodigals. "marsha' b/w "Judy" was their february 1958 single (I's livin' in Quantico,virginny then). it's on youtube, Falcon records. Just remembered i DO have harrison county WV DNA matches but the washington irving high school news has plethora of memories on the Prodigals! wihs59. >news0803. lastly>books. Doowop: the Chicago scene. ROBERT PRUTTER, 1996. "The prodigals were not what they seemed. Listening to their vee jay records, one pictured a vocal group from the streets of the big city, and an african american one to boot....Most readers would be surprised to learn that the group, which was racially mixed" (ala Del Vikings) "played instruments and thus was a self-contained ensemble". DO read this chapter AND the "Happy days' memories of washington Irving high school!"

Thursday, June 4, 2020

"Til tuesday/ day of Wodin, 3 June 73, my 1973 anniverary of joining O. rex!!"Dancin' days' "remain the same"....ok, so "TV Eye", "I got the PBS on me...."....The Tunnel/Vengeance.....male English detective meets french female detective where the Tunnel meets England/france border, body parts BOTH sides of border, so two country case....They have a love/ hate but hey! ma's Yankee grandfather's SECOND wife was Quebecois so it aint all french/Indian war....BEST dialogue; BLOKE drives car (British side of road) blasting Stranglers "No More heroes"!!!! "y' don' like mih taste in music d'ya? Should oi play some bluidy Edith Piaf?" "please" said arrogantly parisian "can you think of a more modern artist sil vous plais?" PBS/coffee/0500....alles gut in mein hello World! (Moin to Flensburg! PBS has had UK/france/netherlands in series so far...Deutschland? Bitte!"........


Friday, June 5, 2020
"Freitag 5 June 20. earlier in the week about 0600. FxM retro channel. THE CAVERN. it says 1964 release but NY Times Howard Thompson XMAS '65 (Rubber Soul released) :"The Cavern bows on local screens'. well it damn sure didnt play the Strand in brockport NY tho HELP! DID. POSTER: "trAPPED WITH A WOMAN LIKE DYNAMITE!". "italian-German-Ameican war-drama"; (wikipedia): "in 1944 Italy a cave-in traps various enemies and strangers together. madness threatens to destroy them'. You've got germans captured by Ameicans, British officer, a canadian pilot, an Italian soldier BUT: ROSANNA SCHIAFFINO!!!!!! besides b-movie king John saxon plus pre-Jeannie and Dallas Larry Hagman, Rosanna's character not only tazzes at each guy she rebukes but one even says 'you gotta watch that right hook!" "sexy' and 'volatile'; imagine Sophia Loren meets the Tasmanian Devil! I'll certainly be youtube googling more of her films; phenomenal actress!".....

Saturday, June 6, 2020

D-Day and if you DONT know what date that is, listen to "reincarnation"; "on the sixth day of 1966 in June"! why, stoned on Big Daddy (Killslug) weed did i sing that? Answer: cassette on la plaza from La Internacional Food, Somerville mass. "Serie Escatogica #2. Dr Dario salas. LOS 4 CABALLOS DEL APOCALIPSIS y el 666!" (sending photo). "El dr. dario Salas es un maestro en la exposicion de la Biblia, de nacionalidad Chilena con residencia en Brazil". With Dad's Iberian penninsula DNA (AS i get darker every minute I'm "into the Sun"); this is four horsemen of apocalypse. Did some research and looks like he is from Chile, live in Brasil BUT : "club televideo cristiano Po Box 39 Ontario Ca'....In between the Beverly hillbillies/ Korean baseball and Australian rugby i DO watch the televangelists, coffee in hand, "Sunrise' (Uriah heep! (of shit!-EDITOR of o. rextasy)) AND one black cat curled up and asleep. NOT discussing religion or politics, lettuce say this is ANOTHER Hopelessly Obscure thang i collect as i lissen to ole tyme bluegrass on WPAQ Mount Airy North carolina! (lockdown aint bugged me; interests as wide as waistline!))"......


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